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    Taylor Novotny reacted to Mayhems in Mayhems Non Stain Dye Question   
    yes that's correct.
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    Taylor Novotny got a reaction from Bazerka in Experiment 001: Never Settle   
    Hard-wiring? I've never even seen anything like that. This is so cool I might just explode.
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    Taylor Novotny reacted to Cheapskate in ••Case Mod•• StarCraft Day Zero FINISHED (Final Pics)   
    Looking sweet!:D
    -Don't forget to tie the designs on each panel in to each other, so it 'flows' like a single object.
    ...Sorry, 'art' speak. Find someone in a beanie to translate.
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    Taylor Novotny got a reaction from Karambit in [Project Log] "The Riddler"   
    I've been watching this build for a little while now and your case is one of the biggest reasons I joined the forums here. I love the purple fittings going with your green trim on the nzxt case and it really shows off The Riddler theme really well. Very nice job and I can't wait to see more from you. :)
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    Taylor Novotny got a reaction from jameson1229 in First Mod - Recommendations/Advice?   
    Some of the nicest looking (case) mods have just been where people invest a bit of time and money into taking their case apart and painting it a bit.
    As for the window, windows are always nice to have and Bill posted a great video for how to do it and the outcome for those window mods are usually outstanding if you take the time and do them correctly.
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    Taylor Novotny reacted to Kazuma in Minecraft PC Case Mod   
    Hmmmm. Do a quick google search for Nvidia Ion Cube!
    And for the case, some of my friends are asking me what's a good case to start off to make a similar build with DotaBox, I point em out to the ThermalTake Core V1. It almost has the same dimensions as DotaBox, but slightly longer. 
    Since I made mine from scratch, using this case will save you a lot of time and headache, All you have to do is mod the side panels to look like the head of the creeper. And maybe make some 120mm fan holes on the side panels since the case can only accommodate fans on the front. Well, it has some fan mounts on the back but those are for 80mm fans I guess..  Well, that's just a suggestion though. It's still up to you what case you're going to use. Good luck!
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    Taylor Novotny reacted to Kazuma in Minecraft PC Case Mod   
    LOL! I mentioned the Ion cube thinking that it might serve as a reference for what you wanted to do. I mean the internal layout of the components that you are going to use. The core v1 came out a bit too late for me. If that came out a little earlier, that could have been my preferred case to do my DotaBox.  :lol:
    Good luck!
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