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  1. yup - i still plan on going through with it. Probably ordering it tonight if i can get around to it
  2. Steve Jobs isnt dead hes syncing

  3. Hey Bill thanks for the response, It looks like im going to get that one - looks like a good place to start. Any suggestions on internal led's and control panels?
  4. Hey All , Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a first mod and a good way to approach going about it? I want to install a plexi window in the left side panel of my Rosewill Challenger ATX mid-tower. I have seen some kits on http://mnpctech.com/ and have heard good things about them as a whole. Just wondering how I should begin. All comments and helpful resources welcomed! Thanks Everyone
  5. Hey Guys! I'm James! - From the US - college student on the East Coast currently. Computer major, gamer, I also work in the field so most of my day is in front of a screen in one way or another. I'm just getting into mods now, I've built my custom PC already, in a Rosewill Challenger ATX Mid-Size. You can check out my profile for more pics and information, i'll save the space on this thread. So yea! Just new to the modding community and open to ideas and suggestions on how to get started! First project idea is a plexi side panel window - excited to get started. Stay Swelly jameson1229
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