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  1. Inspired by an original project by my friend Randy who made a Pizza box server to use as a router. This project was birthed when discussing our next Mod Zoo Hangout topic: Exotic Materials. The Pizza Box is from Olive Pizza Front I/O will be a recycled from a Bitfenix Prodigy. Sadly the board is missing the USB 3.0 ports as those were taken for another project. This project is also partly a whatever is in arm's reach.
  2. Welcome to the Zoo! We met Friday, and I can't wait to follow your progress on this build.
  3. Captain CurrySauce & Mosquito take an in depth look at Fractal Design's latest ITX offering. Be on the look out for some of the Munky-DNA in this case. *Note/Full Disclosure: This Case was a review sample sent to us by Fractal Design.
  4. Very cool build. as an MCU Fan, I very much dig the theme.
  5. Not bad. Don't really need the keyboard feature. Price is good though, maybe I'll check it out. Thanks!
  6. Phanteks continues to make waves in the enthusiast case market, by stacking features and quality without breaking the bank. In 2015 they started going after the budget mid-tower with their Enthoo Pro M, which shared DNA with its high end cousin the Evolv ATX. Now, in 2016, Phanteks wants to tackle that market with a new class of case in their Eclipse Series. Phanteks has introduced the new Eclipse Series, starting with the P400, a budget friendly entry level mid tower case. And while Phanteks does cut costs by not including some features that are normally found on their higher end cases. It doesn’t seem to sacrifice at all in the places where it counts. It still includes some unique features, like built-in RGB lighting/controller and a fan controller (S model only). Phanteks offers both the Eclipse P400 and P400S models in Three (3) Colors; Satin Black, Glacier White and Anthracite Gray. The P400S (Silent Edition) is even available in versions with a side panel window or just a solid side panel. Today, we will be looking at the P400S (Silent Edition) windowed model in Anthracite Grey. Check Out the Full Article Here!
  7. Any one have a recommendation for a good\simple HTPC remote? Not looking for million buttons, like more in line with an Apple TV remote or Amazon Fire TV....
  8. Graham (dumpstertech) finds out if the Cooler Master MasterCase 5 is worth your hard earned $bucks$! The MasterCase 5 is the base model of two new Cooler Master cases. These cases, from the MasterCase line, use their new “FreeForm Modular System”. Which seems to be all about accessories to modify both internal layout and the exterior of the case. The other case, being the MasterCase Pro 5 version, which adds additional accessories to that base model. However, these cases are basically identical at their core. Check out the full article HERE.
  9. I just destroyed one of it's cousin's the other day, had the same Window and Grill in the Window.
  10. I've been trying to remember all day... It was my first build after college and moving out. After looking through Thermaltake discontinued cases, I found it: Thermaltake Matrix VX. I remember what I was looking for was black and USB ports on the top because I was putting it on the floor.
  11. Welcome to the forums Dumpstertech :)

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