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  1. Thermaltake PSU Arrival: Thermaltake sent out their new ToughPower iRGB Plus 850w Platinum rated and fully modular PSU for the Replicant case mod. These new digital PSUs are awesome. They have all kinds of sweet features including addressable LEDS, real-time performance control and monitoring. These features can be controlled via PC or mobile device.
  2. Rocket Pods: The top mounted rocket pods are my way of continuing to push the boundaries. These pods will be primarily made out of acrylic. Making them this way took several revisions of the design to get them just right. Once I had the pieces cut out there was a ton of work chemically welding the tiny acrylic pieces to make up each pod. I still have to build 2 more of the smaller rocket pods and the rotating mount. During this 1st phase I will do all the structural work. For the 2nd phase I will add all the detailed pieces that will really bring it all together. Fine Tuning & Mounting Acrylic Panels: Since I've finished building most of the acrylic interior panels I need to mount them and fine tune them. I had to file parts of them so that they'd fit the contours of the cases interior. Most of this work can't be seen. It's time consuming but a requirement when you want perfect fitment.
  3. Thanks Cheaps. For me it's all about the details and no detail is too small. Glad to hear your enjoying it. My plan on this mod is to do all the main structural work 1st and then come back through with the detail work.
  4. Rear Struts (Behind Motherboard Tray): These vertical pieces really look neat. I've wanted to do something like this for a long time now and it fits perfectly with the design cues found throughout the build. A ridiculous amount of measurements and fine tuning was needed to get each panel just right. As of right now I'm using 14mm PETG tubing between the vertical pieces. I may swap to some thinner stainless steel I have laying around. If not I'll give these a metal treatment. Rear Cable Management: Since the Thermaltake View 91 TG case has tempered panels on both sides I wanted to make the back side of the case a feature versus hiding everything. It takes way more work to do it this way but it'll make the build look stunning from every angle. To keep the main wiring cluster organized I decided to build an acrylic tunnel that'll house most of it. The wiring coming out of the tunnel will carry along pre-determined paths to the PSU, TT RGB controllers and other rear mounted devices.
  5. Work Starts! I got some free time to open up the large Thermaltake View 91 TG case and this thing is a beast. I knew it would be but I didn't know it would be so well built. I was also amazed at the ability to mount 2 large radiators behind the motherboard tray. It also has lots of cable management grommets and tie downs which is important for a case of its size. My 1st task is to remove the large drive bays since I won't be using full sized drives. You have to unbolt the bottom to remove the rack. I did like the slides that the racks sit in which allow you to move them left or right. It took a decent amount of screws to remove but, wasn't difficult to do. Once it was all removed I could start mocking up the basement/shroud. The psu shroud will be pretty complex because I want to be able to fit it in tightly as well as have the ability to access all the wiring. Access helps a lot for future upgrades or if you have any issues. This will be one of the most complex shrouds I have built.
  6. Thank you! I have some really neat ideas planned. I should be able to make some decent progress this week.
  7. Thermaltake Gear & Watercooling Arrival: Some of the awesome gear ordered from Thermaltake has arrived. I still have some more on the way as well as all the hardware that will be used in the Replicant case mod. I wanted to make sure I took some photos to show you everything that'll be used as it gets the the Envious Mods shop!
  8. Thanks Cheaps! I hear ya. I can't wait to get started. It'll definitely be the largest case I've ever worked in.
  9. --Getting Started-- Reservoir Connection: The 1st idea I wanted to start playing around with was combining 2 of Thermaltakes smaller reservoirs to make one. To start out I decided to try just connecting them with straight tubing to see how they look. I really like it. However I want to also try bending the tubing in different ways but I need to wait till the case arrives to mock it up. Thermaltake Ring Plus Rear Grill Cover: I've never been a big fan of how the back side of fans look. Being able to see the wires ATC as always bother me. Decided to take it upon myself to come up with a design that would give it a sleek and clean appearance. Once I had the design all figured out I imported it into my laser cutters software. This allowed me to quickly make different iterations of it to find out which version looked best.
  10. Hello Everyone! I'm Calen and better known by my company Envious Mods! I am very honored to be a part of the CaseMOD Invitational and can't wait to show you what all I have in store for you! I will be updating the build log several times per week but, I'll also be updating my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@EnviousMods) in order to give you even more access to what goes on behind the scenes. No matter what happens I promise to bring you all some new mods, new techniques and something you've never seen done. If you need help or advice I'm always available to help fellow modders and enthousiasts. Let The Modding Begin! I want to introduce the "Replicant" Case Mod. It will be inspired by Blade Runner 2049. I will interweave this inspiration throughout the View 91 TG case mod. My goal is to bring you into the world shown within Blade Runner. I will also be employing linear actuators to give the build movement. The Thermaltake Voice activated digital leds (SyncAllSay "Hello, ) will play a big role in setting the scene for this epic mod. Almost every piece in this build will be modded in one way or another. I'm pulling out the stops and playing for keeps. "Replicant" Design Concept Art This concept art serves as a guideline for the Replicant case mod that will be done in a Thermaltake View 91 TG. I purposely left out an awesome feature that will go on the top of the build. I will also be adding lots of other mods and pieces as this build evolves. I'm happy to have you all along for the Journey Into Modding..... Mods Planned (Continually Updated) • Custom dual reservoir combined to make 1 reservoir with 2 chambers • Linear actuators to move front doors and top of the case • Flip up side panel using custom hinges to make a mix of Ferrari and Gullwing doors • Extensive Cable Management that will be fabricated into the rear side of the case • Acrylic & aluminum rear motherboard tray mount • Water Distribution Plates (made in a new way with extensive features) • DiffuseDo light panels found throughout the mod • Scratch built feet, dual watercooling loop; (all hardware will be modded) • Floating fan built from a modded Thermaltake Pure Plus fans. • Modded W4 Plus CPU block & modded pumps More Updates to the Design!
