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  1. Yeah, but this one is already occupied by my wife. Haha. Next, I made the doors. I started with some layers of gray color and clear coat. I designed and printed an opening mechanism. After processing it was painted silver. And then the doors were done. Also made a test if everything fits. Also made a test together with the LED panels. Now only some small details are missing.
  2. Its a client build (unfortunately haha), but would like to keep it now for myself.
  3. This week I worked on the paint job again. To get the most perfect finish, I sprayed only some areas at once with an airbrush. It was directly followed with some layers of clear coat. Because Gray color on a Gray primer has a very good contrast, here is a picture were you can actually see the difference. And then the paint job was done. Next up, the doors.
  4. Finally, I got some time to work on the WOPR again. Now its the next step is the color. I started with one layer of grey primer. The mod will be painted on multiple steps, area by area, so I started with the bottom sorounding. The color chosen by the client will be a light grey tone.
  5. And now for some final pictures: We also made a short making-of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SA9V4SRDMo
  6. Next, I worked on the electrical parts. Solderes and glued in some LED strips for a fading effect. I got the power directly form the power supply pins on the motherboard. The power supply has 19,8 V and I only needed 12 V so I installed a small power converter at the M.2 mounting spot. Next, I glued all parts on the outer shell using epoxy. Finally, I made some more details.
  7. Thanks dude! Yes, I am a bit behind with the worklog, but dont want to rush it. So in twoo weeks there will be also final pictures here.
  8. Next, I dismantled the entire notebook. To create a better bond for the new color, I sanded the surface of the entire outer shell. Then all parts were primed and also colored in silver. Zapan has some mexican/inka/polynesian art on his body. I tried to replicate this style. All was cut in vinyl and then dabbed on with a brush. After the paint job was done, I reassembled the shell. The keyboard was not screwed, but glued with plastic tips. I melted them back together with a soldering iron.
  9. Next, I worked on some small detail. Therefore, I used a material called metal foam. It was cut to size, to make it fit in the left halft of the case. Perfect. Then all parts were primed. I ended up with applying another, darker grey tone, to give the following metalic color, a better contrast. Finished everything up with a layer of glossy clear coat. But after the weathering it will dulled down again.
  10. Now almost all parts are printed. Also made some tests to see if everything still fits together. After all parts were wet sanded, I applied couple layers of spray filler. After the filler, all spots that needed some more attention got visible and were filled with some spot putty. Then everything was was wet sanded again.
  11. 😄 Thanks Last week, I finished the work on the 3D model. Always interresting to see the difference between the finished model and the first sketch. Then the printing started. I put the first parts into place, to see it they will fit. While the remaining parts are printing, I started to sand down the printed ones and prepare them for painting.
  12. And up we go for yet another worklog. Yes, I know, there are still two unfinished ones... But, I got this project with a very tide deadline, so I will just squeeze it in between the WOPR and X-Wing. Lately, I watched the movie Alita: Battle Angel. I just thought the design of the character Zapan is really stylistic and unique. So why not taking it and transforming it into a laptop mod. So the style of the laptop should be some what futuristic, technical/mechanical. Acer/Predator not only provided me with a Helios 500, but I also got the 3D files of that laptop. This is very handy, cause I can now model around the original shape and everything will stay in proportinos. So at first, I took the basic shell and removed all unnecessary parts. Then I blocked in the design with very primitive geomatric shapes, just to find my design. Couple hours later, the basic design was done. Only some smaller details and the bottom half are missing. But you already can see where it goes.
  13. After a quick weathering with just some acrylic silver paint and a black wash, it was time for a test assembly. Some parts are still missing, but now the X-Wing was ready to be shown at an event for the first time. So we wrapped up all parts and sent it over to Dallas for the Solidworks World. We made a short video about the convention, showing some of the making-of process already. Full making-of is coming soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wrg2pgYHPTs
  14. Next, I added some more color to the exhaust. So it looks like its actually used. For the wings, I masked all the areas for the next layer of orange color. If you are interested, its a 50:50 mixture between Beasty Brown and Bloody Red from Vallejo Game Color. Some more grey details were added. The front part of the turbine was dabbed with silver color to achieve a more used look. The body also became a orange and grey layering of color.
  15. After the spot putty was dry, I wet sanded the entire body and masked all areas to prepare it for priming. And the primer. Followed up with a first layer of paint. The color is called German Panzer Grey 😄 After a thin layer of clear coat it really looks nice, and it is not too dark. So I have enough room for a weathering later. While the paint and clear coat on the body dried, I started working on the weapon part. I started also with a layer of primer, and dabbed on some silber paitnt. After a quick masking, those parts also got some Panzer Grey. Then, I started with a first quick weathering. Don´t worry, I will add more layers later. But, I want sp see all parts, before going further. The front got also some attention already.
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