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  1. Hey everybody I apologize for taking so long to post any updates. This will be just a short post to let everyone know that I received my clear side panel and the 480 overkill grills from MNPCTECH and an aweseome MNPCTECH t-shirt. Thank you very much Bill! I have to slightly put this mod on hold because I am moving from California to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. I leave on June 5th return to California on the 12th and then will be driving my truck and trailer back to Sturgis South Dakota on June 15th. At that point I will be diving into this mod head first. The great news is due to my new job I have complete access to milling machines, lathes, cnc machines, end formers and daily pickups for chrome and powder coating since we make custom exhausts for motorcycles. My family has been in the industry since the beginning of custom bike building in the 70's and I have been progressing towards this for quite some time now. In all honesty this move will provide my family and I a better life up in the Black Hills. No state tax, all 4 seasons and the ability to own acres of land and actually shoot guns on my own property without consequence. Now I will be able to make a small drive the next time you guys have the midwest modders roundup or whatever it's called. :) Wish me luck and again thank you for all your support.
  2. Well as some of you know I got in 2 of the GTX Titans today. I have to say these are the nicest looking and feeling air cooled cards I have ever owned. Swiftech blocks will be coming hopefully within less than a week as well as backplates. Here are some pictures. Have around 7 weeks to wait till 480 overkill grills so I can fab out the entire front bezel of the cosmos II as well as the top extension.
  3. Yeah I have been spinning circles in my head on what to do with this case. I think a lot of custom metal work is going to be at hand as well as a possible bit of a new learning curve on some fiberglass sculpting ideas...lol
  4. It's not that I need them but more like I want them and I do quite a lot of benchmarking/overclocking contests etc. as well as game at 6000 x 1080p . I will also be getting 3 2560 x 1600 resolution monitors and once I enable surround that will equate to 7680 x 1600 (unplayable with even 4 GTX 680's) . Not to mention that this is a gigantic case and It needs to be filled with hardware and it needs to be the best hardware. The way I see it everything I do is overkill but that's just how I am. I have been using 3 GTX 680's and they don't even have enough Vram to play comfortably at 6000 x 1080p at max settings.
  5. Hey guys I am starting a new project except this one is actually going to be for my personal daily use computer. It will be a completely customized Cosmos II that will not resemble the original Cosmos except for some slight resemblance. Sponsors for this build are: Cooler Master MNPCTECH List of parts to be used: Cosmos II 3 EVGA GTX Titans(hydrocopper) in triple SLI Motherboard: to be determined but it will be a Haswell chipset motherboard CPU: Haswell (to be determined upon release) Swiftech GPU waterblocks CPU waterblock: Swiftech PUMPS: 2 Swiftech pumps Reservoirs: to be determined Rads: 1 480, 1 360 & 1 240 (to be determined) Fans: Cooler Master Excaliburs PSU: to be determined Sleeving: MDPC Coolant: Alphacool pure water and Mayhems to be determined SSD's: 6 SSD's in RAID 0 possibly Plextors or Samsung Pro series Mnpctech Pre-Ordering page for Cooler Master Cosmos II Clear Window Panel Basically I am completely stripping down this case, removing the midplate and fabricating my own based on the motherboard when it is released. Also the entire front I/O shield will be deleted and a 480 rad will be mounted there after I delete the entire 5.25" bays and the HDD bays. I will be using an overkill grill from MNPCTECH on the intake. I will be mounting a 360 rad up top and also using a MNPCTECH overkill grill there after I fabricate the flush mounting solution around the current top panel. Not quite sure if I will be able to get a 360 grill or have to get 3 individual grills or not but either way you have the general idea of the look I am going for. Also I am almost sure that I will be housing both pumps down below in the PSU section of the case. The top handles will be deleted from the case as well as the roll bar type feet currently on the case. The side panel will be a solid custom acrylic side panel that will be mounted directly to the factory oem door hinge so you will be able to see every inch of the inside of this case mod. Here are some basic pictures of what I have deleted so far out of the case. (Definitely getting rid of the Octopus front I/O shield, just has way too many wires for my taste and I will be installing a custom fan controller)
  6. Thank you guys. Yeah it's going to be really tricky to fit a 360 up front like that. I can't wait to see pictures once one of you guys had one installed like that.
  7. I'm so excited watching this come together Bill. An amazing work of art so far. I would also be interested in the scratch build motherboard trays and I/O cover.
  8. Wow, it's been awhile since I have been able to take a look at your build log Andrew and I am really loving what you have done so far. Keep up the great modding!
  9. moving to south dakota

  10. I'm not sure you understand why I posted that information. I didn't spend $3000 for exposure, I did it for the love of modding and that's what it's always about for me. I knew I was going to get exposure because this mod was done for CES 2013. I just wanted to clarify for some folks that don't really know me and let you know that I didn't just decide one day that I was going to do this mod and start hitting up companies for free things. I was personally contacted by Cooler Master and they asked me to do this mod for them. It's important to me that anyone who is just starting out at modding know that it's not about who sponsors you etc. but what you can do with your creative mind. I have only been doing this for the last 5 years and I learned from just watching you guys and soaking it all in. I'll be starting my next project hopefully sometime next week on a new personal rig which will be a a "Star Wars" based mod on the dark side....
  11. I just felt the need to post some final thoughts with you guys so you can get a better understanding on how some of the sponsorship works with the vendors that I utilized with this build. I listened to Bill on the podcast (episode 8) and there were some comments regarding people getting all this sponsorship and doing builds with 3 expensive video cards etc. I did get sponsorship on this build with 3 GTX 680's, however these cards were loaned to me from Jacob at EVGA and they were air cooled cards when I received them. I will be mailing them back to EVGA after I remove the 3 Hydrocopper waterblocks that I purchased with my own personal money at almost $600 from Frozen. I just don't want some of you newer modders to get discouraged and think that because a couple of companies have commissioned me to build this PC for CES that I get all of this free hardware to keep. I also don't want the veterans that I look up to here on this site to think that I just called some company up and they sent me a bunch of free stuff. It just doesn't work like that. The Intel 3770k in this build was an ES "engineering sample" and I already sent that back to Intel as well. I probably spent at least $3000.00 out of my own pocket on this build as well as countless hours not to mention the cost for the week I stayed in Las Vegas at CES. Probably one of the biggest issues I have had over the past 5 years is trying to get my wife to understand why I have to spend so much money on my mods and the good thing is that now it's finally starting to payoff because I am getting a little bit of exposure and might just start making a bit of money doing what I love like some of you already do. Even if I never made any money doing it, modding is something that I love and it will always be a part of me like fishing. I must say I was so excited when the Mod Zoo first went online and Bill invited me over here from Facebook to post this build log. It has been so refreshing to be a part of this community and not have to worry about some heavy handed moderator or just rude people in general that I have encountered on other forums in the past and I am extremely grateful for that. Happy modding to all my friends here!
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