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  1. RabidSpatula

    IN WIN G1 vs IN WIN PREMIUM (modded In Win 909)

    That is one of the sexiest cases out there IMO. If I had a high end looking Edwardian office, I'd want that case on my desk. Can't wait to see what you come up with for this thing.
  2. RabidSpatula

    CoolerMaster HAF Stacker 945???

    I heard something before about stolen designs and what not, but never paid much attention to it all.
  3. RabidSpatula

    CoolerMaster HAF Stacker 945???

    What about the new Thermaltake stackable solution? Their Core X9 is an E-ATX..
  4. RabidSpatula

    CoolerMaster HAF Stacker 945???

    Newegg says it's Not Available... so probably DQ'd, I'd tend to believe them. Don't know about other cases... maybe eBay?
  5. RabidSpatula

    BitFenix Pandora mATX Case Review

    Link to the article is broken. Pretty good review...I like the case and styling. The display is a neat feature, but I was hoping that it wouldn't be the cause to the higher cost of this chassis, but It seems that it might just so. I can't see any reason, other than maybe the curved aluminum making it cost so much. Also, I couldn't help but notice you used the word "Here" an awful lot to start with on specific aspects of the case. Not to offend, just a little journalistic critique is all. Keep at it!
  6. Have you ever bought a PC component without reason? I did last week. My reason was it was on sale... but that was no excuse. I think I'll just hang on to this for a while. :lol: It was on sale on NewEgg for like $60, more than half off so I jumped on it thinking they were being discontinued. I'll put it to use.... some day.
  7. RabidSpatula

    What do you drive? (or dream ride)

    My current vehicles. '97 Jeep Wrangler - I've had this since 2006. It's my off-road fun toy. :wub: I don't have any more current picture because it's sitting in the garage on jacks waiting for new tires. '13 Ram 1500 Crew - Got this at the beginning of last year. It's our family camping and road trip vehicle. Already tested it on a 25hr blast from Phoenix to Indianapolis. :D '15 Ram ProMaster City - My company daily beater... this is a step down from the full size Chevy Express 2500 I had until the motor let loose.
  8. RabidSpatula

    Shinai - Antec P380 casemod [continued tweaking]

    Looking great! You suprised the hell out of me with that Bamboo! That alone completely changed the feel of the case. Love it.
  9. RabidSpatula

    Origami - An S-Frame project by MetallicAcid

    This build instantly went 0-100 in no time... no matter what hardware you put in there, that case is the bee's knees.
  10. RabidSpatula

    The 1st PC case you bought?

    +1 for having 120mm fans in the front and rear... -10 for the plexi, alien logo fan grills, and just being a terrible case... which I still have.
  11. RabidSpatula

    Hello and Introductions

    Whats up guys - lurked for a while but just signed up yesterday. I know Bill (MNPCTEch) from years back @ WizD and ModNation as 2JSC. I've been following Bill and his adventures on YouTube and Facebook recently and decided to join up here because I'm always frequenting random forums. I built my first PC in 7 or 8 years last year. Specs in my sig. Name is James by the way.
  12. Welcome to the forums RabidSpatula :)