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  1. Finally found some time to update this log Made a bracket that bolts onto the PSU and has mounts for the fan assembly. The fan’s will draw in air in into the case. I like to call this the S7 AIO :) I got comments that this design will draw in only hot air from the PSU and heat up the system, but it dose no, as this is already done and PC in daily use there are no higher temps at all in the case. Also the wiring of the fans was a journey in it self as why oh why do these fans need 2 power inputs… This is the final layout for the inside. 2 SSD mounts that will hang on the mobo tray, the disk cage up top. The system used a mATX and allows for such a layout, a ATX format would need some changes to be made to the design. Everything is sorted now and ready for the paint job. The case was not in the best shape and state when i got it and in keeping with the original theme, have just painted the case in the colour closes to the original. But first things first :) getting the logo of the sides, one of the more satisfying things that i have ever done ( sorry apple fans) first the lighter colour went on the case and all the components inside to give a nice even finish on all the parts The next step was to mark of the center of the case and the side panel, to place the cut out of the apple logo and to spray it back on before applying the clear matt lacquer top coat the apple came out looking good, almost original :) A wicked optical illusion when both fan grills are put one on top of each other The case is now ready to receive its internals after 3 weeks of wait finally the original apple front panel to ATX plugs cable arrived and testing it to see if all of those ports work. and the final result with all the hardware installed
  2. The next step was to find a spot for the PSU and to get the power to it. Decided to put it down in front. Took a IN plug from a old PSU to make a internal extension for the PSU, so that the PC could be carried around with no wires hanging out of the back. Designed a mount around the plug and 3D printed it. The funnies thing was that the holes on the mount and the original holes on the case miraculously lined up, i really did not measure it out, in worst case my plan was to drill out hole and use a washer on the other side Cut up a power cable that had a 90 degree plug at one side, that allowed for a snug fit of the power cable that had to go around the PSU, and pit the IN plug at the other side. for a finishing touch to the back side printed out some 8cm fan grills
  3. Thanks man appreciate it. At first i was annoyed that the 24 pin was way in the back, but after thinking it over, figured that it was rather handy as if it would been in the standard location it would only add to the clutter, and would probably have to run the 24 pin from the top down. LOL there were a few interesting characters at the LAN :D
  4. as my CNC was still not up and running at the time had to sent the back plate out to a company to have it done. I thought they will mill it but they had it laser cut so it came out even nicer then i imagined it would, and fitted on like a glove. The cardboard cut out did its job and then the most satisfying part of the entire build came. Taking the Dremel to the Apple of the good times I had with that. And the next step seem the most tricky in the entire operation of the conversion. Did some research how other mods were done, and saw some people taking off the original mobo hold and the gluing other to the bottom of the mobo tray and to the case. I then decided to take a different approach and to use up the existing ones. i used the taller of the mounts. And printed out 2.5 cm tall spacers that would also then give me space at the back of the mobo tray to hide away some wires, as other wise cabling would be all over the place. and the other thing that was a issue was how to drill the exact hole in the mobo tray that they line up to the mobo mounts. i guess measuring would be a option but i decided to go a different way. I put the 3D printed stand off on the mobo mounts, put super glue on top of them, and then put the mobo tray on top of that, left it for 30 min, took it out tray took a drill and drilled true stand off and got the exact hole i needed and test fitted it immediately to see the result
  5. that's a sick mod :) good work
  6. Hello guys, Want to share with you my latest project. This project has been just finished, but with the shear lack of time was not able do the build log in the daily update style as I did with my Raised from the dead project, but any ways bear with me, as the project did turn out rather well :) So lets go: This is my interpretation of a Apple G5 case mod, turning the Apple G5 case to accept a ATX format motherboard. In this case a friend of mine had a rather beat up G5 case and wanted me to fix it up and install his mATX based PC inside. He wanted to keep the outside of the case as original as possible and to run everything on air, so there was not so much room for any mayor mods. Before he asked me to do this i did not even know that such things were made and after looking at some done projects on line, decided to accept the challenge, and plus im not the worlds greatest apple fan so Apple case + Dremel = FUN :) And fun it was :D My first priority was to make the cover for the back and to get a mobo tray. A old PC came in aid as it had a awesomely big mobo tray that was riveted to the PCIE slots and I/O opening so took out all the positioning issue for me. and for the back cover a piece of cardboard came in handy to measure out the dimensions and the cut outs correclty
  7. Past weekend took the Raised from the dead and my 3D printer to Epicenter Lan 8, where it showed that e-sports in Slovenia is growing, there was about double the people this year compared to last year. ( there were 2 more rooms where games were played not only the one on the picture) Both the PC and the printer got quite a bit of attention at the LAN. Was glad that i had so me time off and also a chance to play some games
  8. GRAND NEWS *****WON THE MOTM ON GURU3D!!!!!!***** http://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/guru3d-rig-of-the-month-september-2015,1.html so hyped about this check out the article on the above link
  9. UPDATE, got on making the acrylic mount for the reservoir, being it i still have to print out the other rez mount. Gonna bolt them down with 3mm screws to the acrylic. started work on the GPU mount. will use the hole in the PSB where the I/O shield of the GPU was secured to and a hole right up against the 6 pin connector to keep the GPU in place. Ill put acrylic "shelfs" just under the GPU so it also rest on that and not only on the 2 screws as it quite a heavy beast this GTX 285 I should really change my name from S7 design to Raised from the dead Mods as how much old stuff i gave life to again it just seems fitting any ways marked out and tapped holes for the mobo offsets ill be using here to lift the GPU of the acrylic to give it some more air circulation, also am thinking of drilling a few holes in the acrylic for a better air flow only the top two mounts will hold the GPU the bottom ones are just to keep the distance still need to put on the acrylic "shelfs" for safety but the 2 screws do hold the GPU on the board
  10. UPDATE managed to get in a few minutes to get some work done on the wall build. Could have done this nicer but, rushed it and cut the holes in the acrylic with a dremel metal cutting disk Its not the best, but it got the job done and also this bit will not be seen so not to worried about the looks of it. Left a cross section for a bit more stability. Drilled out the holes and got ready the mounts for the RAD, HDD,SDD and PSU. Still need to make the REZ, pump, GPU and mobo mounts in the next days
  11. I know what you been saying and i say again it cant be done like you imagine it... see my reply
  12. UPDATE I needed a fan controller for this build and found on line this awesome wicked case for €5 and it had a 4 fan fan controller inside, along with 2 case fans and a power cable. So what a steal for €5. Yesterday i also learned that this case was the case to mod back in the day, so it seems some special powers brought this case to me like it was destined to be modded So already getting ideas for my new project Tested out the fan controller and works like a dream, also again a GREAT THANKS to my great friend Farystar who gave me the 4 x 12cm wicked green LED fans after he updated his own rig with new fans With 2 kids modding is hard so managed to do just a bit on the wall build, cut the acrylic for mounting the Phobya radiator. marked off the holes and free handed drew out the mark where i need to cut out the acrylic to let the air flow. Ill be putting fans on top of the rad and hopefully when the CNC is done make some custom fan grills.
  13. Now that's a slick little trick ill definitely remember for a further project. Here i want to show off the nuts and bolts as it is a work shop build some living room design would definitely go with what you said. Im also going to route the cables from underneath the acrylic. I'm thinkiong of dutting a hole in the center of each piece to get the cables out to it and then just curve them upwards to where they need to go. Just not to do the same wall build as i see around, where the cables just come out of the board next to the component. So i do need almost a cm of clearance to get the cables out from under the acrylic.
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