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  1. Hello to all guys! I finished work on the new home page of the mod! See it on the first page! Hope you like it! Comment if you like it or not :) If you don't like it, tell me what you would better! Please support me on FB Page! https://www.facebook.com/2kProModdingProject/
  2. Thanks BitFenix for the trust you have placed in my project and especially thank you UMBERTO, without him this wouldn't have been possible! Inside, many beautiful things :D General Overview! But now we go into detail! :) They look like general LED strips, but they aren't :) Since I'm an eternal undecided, I opted for the magnetic strips ;) So I can experiment to good light effect in my mod :D Then I chose the Spectre LED PWM for the front of the mod! They will give that extra touch to the mod, without affecting the performance :) And finally the Spectre Pro PWM :) Gentlemen for this first overview is all! I, as always, invite you to leave a like on facebook, for those who had not yet done! For you are a few seconds for me it means further enhance my work :) https://www.facebook.com/2kProModdingProject Thanks to all! At the next UP! :D
  3. New Update! New SPONSOR and New PARTNER of 2kPro Modding Projects! Tomorrow I will upload photos of the material came from mom BitFenix :D Needless to say that the quality is visible at the opening of the box ;)Small preview! Obviously appreciated B)
  4. Yep! Thanks Man! New UP!Gentlemen, new arrivals in 2k Pro home! For the happiness of my wallet :D These are sponsored by Me Here is my latest purchase, I present my new modding partner New Silhouette Cameo A big man with a great message: Comments and opinions are always welcome! Does anyone have experience with this machine? Here is a video that shows the use of an expert !! JAMES WALTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RRXCtPRV1A&list=PLZHnYvH1qtObXgwgjcr_icFTSoMv2noYg&index=15
  5. NEW UP As I said I was in work in progress for the work in the cellar .. We almost finished restoring ;) I had some material in surplus, and so I decided to create a spray booth :D I created using scrap pieces of wood, metal and plasterboard! :) The orange parts are the simple tape to protect the wires! ;) Internally we have used glass wool to be glued to the plasterboard, to ensure that the dusts of the paint adhering to the surface and do not flutter on the piece. The wall behind was made with plasterboard to cover the wall and keep it safe. If you see before we tried with the spray glue, but it was drunk from plasterboard, then we switched to the option B Good old silicone :D To adhere the glass wool at the side of iron, we have drilled the metal pieces to pass the wires and hold the glass wool anchored on three points With some mishap and various fix with what I had in the cellar :lol: We have stretch a braided metal cable to carry the weight of the hanging pieces and so we set like this: Internally set like this: And here's the final result: Aesthetically it's not much, but at a functional level is the best that I could create with what I had .. Cost = 0 I just have to buy two or three aluminum trays to be put on the table and fill them with water, to gather dust that falls while I paint and then periodically change the water and / or trays! Keep in mind the negligible cost of the trays € 0.30 each one .. I thought of a vacuum cleaner, but it cost me more and then I live in an apartment building .. I can not take a cab industry in the cellar, otherwise other people cause me problems .. I Aspect your comments and opinions !! That's all for now!
  6. Other BIG Up! First of all, I remaind you leave a like on my FB PAGE! Thanks for your help! https://www.facebook.com/2kProModdingProject Let's start! That's all guys! ;)
  7. Here I'm back with a BIG Up! Has arrived almost any material of this sponsor, it's missing only the mouse that wasn't available. It will be provided later and will also be the subject of modding :D But now we move on to serious matters! Thanks CoolerMaster for the trust you have placed in my project and especially thank you ALESSANDRO E VINCENZO, without they this wouldn't have been possible! Now the Pictures! :D See you soon at the next up ;)
  8. Sorry for my absence, in the meantime I worked on mod! At the suggestion of other people, I worked again for signature of the mod. I created these signatures. I prefer the first, which you prefer? 1° 2° The logo will be cut with laser on the front panel, bottom right :)
  9. Guys ... No advice? Come on opinions, advice, preferences?
  10. New UP! I would remind you guys to leave like on my FB page! https://www.facebook.com/2kProModdingProject For you it is only a like, for me is valorisation of my work. Thanks at all! :) Guys I need advice and opinions! I propose two LOGO that are the logo to laser cut for case that will later backlit. Tell me which one you prefer ;) LOGO 1 LOGO 2 Then here's my nickname that will cut laser also the new front, presumably at the bottom right What do you think? :)
  11. Well guys as I promised here's a UP! I painted the lateral bulkhead of the case, that's because I didn't like keep it all black :) Start with the masking of edges! Let to dry ;) And here's the result! Hope you like it! :D
  12. Thanks Corsair for the trust you have placed in my project and especially thank you JON, without him this wouldn't have been possible! Exceptional products! Unquestionable quality. As you saw, I received power 1000W Platinum + Corsair Link + 2 RGB LED strips + Various cables.I'm very happy because it's my first build and get the trust of a big company like Corsair, for me it means a lot!Thanks to all of you to follow my project, because also without your support I wouldn't have succeeded! CORSAIR THANKS!
  13. Guys, here I am back operating! The first sponsor is one of the BIG in this build, here's a preview! Tomorrow unboxing! What do you think it contain? :D
  14. Guys today I opened the Facebook page of my mod. On the page will be published updates and my build complete! Obviously Like pls :P :D https://www.facebook.com/2kProModdingProject
  15. Guys, you thought of be rid of me, and yet here I'm back to Barcelona !! :D Soon New UP! ;) Stay Tuned! Thanks :) The black parts will be repainted with a metallic black ;)
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