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  1. PCPackRat

    OMG My Niece Good News

    "Will there be an open bar? I'll drive the 18+ hours for alcohol" There I fixed it for you Cheaps!
  2. At CES 2017 this year, Silverstone announced their new 800W SFX-L Power Supply. Beating even their own 700 Watter. If packing 800 Watts into a tiny package (4.92" x 2.5" x 5.12") isn't impressive enough. It is Titanium Rated (90-94%+ Efficiency), it has a 120mm Fan (that only runs when needed) and it is Fully Modular. And if you think they are exaggerating about that 800 Watt rating (like Diablotech might do), 800 Watts is the continuous power output rating. The peak output rating is 850 Watts! But, expect to part with between $180 and $200 (Street Price) for all that power :^) And if you need it RIGHT NOW. They are already available at both Newegg and Amazon. Here is a link to more technical information at the Silverstone Tech:
  3. This year at CES 2017, Deepcool released the most new case models of any other case manufacturer! But, the surprising fact, was that three of the four new cases have integrated AIO liquid cooling setups. They should be available for purchase after Q2 of 2017. Plus this year, Deepcool introduced Two (2) new 120mm Fan series with RGB and aluminum chassis. (see below). The Fans will be available in sets of Three (3) with a RGB Fan Controller. (Around $90-$100). The Fan Controller will be able to control Fan and lighting functions through your PC or using an App installed on your Smart Phone! QUADSTELLAR Four-cabin Design ATX Computer Case: With the integral structure split into four individual cabins for graphic card, motherboard, power supply and hard disk drive separately, QUADSTELLAR now achieves a new significant breakthrough in providing innovative PC thermal solution by isolating the hottest components into separate compartments and maintaining high compatibility meanwhile. The second noteworthy feature here is the included automatic air intake system which is able to adjust the air flow for a stable cooling performance thanks to the intelligent temperature sensors inside. Available in May, 2017 NEW ARK 90 ATX PC Case Encompassing Pre-installed Captain 280EX Liquid Cooling System with RGB Lighting Effects: NEW ARK 90 is a sleek high end PC case with top and side panels completely made of optimized tempered glass, offering a clear full view of the interior. It features a pre-installed Captain 280EX AIO liquid cooling system incorporating an exposed liquid reservoir and a specially designed flow indicator which makes the flow rate of the coolant clearly visible. Besides, three 140mm fans are also pre-installed, so to maintain a remarkable cooling performance for your whole rig is undisputed with this case.Available in May, 2017 EARLKASE LIQUID ATX PC Case Encompassing Pre-installed Captain 140EX Liquid Cooling System with RGB Lighting Effects: EARLKASE LIQUID is an ATX PC case with the whole side panel completely made of tempered glass for a clear full view of the interior. A built-in angled panel separates the interior space into two parts simplifying cable management for an ultra clean looking build.It also features a pre-installed Captain 140EX AIO liquid cooling system incorporating a specially designed flow indicator which makes the flow rate of the coolant clearly visible. The integrated RGB lighting system allows simultaneous color changing on different parts of the system including flow indicator, water block, and LED strip.MSRP: 149.99 USD Available in April, 2017 BARONKASE LIQUID Pre-installed Captain 120EX Liquid Cooling System with RGB Lighting Effects BARONKASE LIQUID is an all-metal Micro-ATX body that supports ATX motherboards with a solid metal handle at the top making it an ideal solution for a portable VR-ready PC. It features the Captain 120EX AIO liquid cooling system incorporating a specially designed flow indicator which makes the flow rate of the coolant clearly visible.The integrated RGB lighting system allows simultaneous color changing of different parts of the system including flow indicator, water block, SSD shroud and LED strip. One illuminated 2.5” drive bay is vertically orientated so it can be clearly seen through the side window.MSRP: 129.99 USD Available in April, 2017 MF120GT – Detachable Fan Frame with App-Controlled RGB Lighting: MF120GT delivers excellent vibration damping capability as a result of using a specially optimized aluminium alloy material. The aluminium fan frame is detachable for easy cleaning and optimum performance.With the mission of initiating a new era in RGB cooling, illumination is provided by an innovative double V shape RGB lighting system which generates 16.8 million colors for creative lighting effects. In addition, the Double-layer blade design generates a stronger air pressure. Fan speed can be varied by PWM over the range 500-2200 RPM, and high reliability is delivered by the Fluid Dynamic Bearing used in the fan. For more flexibility and convenience, Custom App GS Control is available for the control of the lighting system and fan speed. MSRP: 99 USD (3 pcs of fans RGB controller) Available in April, 2017 MF120 - Frameless Design with App-Controlled RGB Lighting: MF120 delivers excellent vibration damping capability also by using a specially optimized aluminium alloy material. Its frameless design will be a surprise for all enthusiasts as the rotation of the exposed blades is more visible.There is a built-in parallel RGB lighting system to match your other components of any color, which generates 16.8 million colors to deliver high quality lighting effects. In addition, the Double-layer blade design generates a stronger air pressure. Fan speed can be varied by PWM over the range 500-2200 RPM, and high reliability is delivered by the Fluid Dynamic Bearing used in the fan. For more flexibility and convenience, Custom App GS Control is available for the control of the lighting system and fan speed. MSRP: 89 USD (3 pcs of fans RGB controller) Available in April, 2017 Captain EX RGB – Integrating RGB Variable Lighting System: Captain EX RGB retains all the key features of the Captain EX Series, now integrating the latest RGB variable lighting system which encorporates pump and LED strips for a more excellent visual experience. Either using a cable controller included or a computer software supported by motherboard with RGB Header, you can adjust the lighting modes freely as you want.MSRP: Captain 120EX RGB – 99.99 USD Captain 240EX RGB – 129.99 USD Available in March, 2017
  4. G.Skill announced DDR4 RGB Trident Z at CES 2017. The modules require NO ADDITIONAL WIRING (unlike others out there). Here is a link with more info and G.Skill's Press Release. G.Skill Trident Z is already available HERE at Newegg! Also, check out the RGB lighting functions in this official G.Skill Video.
  5. What can be said about attending a convention in Las Vegas during the dead of winter. Who can resist, when temperatures in frosty cold Minnesota reach the sub zero mark (not to mention the -40 below windchills). This year, Captain Currysauce (Jesse) and Myself (PCpackrat/Greg), met up with the California Munky, Alex Venz (of Petra's Tech Shop fame) to see what was new in the industry. Where else but in Sin City can you see a Fry's Electronics with a slot machine facade? Now that we have returned to our daily drudgery and have fully recuperated from CES 2017. It's time to look back, gather our thoughts and post some of what we saw. We will be posting some articles with pics of some cool stuff, awesome mods, and new products. So stay tuned :^) To tide you over until the next post, check out this video that Alex and Jesse shot on the CES 2017 showfloor: Plus, you could also check out our Weekly Hangout where we discussed a little of CES 2017:
  6. PCPackRat

