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  1. I swear every cheaps log is a testament to the ingenuity and tenacity of modders. Possibly the only things where a fitting description would fit "ghetto" and "classic" into the same sentence!
  2. Is t just me or was someone bored out of their sodding mind? :p
  3. Thanks for the info. Might be able to work something out with that. If I can't, well I'll have to see and do more research first :)
  4. Good to see this project moving along again, cheaps! :D Speaking of, I still need to dig the camera out and start logging my case modding.
  5. Sadly so. I could return one of them, which I brought with my own money. The other however I'd have to sell. At the very least it could greatly reduce the financial blow. Thanks for the help. I now know my options. If anyone should have some pointers they're more than welcome.
  6. So pretty much it's alphacool or bust it seems, as EK has no plans to make a block for it. Unless some other card has a crazy similair layout which is highly unlikely.
  7. Looking at the amazon store page, my specific model is the GTX 970 SSC ACX 2.0+ indeed. Model number is 04G-P4-3975-KR If that helps
  8. Pretty sure I heard about this. Are you sure Alphacool is the only one? I think EK also offered something of the sort.
  9. How do you mean? The heatsink/spreader and waterblock combo they have? The problem with this card is it's not reference, quite far from it. Different hole layout.
  10. Hello to all. I'm relatively new here but not in the slightest alien to the concept and execution of watercooling. That said, I have a question to ask, any answers would be greatly appreciated. I have two EVGA GTX 970 SSC's in SLI (Both of the ACX 2.0+ version). If I'd picked my card freely I would have gone with one that had more readily available water blocks. But I didn't and thus I am stuck with two cards that I'm not rightly sure anyone makes waterblocks for. I've done some research but so far it's pulled up negative. When I start my scratch build in the future I would very much like to put whatever I can on water. So I ask you; does ANYONE make suitable blocks for my cards? And if not, is there any way I can go about putting them on water? Such as, say, altering a block made for another card? A full cover block is greatly preferable if at all possible, I'd rather not use zip-ties and ghetto rig it lol. If I can get this issue resolved it would greatly assist in my plans for said future build
  11. Hello I am SiliconFanatic, known by the same name in Bit-Tech's forums. Long time lurker and poster there. Learned recently of these forums and decided to peak my head in here, seeing as sadly BT seems to be very dead of late, and partly because it's always nice to have a bit of variety. Good to be here, and with a little luck my activity will spike :)
  12. Welcome to the forums SiliconFanatic :)

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