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  1. Hi! Apologies for the long delay. I've unfortunately not been able to work on this build for the past month as I've been absolutely swamped with other assignments, so I've had to put the project aside. I've just recently set aside the time to be able to continue working on the build so the updates will be more frequent from now. Finally I've completed the Reverse-ATX conversion and I can finally start measuring up the mounting for the remaining hardware such as the PSU and the watercooling. Here are a few pictures! I'm extremely satisfied in how it turned out, just waiting on the custom cut top panel to bolt together the case again.
  2. New update! I am now in possession of all the hardware needed to finish this project, what's next is creating a few new panels for the case and then final assembly. What's new in this weeks update is the brand new Seasonic Prime 750W PSU that will be replacing the previous Snow Silent 1050W. Some new watercooling hardware from both EKWB and HWLabs. A huge thanks to SEASONIC for once again stepping up and helping me out with this project. This project should be starting to come together very soon! Although I do have plans to create a fully custom laser-cut top panel to really give it the extra touch. I hope you are as excited as I am here are a few pictures.
  3. Update time! In todays update I've finally started with the main case modifications, mainly cutting up the case to convert it into a Reversed-ATX Configuration, this meaning I've had to cut apart the entire outside of the case to create and refit new panels. It still haven't had time to tidy up all the cuts yet, so this will just be a representation of what's to come. I will be manufacturing a completely new top panel for this case, I've made a prototype to see the fitment. But later on I will be creating a custom radiator grill to both improve the aesthetics of the case and make it possible to mount a 240mm radiator in the top part. I've had to turn the whole case 90 degrees meaning the original front will now be the bottom of the PC, which will become more evident once I fit new case feet. The back of the case has been cut out and I will be replacing that piece with the original IO panel from the case, but in a reversed fashion. On another note, I've also recieved the new fans that I will be using instead of the original Noctua NF-F12s, I will actually be using the all black Noctua IPPC versions. The quality in these fans is just amazing, right out of the box there's an instant quality feel. Here are the pictures! New update next week , Stay tuned. Here's the result of the complete tear-down of the case. This is how IO plate is intended to sit. Results of cutting up the case, the prototype top panel, will be covered with venting holes and other things later on. At last a few glamour-shots of the new fans! Big thanks to Noctua for sending these.
  4. Hello everyone, sorry for the delay! due to out of stock issues I haven't been able to get my hands on a CPU until now. but it has finally arrived! Once I recieve the new fans, radiator and a few other parts I can commence the modding. as I need the exact measurements for the hardware to start. That should be in the next update. Until then you may enjoy some pictures of the build in its current state. Thank you all for following
  5. Merry Christmas! I just thought I'd release a few new photos given the time, I haven't had much time to work as I've been busy enjoying this holiday. The new CPU block has arrived, I bought this one to match the Watercool Heatkiller GPU block that I already have, Unfortunately I can't test mount it yet as the CPU hasn't arrived, but that should be here in a week or two. Here are a few pictures, More hardware coming soon! Including a few more watercooling bits and bobs, and also some storage!
  6. Hi Guys! It's been a while, I've been busy replanning the project as I will be doing some minor changes, I will no longer be going with a black and beige theme for the build. Instead I will be swapping out the existing Noctua NF-F fans that I already own to the black Noctua IPPC fans, meaning there will be no beige accents in the build. This has caused me to change the color theme into simply black with small accents of brown, the brown parts will mostly likely only be the fan rubber mounts, the sleeving and possibly a few other bits. As far as the watercooling is planned, I will be changing the planned acrylic tubing to nickleplated coppertubing instead, to give the build that sleek and elegent look that I am aspiring to give it. Unfortunately I'm still awaiting new hardware, but that will come soon. I will also be replacing the existing Seasonic PSU to a smaller and less powerful Seasonic PSU, as I ran into some fitment issues straight away. Here are a few pictures on what the build looks like so far!
  7. Thanks for checking in Heatkiller blocks are just amazing, quite certain I'll be getting a matching CPU block aswell.
  8. Update! Hello guys, tomorrow I'm leaving for an event called Dreamhack. so I've decided to post a quick hardware update to make sure you have some content over the next days. I've had this motherboard for a while now, but I wanted to showcase it in an update by itself. It's the Z170M-D3H motherboard from Gigabyte, I have yet not decided if I'm going to modify the mobo or not. My ideas so far is to make a custom motherboard cover but nothing other than that. If you have any tips or ideas for what you want me to do with the motherboard, don't hesitate! Comment what you think
  9. Hello! A big package just arrived with loads of interesting hardware, so i decided to snap a few photos before I got to building and give you guys an update. I decided to go with a Nvidia GTX 980 Ti for this build, combined with a beautiful waterblock from Watercool. This is going to suit the build nicely with its aluminium industrial look. I went with a 4x4GB set of Hyperx Predator 2800MHz RAM coupled up with new heatsinks and a waterblock from Bitspower, mostly for the beautiful aesthetics of the block. As you may have noticed by looking at the fittings, I will be doing rigid tubing for this project. I'm not decided on the routing of the tubes yet but I'm sure that will be easier once the computer is put together, the only things missing now are a few parts such as a CPU, SSD and some watercooling accessories. That's all for this update, the next one will cover the modifications of the fans and perhaps some new hardware Stay tuned!
