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  1. Also just a tip, hardline psu cabling is REALLY hard. I wouldn't recommend it. I spent more than a week on it and its still not super great.
  2. *Update August 9th* So I've been off the grid for a while (building a computer means I don't have a computer). But I'm done! Sorta. I have about 3 -5 more changes that need to happen, but they are relatively minor. Pulled together the first revision of the build and here are first looks. I still need to do a few decals and other plexi stuff, but that didnt stop me from getting the comp up and running. Onto the pics.
  3. Yea, I was looking into that next. I ran out of LED's so I need to order more haha. Ill have to get clever though cause the EK waterblock doesnt include holes for the LED's. Shouldnt be too bad of a problem though
  4. *Update July 25th* Its the weekend and I'm in the mood to solder. Did some math to calculate voltages and capacitor need. Soldered and hooked everything up! Looks like I have a bunch of gunk in the cpu block (from the pipes I didnt clean them enough, bits of pipe after I cut them are still in there). Lastly an interesting find: So I had one extra 3mm led bulb and was looking for somewhere to put it. Turns out the backside of the Lian Li PC-05s has vent holes that are exactly 3 mm! Stuck it in and it works brilliantly. Anyways onto the pics.
  5. *Update July 24th* I got the issue figured out! The computer is stable now (woot). Also received the last fitting for the waterloop today. Tested and installed, and everything is running smoothly now. Also got myself an LG 34" ultrawide monitor (3440 x 1440). Its gorgeous. But because of this monitor Im looking to switch out the graphics card to a GTX 780 (its shipping right now). Should be an easy switch since the block is already a 780 block. Anyways onto the pictures:
  6. The pcie riser was in a different position (more laid out and straight). Thats an interesting concept I'll try it out! So far I think the issue has been fixed o.o. The bend is pretty wide so the riser seems to be making good contact with the pcie slot, but there was a wierd setting in the BIOS that was running at different speeds (one was on Gen 2 and the other Gen 3). When I ran both at auto or Gen 3 it kept crashing. I switched both to Gen 2 and everything has been stable for the entire day. Full stress tests and gaming tests and nothing. No lag, no tears, it seems good to go. I hope that its fixed!
  7. I should also mention I tested the graphics card with the PCIe riser on my server system and everything worked 100%. No restarts nothing. So that reduces my suspicion of the Riser card.
  8. *Update July 23rd* New Motherboard came in to fix RMA issues with other board, so thats 1/2 of my problems finished. Did a full leak and stress test on the system to check cooling capacity and potential. Everything is looking good so far on that front, but as I mentioned before 1/2 of the problem remains. So after fully updating drivers, software, and Windows my problem still remains. -- The Problem -- So under load and stress testing (Heaven and Valley Benchmarks as well as Prime95 stress test) everything is fine. All the benchmarks can complete and nothing out of the ordinary occurs. However, randomly during normal usage (web browsing, copying files, even during a game of League the display driver will crash or the screen will go black and the system will reboot. I've tried rolling back display drivers (no dice), altering voltages on the ram etc. Currently I've dropped the PCIe slot to run at Gen 2 instead of Gen 3 which will hopefully eliminate the problem, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the PCIe riser card that comes with the Lian Li PC-05s is to blame. Any ideas or thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated
  9. Nice! Thanks for the advice, yea monsoon are def a sweet company. Im actually grabbing a replacement fitting today so that should be good. Both the sleeve and the compression fitting got glued down, so its kinda useless haha.
  10. Really? That actually happened to me... the two fittings attached to the pump cracked. i salvaged one (just applied more glue), but the other was too tight of a bend and the fitting got stuck to the glue. Once it dried it was a goner. I had to saw the bend off and glue an extension on. Its actually not a bad patch job, and its really durable (im pretty proud of myself haha). I just replaced the fitting with a primochill revolver i had laying around.
  11. Thanks Bill! If I was to do a time lapse of the project so far, I think about 80% of it would be me just staring at the case haha.
  12. Thanks! That draining route that goes through the back took forever tho. The bends are so tight lol.
  13. *Update July 20th* I emerge battle worn and slightly scarred. Its been a long 3 days of pipe bending and testing. All the pipes are bent and the loop is complete (pictures of the full setup to come). I had to deal with 2 slow leaks in the fittings which tested my patience. Alongside that the motherboard that I bought turned out to be defective (it booted which is why I didn't catch it the first time). Im returning it to Newegg and I ordered another one which I know to be 100% functional. Hopefully it fixes my problem. Here are pictures I took during my bending spree.
  14. Meant to say its been 3 weeks haha. Im just finishing up the hard lining the water cooling. Probably gonna take another week for the power cables, and another for paint. Ugh. Should be interesting tho
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