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  1. Found a white Define S build http://pcpartpicker.com/b/zmsJ7P
  2. ^^ Definitely if you have the space 2-3 loops would be ideal but you could also put a pump after every 2 or 3 components? But 2 +loops might be easier to setup and maintain than one loop.
  3. I love how the web and spider turned out. Really nice job on this!
  4. Has anyone does the define S in white yet? If not I think I found my project for the winter.
  5. This is going to be beautiful and I'm upset that I didn't come up with it. I love this: http://i.imgur.com/4Yo6n2X.jpg is that going to be the front and side panels?
  6. This is gonna look nice! If the 780t wasn't so darn expensive I would already have one in every single color. I personally think a pink 780t would be dope (which is a young person term.. im 18 and i still don't know exactly what it means but I think its a good thing)
  7. But AMD cards seem to be getting smaller with all of their different fury cards. So idk. I'm hoping that the super thin chassis catch on. I always thought the cases that looked similar to consoles were cool because you could show off the power of a pc in the same size and look of a console (which my little brother and quite a few of my friends really like over pc cases.)
  8. Just to clarify, there is enough additive to stop it from growing in the dye, but not enough to stop it from growing in the whole loop?
  9. I don't think I ever really wanted one of these until watching all the time that goes into it and how many features it has. I might need to pick one of these up for my next project! xD
  10. Yeah, I've got a few different people telling me if I do *whatever idea here* that it could be worth a lot of money or I could sell this for a lot of money but I don't think it'll ever be for sale. As a father/son project it would be extremely hard for me to part with this just because it is something that me and my dad thought of and worked on together so I'm really hoping when the time comes for another project, that I can give this to someone and keep it in the family (like my younger brother) and keep doing projects with my dad.
  11. Please don't judge on bad video editing and narrating! <3 Just testing to see if all the hardware fits the way I want it to! And it does! Wow... That's a relief. And a huge surprise. I'm really glad it worked out nicely like this. So now we made the panel for the top that will be attached to the motherboard tray and suspend it along the angled aluminum. I know it isn't perfect! But it doesn't look too terribly bad in person and if we realize later we need to touch it up, we will. There will be holes cut in this (maybe even by the time I have this posted..) for the motherboard i/o and gpu ports. I'm thinking about painting the stock intel cpu cooler.. It might actually look pretty nice done up in a nice red and white combo. We've also got a motherboard tray from an old computer that we can cut up if necessary but I'm thinking we are just going to try and make our own
  12. I've been watching this for a bit and it gets better and better every time! I can't wait for it to be done. I love that blue
  13. I always loved these little NES builds, but I think this is the most power I've ever seen crammed into one. Usually they are just basic pentiums maybe i3's or i5's at the max with integrated graphics. This is very impressive, and it is very clean too!
  14. Computers aren't for performance though, they are for aesthetics. Right? My dad wants to do a Raspberry Pi build for a basic streaming device I think and make a really small mod. I can't wait to see how yours turns out to show him! :D
  15. Hey guys I was just wondering this and I figured I'd ask the community here. (Completely hypothetical, I've got enough projects going on atm.. and to introduce a new project to the list would be crazy) What would you do if you had $100 to buy a case and mod it. Not counting hardware, not counting watercooling supplies or any cooling. Just the case itself.
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