  10. Update time! I'm back with another update, still waiting on a few bits from Gigabyte. But that will hopefully arrive next week. I've been doing some fiddling with the case and ran into a few snags. The PSU is a bit longer than what's appropriate for the case, so I will have to redo the front IO on the case to make everything fit. Other than that, everything's going as planned. There are a few rivets that I'll have to drill out before I can pull the bottom compartment out, but that shouldn't take long. I test fitted the PSU and all the fans and I must say I'm loving the look. Although disregard the brown paint on the Noctua fans as that is going to be replaced with either a high gloss or a matt black finish. the PSU will be recieving this paintjob aswell. I'm thinking of redoing the original fan grills than are included in the case, one 140mm grill on the top of the case and a 120mm one in the back. my idea is to make either a clean brushed aluminium grill or a honeycomb styled one that would pair nicely with the grill on the PSU. Here are a few pictures! That's all for this update, thank you all for tuning in. see you next week!
  11. Greetings! This is the start of my new project with the name of Monore. This project is going to be based in the Jonsbo UMX3 case and the whole build will circle around its clean & sleek look. I would like to start with a huge thank you to my sponsors for this project. Ocaholic Seasonic Jonsbo Gigabyte Noctua The Components: MOBO: Gigabyte Z170M-D3H CPU: Intel i7 6700k GPU: GTX 980Ti RAM: Kingston 4x4GB DDR4 SSD: TBA PSU: Seasonic Snow Silent 1050W CASE: Jonsbo UMX3 FANS: Noctua COOLING: Bitspower & Watercool The Project: This build is going to consist of various modifications, although some of them may not be declared at this time, this PC is going to stand in as my editing/main computer, therefore it will be equipped with high-end hardware and a full watercooling loop to keep the temperatures low. The case bottom compartment is going to be remodelled to house a 240mm radiator, a vented shroud is going to cover this part to keep the case as simplistic as possible. As I might run into trouble with the PSU mounting method with my ambitions for the case, this will most likely be altered too. Numerous small covers and shrouds are going to be created around the build to soften the esthetics of the build, as I want it to be elegant and simplistic. The colortheme for this build is going to be a bit interesting. I've chosen to go for a full black build with accents of beige (As in Noctua's fan frames). The PSU from Seasonic will be getting sleeved in beige and black aswell to fit the build even further. My plans are to paint and modifiy the outsides of the PSU to get rid of the white panels. As I stated earlier, many of the modifcations are not 100% decided at this time as a lot of ideas evolve as the build is being created. That's all for my introduction, here are a few pictures of the base components of this build! That is all for this introduction, next week will be packed with a more ellaborate view of the case and hopefully a few other components. See you then! -August Lindgren
  12. Thank you! Yeah, there was more planning than some might think
  13. Hello everybody! it's time for the final update as the build is complete and the pictures have been taken. I would like to thank all of you who followed the build, I've truly appreciated all the feedback and you guys have really kept me going! I'd also like to thank me beloved sponsors who helped me complete this projekt, it simply wouldn't be possible without them. Huge thanks to Inwin, EKWB, Gigabyte and BeQuiet! List of components: CPU: Intel i7 5820k GPU: EVGA SC ACX 2.0 GTX 970 GPU: EVGA SC ACX 2.0 GTX 970 MOBO: Gigabyte GA-X99-UD3 RAM: Crucial DDR4 2133MHz 32GB (4x8GB) SSD: Intel 730 240GB SSD: Intel 730 240GB PSU: BeQuiet Pure Power 9 700W FANS: Noiseblocker E-loops Radiator: EKWB CoolStream PE 240 (x2) Pump: DDC (EKWB top & heatsink) CPU block: EKWB Supremacy EVO GPU block: EKWB GTX 970 EVGA block (x2) Fittings: EKWB Reservoir: EKWB X3 250 Res Onwards to the pictures! I hope you like them. Thank you for following!
  14. Hello there! Time for a short update with some good news! All the fittings have arrived and I'm looking forward to putting this beast back together during the weekend. All the components have been tested again to ensure that everything works properly. So it shouldn't take a lot of time until this is put together and in order. It's alive! The only things missing are the fasteners for the GPU's which I am yet to figure out, and re-painting the SSD's. I've taken some pictures to give you a brief view on how the tubing is going to be routed. I'd like to thank everyone for following this build, not too far until completion! The new PSU has received its own touch with the help of a rusted fan grill and a rusty outline along the fan, I decided to mount the reservoir on to the grill of the PSU to give it an external look and hopefully gain some more attention on the back part of the case. Pictures! Fittings galore!
  15. Hi there! I had some time over and decided to post a small update, not a lot has happened since the last updated as I'm still being held back by the fact that my fittings still haven't arrived. Hopefully they should arrive soon. I took the motherboardplate to my brothers job and drilled out the holes for the pass-through fittings, these are to act as channels for the CPU, GPU's and one of the two radiators. A total of 5 pass-throughs. The rest is just a mockup to get a perspective on how everything's going to look, unfortunately I can't show you how I am routing the tubing as the angled fittings still haven't arrived and it is impossible to tube the build up without it. Next week I'll get an update out on the mods I am planning for the GPU's, PSU, reservoir and what not. Until then, thank you for following! See you next update.
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