  11. SyNAPSE is Completed: As many of you noticed, I had to take a break from the SyNAPSE Case Mod due to getting it and another build ready for CES 2018. This included doing the finish work, swapping out some of the hardware and prepping it to be shipped. Now that it's complete I can share the new specs and final pictures of the project. This build was a massive success at CES and I can't think Gigabyte and Aorus enough for proudly displaying it during the show. The feedback from the community and enthusiasts was better than I ever could have hoped for. Thank all of you for your constructive criticism, comments, and support! I would also like to give a massive thanks the sponsors who make these builds possible: Gigabyte - ModMyMods - Alphacool - HyperX - Cooler Master - CableMod - Aorus - Be Quiet Now let's get to the new specs! SyNAPSE Specs: • CPU: Intel Coffee Lake i7 8700k • Motherboard: Aorus Z370-Gaming 7 • GPUs: 2 X Aorus GTX1070s in SLI • PSU: Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 11 (1,000 watts) • Other: CableMod sleeved PSU cables and CableMod Fusion leds • Ram DDR4: HyperX Savage 4 sticks 16GB • Storage: HyperX Predator (240gb) M.2 SSD and HyperX Savage (240gb) SSD • Fans: Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 • Watercooling: Alphacool & ModMyMods 360mm Pro radiator, Eisblock XPX CPU block, Helix reservoir, VPP755 pump, ram waterblocks, chrome fittings
  12. Custom Painted Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 Fan: I wanted to use a 120mm Be Quiet fan for the rear main because they run very quiet and look clean. However I also wanted to dress it up a bit. I've found you can paint the blades by popping them out using even pressure from the back side. You have to be real careful not to put too much pressure on one blade or you could break it. I also tape off the insert and ring magnet so that it doesn't affect the balance. I went with a darker gray on the 1st fan and a lighter grey on the 2nd one. The lighter color definitely fits in the best. Since I had to remove the Be Quiet badge to paint I decided to make a new one using a black chrome backing and white lettering. Prepping for CES 2018: The SyNAPSE case mod will get a few changes in preparation for CES 2018. It will be displayed in Gigabyte and Aorus’s booth. I've already swapped in the new Aorus Z370-Gaming 7 motherboard. Timing for this fit very well. I will continue to update the build log but, some parts of the build will be saved until it's unveiling at CES. I will also have another build displayed with two other manufacturers. You will have to wait until CES to see any progress on it though. Aorus Z370-Gaming 7: The design styling of this motherboard is dead on with my natural building style. I've actually been asked a few times if I helped design it. I love all the new features as well as the look and feel of the new Aorus motherboard. Here are a few shots of the new motherboard as well as some with it mounted. I had to redo part of the loop to accommodate the new motherboard. However I wanted to keep the long thought out run design of the hardline. I made sure that it was almost exactly the same as the previous design. The new motherboard will also use the new i7 chip from Intel.
  13. Adding the Alphacool Flow Gauge & Modding it: Usually installing a flow gauge is pretty quick and simple but on this build it took a lot more effort. I didn't want to interrupt the flow of the hardline layout or block anything in the build with the flow gauge. So I ended up finding a spot that would exactly fit the flow gauge between the two Aorus graphics cards. I tried to see what it looks like with and without the gauge to determine which way looked best. I have to say that after the mods it definitely fit in perfectly with the theme. I changed the spinner on the inside to read and added some custom vinyl work on the outside of the gauge. Making an Acrylic Hardline Support: I decided to make this piece because I really wanted to make something that was different and new. This cool little system I created helps perfectly to support the hard-line tubing and it fits the bill exact. It took quite a bit of time to hand sand and file each one of these pieces to be an exact copy of the next. It was well worth it and came out even better than I could have hoped.
  14. Cutting Acrylic For The Top Details: Before I even started on this I knew it would be rather tedious hand cutting, filing and sanding all of the acrylic needed to make this top piece. It has all come together really well though and is definitely worth the time spent. Once I had all the major pieces cut sanded and prep for paint I could start gluing them to the base piece that I had bent to match the top of the Cooler Master MasterCase 5t. To correctly place each piece of acrylic I had to draw lines on the base piece and then take detailed measurements as I glued them together. Once I had all that complete I had to paint the entire piece black. When the paint cured it was time to add The white strip to the top to complete the piece. This piece is a major part of the overall look so I wanted it to be exact. Custom GPU Backplates: I wanted to make some custom GPU backplates for this build. However I didn't want to make the typical backplate that you usually see on builds. I decided to design one that wrapped around to the front of each graphics card and followed the Contours of the front plate. This was extremely tricky to do because of all the angles they use on this graphics cards coolers. Using hard stock I managed to refine a template that perfectly fit. Now I couldn't make it out of acrylic because of the thickness would be too much for my design so I decided to make it out of metal. Bending it was rather tricky due to the thickness of the metal but I managed to get a good solid clean Bend all the way across. Once I had all that done I used several different kinds of vinyl to cover the GPU backplate and added a SyNAPSE logo to the front and in Aorus logo down the middle. These came out even better than I could have hoped.