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  1. My initial reaction to seeing the case for the first time was kind of meh...but after looking at it from some of the different angles and then once it was filled with hardware, I see a lot of potential. Overall, I think it's a pretty nice looking case with some cool features.
  2. Xylonjay


    Thanks Bill, just pm'd you with a request for a couple of additional items. I'll see you guys on Friday.
  3. Wow! That case is a beast! As someone who enjoys benching hardware, I love the fact it has a removable motherboard tray and all of the available space inside for adding lots of hardware. I hope to have one soon! Great review!
  4. Speaking of your laser cutter...Are you able to etch with it? I'd like to etch my side panel window with my initials and also a medium sized image behind the initials. Thanks!
  5. Xylonjay


    I will need to get one of these soon! Since I'm local and can pick one up in person would you have one in stock or do I need to order one?
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