    Post your BEST & WORST of 2016

    I'm with Stu (Noobas4urus) on RGB lighting, and that RGB toilet rocks! Now I don't have to turn the lights on to find the toilet. Plus, it can match my bathroom no matter what weird color I paint it! Best of 2016 = M.2 on all of the motherboards ...... no more pesky wires to run. Worst of 2016 = M.2 Modules are really ugly ...... we need M.2 covers ( BILL?!?!?)
  7. Greg (PCpackrat) from MunkyMods, takes a look at Swiftech’s newest revision of their AIO Liquid Cooling Kit! For more than a decade, Swiftech has been known as a leader in liquid cooling for personal computers. Swiftech has spent years designing award winning heatsinks, reservoirs, co-designing pumps (in an exclusive agreement with Laing Pumps), and producing All-In-One liquid CPU cooling kits. Read the rest of the review HERE!
  8. The new Munky Mods Pro Flex, and Monsta Cable Combs are done, and in stock. The Munky Mods Pro Flex Cable Combs are made from a space age thermoplastic. In fact, these Cable Combs are so durable, that we gave them a lifetime warranty! They are available for: 4wire for 4pin CPU Power 8wire for 8pin EPS Power 6wire for 6pin GPU Power 8wire for 8pin GPU Power 12wire for 6pin+6pin GPU Power 14wire for 6pin+8pin GPU Power 16wire for 8pin+8pin GPU Power 24wire for 24pin Mobo Power The Munky Mods Monsta Cable Combs were designed to give that thick and meaty look! Both the Pro Flex and Monsta Cable Combs are available for 2.5mm and 2.85mm wire/sleeve sizes. ( The wire measurement is made using the wire conductor, the insulation layer, plus outer the sleeving ) Common Brands using a 2.5mm opening: EVGA® G2/P2/T2 sleeved cable sets. CableMod® brand sleeved cable sets. Common Brands using a 2.85mm opening: CableMod® ModMesh sleeved cable sets. EVGA® GS/PS brand sleeved cable sets. Bitfenix® Alchemy sleeved extensions. NZXT™ brand sleeved extensions. ModRight™ brand sleeved extensions. Mod/Smart™ Kobra MAX sleeved extensions. Silverstone® brand sleeved extensions. Phanteks® brand sleeved extensions. Both the Pro Flex and Monsta Cable Combs are in stock (in 2.5mm and 2.85mm) Get them Here!
  9. PCPackRat

