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  1. This is amazing! I absolutely love this, the design work is just marvelous.
  2. I've teamed up with GearBest to give away a CR-10 3D printer. To enter, follow the directions at this link: https://gleam.io/3XJPF/cr10-halloween-giveaway You can check out my review of the CR-10 here: The giveaway is international. I wish everyone the best of luck!
  3. I really love this build so far! I'm currently working on a quite similar build myself. The CPU and Mobo combo is the same, I also just painted the mobo heat sinks, just like you (that was before I saw your build log) As the case I'm using the Corsair Crystal 570X which I painted all white (I started with the white version from Newegg) I will also 3d print a mobo cover to make it even more white (let me know if you are interested in the 3D files). I'm really looking forward to how your build will turn out.
  4. Thanks man, you're right it does have a bit of a spaceship vibe to it.
  5. So it has been a while since my last post but I actually wasn't quite finished with the build. The last few things kinda happened over a longer timespan and I didn't document most of it, so here are just some pictures of the end product or to be more precise the current form as I will certainly keep changing things. I also made a few Videos on my YT channel, you can check them out here: Or you can just watch the final part here: But if you aren't into videos, here are some pictures: All the pictures: So that was it for this buildlog, I will certainly keep making small changes but for the most part that's it. If you have any questions, leave them below and I will answer them.
  6. Hey guys So it has been quiet a while since my last post. There has been a lot going on, so I wasn't able to post. But I wasn't sitting on my ass, so here is everything I did since the last post. I also have a new YouTube Video out, which you can check out here: Watch it on YouTube I also made something special for Christmas: Check it out But now to the meat and potatoes: First of I cut a big hole in the right PC box so I have access to the back of the Mobo tray. Then I started assembling the main PC. As the Mobo standoffs I ordered from China didn't arrive jet I got creative with some long screws and lots of nuts. Then I went to assembling the GPU and installing the CPU waterblock. Then I installed everything in the PC box. The sleeved cables I directly took from the previous build as they sill match. I also installed all the fittings I will be using including this T splitter and drain valve in the back which will make draining the loop a bit easier. Then I went on to bending the tubes which considering that I've never done this before went really smoothly and I only had to do a few test pieces. While not every bend is 100% perfect I had to continue as I needed my main PC back as soon as possible and for a first watercooled PC I am more than happy. To mount the PSU I made these two brackets that will screw it under the PC box out of sight but really close to where the cables need to go. Then finally it was time for the liquid. I mixed the rough color I wanted in the bottle and then later added some more red as it was too light. Time to fill the loop: This task turned out to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be and most of it is my fault. What I already knew from the beginning is that my fill port isn't positioned ideally but I didn't have a better place than in the top middle of the main desk. This port only partially worked out so I unscrewed one side of the top reservoir and filled it that way. Let's just say most of the fluid made it in the loop and the rest got taken care of with paper towels. But what bite me in the ass the most was that I thought that inlet and outlet on the pump were the other way around. So not only have I filled the loop from the wrong side but also the reservoir ended up being after the pump instead of before it. But I didn't wanted to start over so I tried it anyways and through some miracle I made it work and was able to feed the pump enough water to not run dry. I guess the moral of this story is to research properly before you plan your loop or just read the manual but who does that? Then I took care of some cable management and installed the lighting. And this is how that looks: For the lighting I use the hue+ and after some playing around I settled for the covering marquee with blue and orange. I think this just looks awesome because the blue gives a nice contrast to the orange fluid while the orange lighting brings that to glow. This color combo then also finally lead me to the name for this build, project duality. From the two systems, to the two colors to the contrast of the reclaimed wood and the clean black I think that this name really fits this build. I know there already is a build with duality in the name on this Forum but I hope that isn't a problem. Some next steps will be to build the server system, to install some more lighting and to complete some silver accents that I have planed.
  7. Hey guys, I'm back again with a little update. First of I uploaded the next part of the build log on YouTube: Watch it on YouTube And here is my progress since the last post: So first of I removed the Ikea Alex drawers from my old setup and temporarily replaced them with my speakers and a building block so I can modify the drawers. Of course I had to take them apart which is really easy as it is Ikea furniture. Then I cut of the bottom 15cm which amounts to one drawer. After reassembly I painted the visible parts black to better match my color scheme. To save a few bucks I used Acrylic paint instead of spraypaint. In this application you really can't tell the difference. Then it was time to take down my old setup and start building my new one. As some things like my server (white box) and router are still required to run I didn't touch the cables for now. To make the whole assembly rigid I used some screws to attach the drawers to the PC boxes. This is how it looks for now. Here are some close ups:
  8. well, maybe if I pitch it to him we could work together :D Thanks, I really like how the wood looks together with the black. Of course you are right with the airflow restriction but I was thinking of a rather lose mesh with big holes, preferably make out of metal to get some more silver in the build or than the other option would be to take sheet metal and cut 1/4'' diagonal slots into it with a cnc. At the moment you can't see much silver at all but with the watercooling, i/o panel and a few other accents there will be quiet a bit so I want to balance it out a bit with some silver there as well.
  9. Hey guys, I'm back with another update. I now cut all the reclaimed wood to size and attached it but take a look for yourself: And with that done I am a lot closer to actually assembling everything for the final time. I only need to add a small strip of wood to the front edge to hide the MDF there but for that I need to cut the MDF back a bit so I'm waiting with that until I take it apart anyways. I also won't leave the dust filters exposed but instead make an aluminium panel with diagonal slots or some sort of mesh across this part to get some more silver in the build. Which option should I pick guys, what do you think? The next big step will be modifying the Ikea Alex drawers and then assembling everything.
  10. Hey guys I just uploaded another video log, check it out here: Watch it on YouTube I also have reassembled everything so that I can make the last couple of things: As you can see I also already put some planks on there so you can imagine what it will look like once I've cut them to size.
  11. Thanks! You're right, it is quiet a bit of work but totally worth it.
  12. And here we go again: So first of I cut all the remaining holes in the two floor panels for cable management and mounting stuff. I also cut some foam to size which will sit under the HDDs to cut down on the vibrations. Then it was time to prepare for painting. So I sanded over everything trying to get all scratches and rough spots out. Then I cleaned the parts thoroughly to make sure that there is no more sanding dust left on the surface. Painting then was really straight forward and went pretty smoothly. So what do you guys think so far, do you like it? I also haven't found a good name yet so if anyone has a suggestion please let me know.
  13. Hey guys, I'm back with another update. I also released a video today: Watch it on YouTube Here you can see the markings for the components that will go in the two boxes. I started making some holes in the floor. To hide the cables from the HDDs I 3D printed these covers. To hide the layer marks and imperfections I sanded them flat. I also made a mount for the SSDs Next I primered the pieces to get rid of the smaller imperfections. And of course the black paint to blend them in later. The SSD mount places the SSD at an angle which I really like as it is a bit different from everything else. As you can see the covers turned out not too bad for just spraycans.
  14. I love how you think differently than everyone else. You don't see many original things any more but this is definitely one of them. I'm looking forward to see how it looks in the end.
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