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  1. So Insolent I know you forwarded me that thermaltake Core X9 and I don't know if you've listened to the Mod Zoo guys podcasts before I just finally worked my way up to Episode 23, attack of the case clones. If you haven't listened to it I really recommend it, typical awesome sauce from Bill Owen's, Cheapskate, and company, and I have to say it was informative, intriguing. Lot's of different things on topic but mainly what I got from it was that Caselabs basically had a case design outright copied by Thermal"snake" as they eloquently put it lol, and its something I really never gave too much thought to. Having big wide eyes at all the awesome stuff in the pc world, and garbage too, but mainly following reviews, and new launches and component upgrades I never gave a whole lot of thought into the pirating side of the business which is not a new concept whatsoever but I have to say I'm always rooting for the little guy, the family run business, the single working man, which is what Caselabs is. It's a shame to see that kind of backstabbing especially since I now as I look at the Core X9, and thinking about what I loved about the CoolerMaster HAF Stacker I can see the total jacking of that concept. Even though as the Mod Zoo guys put it, it is just a box, it definitely discourages innovation because who wants to design something, have their idea stolen and "improved " quote unquote, and resold as original. It really goes against the uniqueness that is modding. But anyways.... sorry that was winded just thought you'd like to check that out if you haven't already, good listen. Lots of other good stuff can't wait to hear the guys next podcast.
  2. Ya I am still interested and will PM you. I liked the layout even though alot of reviews talked about its stability fully stacked, top and bottom, I had a nice idea for a base/cart for it. I don't know what is going on with it because right now on CoolerMaster's online store the only HAF Stacker available are "refurbished", which to me means problems.
  3. Wow Rabid...you just got friended. To quote a classic (Anchorman)" I'm in a glass cage of emotion" , that case has some potential and love Thermaltake. Thanks alot!
  4. Thanks for the reply Rabid I seen 10 on ebay that were the 935 version which is the mid-section with the 915 on top but the seller had a 0 sales rating and I'm not about to take chances with my case. It's sad cause the second I saw that case the ideas were pouring in. I guess I'll just have to go back to the Corsair 900D. Lol to be honest it was Bill and Capt'n CurrySauce tear down video that scared me away from going with that as my build case.
  5. Does anyone have any clue what's up with the CoolerMaster HAF Stacker 935/945 case line? I've been looking everywhere for one but there's no pc stores like performance-pcs, newegg, or even the CoolerMaster store which even shows them as available (CoolerMaster only offers the 935 as refurbished). Did they cancel this case line? Anyone who knows what's going on with this case would be really appreciated, I was trying to start drawing up my build and really wanted to use this case for its awesome size and modifications ability. If not, anyone have a steel framed E-ATX case they recommend, trying to put at least (2) EK-coolstream XE 360's in it. Thanks guys.
  6. Thanks for the link. Was that a chrome plated copper tube feeding from the outlet of the 1st pump to the inlet of the 2nd? Was that just to have a more rigid feed pipe in case of pump movement or to have firmer inlet connections because of the pressure? Everything you guys build is amazing, love modzoo/ mnpctech.
  7. Thanks for the info. I was going to just put a soft tube run of the loop together before and just see how everything holds up but obviously nothing compares to the real thing, parts under load. I've got 2 superclocked EVGA Geoforce Titan X's on this build I'm still pulling parts in piece by piece obviously lol because those cards are so crazy expensive but I'm also going to be using the new i7 6700k on a Gigabyte G1 gaming GA-Z170X with the Aqua Computer cumplex cryos silver edition water block and Im hoping to have enough pressure to get from the hydro coppers for the titans to the first XE 360 and then back to the CPU/Mobo to the next XE 360 and return to res. Love your build btw looks awesome.
  8. Hey guys so I was wondering if anyone has had any experience water cooling with (2) pumps in series. The normal config being separate pumps for each loop (i.e. loop for cpu and motherboard 1 pump, 1 radiator/ second loop for gpu's 1 pump, 1 radiator). I wanted to try and keep my tubing as in line as possible and by series pumping I would be increasing the pressure that is in the loop. I'm thinking of using (2) EK-CoolStreams XE 360 and my fear is that running through both radiators with only 1 pump the pressure drop will be so severe that I won't get adequate flow through the second radiator thus reducing it's cooling efficacy. The big concern I have besides the blocks handling the increase in pressure is can the 2nd pump handle the pressure introduced by the first when pumped into it? On bigger pumps I have worked with the manufacturer will let you know what the casing pressure max is so that you use a VFD to limit it's Hz output reducing speed of the pump and pressure output, however all I can find out about the pump is that it can output between 2-4 meters which for such a small pump is impressive and that could be alot going into another pump that hasn't dealt with any friction losses. I apologize if this has been brought up and I missed it if so let me know where.
  9. Welcome to the forums JMP57PCMania :)

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