    A Small Scratch Built KODI / XBMC Enclosure

    I knew you (The king of tiny scratch built cases) would probably like it :P
  10. For some time (several years), I have been building KODI / XBMC boxes (to watch streaming TV and Movies) for my clients, friends and my family. After I ran out of reasonably priced Zotac Zboxes to build KODI boxes, I decided I should build a custom enclosure and use "off the shelf" ITX Mobos. Well, some of you may remember that I purchased a Laser Cutter (and Vinyl Cutter) for my shop, Smart Computer Store and Munky Mods. So, it's not a stretch to build a scratch built custom enclosure to fit Mini ITX Motherboards for KODI boxes (or maybe even a "Steam Box"). A little research led me to the AMD AM1 APU, The Sempron 3850 ($30) / Athlon 5350 ($60) with AMD Radeon R3 graphics, running at a modest 25w TDP. This little Processor (APU) is well up to the task of streaming anything you want to watch. It's benchmarks are easily double anything I was using in the past. And, a little more research led me to an amazing ASRock AM1H-ITX AM1 Motherboard that will run off a Laptop style AC Adapter (19 Volt DC Jack input). So, with my Motherboard ($55), AMD Processor ($60), Chinese 19V AC Adapter ($10) and some low profile Kingston RAM ($30) I'm on my way! The case will be a somewhat modular design that starts with corner blocks, laser cut out of 6mm thick clear acrylic. Two different designs: The first with Two (2) 4.3mm holes, to tap M5 threads into. The other with Two (2) 5.0mm holes for clearance of the M5 screws that I will use to hold the case together. Of course at 6mm thick each, I will need a pile of them! Four (4) with small holes (4.3mm), and Thirty-Two with large holes (5mm). Plus, some extras! If anyone cares: I cut these with a 60W CO2 Laser at 90% Power, moving at 6mm per second to get those melty, smooth edges! And there you have it, a crapload of corner blocks! The Screws are Low Profile Socket Head M5 Screws in 60mm (for bottom) and 8mm (for the top). Then I broke out the trusty M5 tap for the top 6mm Corner Blocks of each stack. The bottom 60mm screw slides through the rubber feet and corner blocks to the threaded block, and the top 8mm screw will only hold the lid on. Speaking of the Rubber Feet. These are Penn-Elcom F1693 and are 1" Diameter x 0.375" High. Of course, I had to spend some time peeling the protective paper off of all the little corner blocks! And now, it's time to design the panels. Thanks to formfactor.org for their motherboard mounting measurements and I/O Shield placement. Again, for those that care: 70% Power at 14mm per second cuts the 3mm black acrylic. If it flexes too much, I'll likely go thicker for some pieces. Here's what's left after you peel the paper. The static in my shop is rough this time of year. The dust cling should dissipate after the acrylic sits for a while. I almost forgot to tap the holes for the #6-32 Motherboard Risers. I laser cut the holes to 2.66mm (+/-.01mm) After you stack the rubber foot, the 3mm acrylic bottom, Eight (8) 6mm thick corner blocks, the 60mm screw threads right into the top block. Here's another view with all four of the corners (and some panels) installed. Then you just slide the 3mm side panels into the grooves in the corner blocks. Here, the panels are all installed with the black 12mm red ring power switch. In another version I tried honeycomb ventilated side panels and moved the Power Switch up a little on the front. Then, I put the I/O Shield and Motherboard in. Putting the lid on finishes phase one of the enclosure. It is usable, but, I have other things left to try. List of improvements to work on: RGB lighting to light corner block pillars and interior. Laser cutting filter material for behind holes in acrylic. Like everything in my life of ADD, things and interests are ever changing!
  11. Introducing the new Phanteks PH-PWSPR_1P2M Power Splitter! The Phanteks Power Splitter can use One (1) single Power Supply to power Two (2) complete Computer Systems! Phanteks had originally designed the Power Splitter for the Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Mid Tower Case. Which can fit both a Micro ATX motherboard, plus a Mini ITX motherboard into the same chassis. The unit is 6.5"(165mm) Wide by 3.9"(100mm) High and 1.2"(32mm) Thick, although the cables all head outward from the unit. It can be mounted using Phanteks "Drop-n-Lock" mounts (used for SSD Tray Mounting) or using hook & loop fastener/double sided tape. With the Power Splitter, cables are not included. So, you will need Power Supply Extension Cables. But, Phanteks has you covered! Phanteks Extension Cables are 500mm (about 20") long, and have a clean look, with each wire individually braided and black plugs. They are available in 24Pin(power), 4Pin (CPU power), 8Pin(CPU power), 6Pin(VGA) and 8Pin(VGA). Each in choice of Black, White, Red or Red/Black Since you order the Cable Extensions separately, you can use them just to clean up the inside of any case! For more info about the Phanteks Power Splitter click HERE. For more info about the Phanteks Extension Cables click HERE.
  12. Jesse (Captain Currysauce) and Greg (PCpackrat) from Smart Computer Store, will see if it's worth upgrading to Z170! We all know Gigabyte! Recent reports say that they are currently the top seller of motherboards worldwide (with Asus just behind). And, that doesn't come easy. I have personally been a Gigabyte Fan since the start of the Overclocker's (OC) Series of motherboards was introduced. I have also used many motherboards from the Ultra Durable Series. That said, I can honestly say that I have never had a single DOA Gigabyte motherboard, or even had to RMA one for any reason. When I buy a Gigabyte motherboard, I am confident that it is well built. Click HERE to read the rest of the article:
  13. PCPackRat

    Super Low Profile SATA Cables from SilverStone

    I could see wearing them out with a lot of use. They were hard to unplug with my fat fingers. The Blue cable seemed even thinner than the Black.
  14. PCPackRat

    Antec P70 Mid Tower Case Review

    At that price, it's virtually screaming, "MOD ME, MOD MEEEEE ........ PLEASE?!?!"