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  1. If I built a parallel loop with a processor included I would run my line from the pump to the bottom port of the GPU's then up to the CPU and back down through a bottom port in the GPU's. Then I would go out from the GPU set to the top radiator to the front and back to the res. If it works out right your only splitting your flow once and your saving yourself fittings to split the flow in the first place.
  2. I would. Even though you are going to use the same color again. It's also a must when changing from a pastel or aurora type fluid. Aside from that, it will clean out the new block. Also keep this in mind. Red stains pretty easily.
  3. I do the same as IG. I don't think I will be mixing dyes before it goes in the loop anymore though. I have a lot of UV reactive coolant that I may not use again.
  4. I once took out a rotary tool and cut a corner out of the thermal armor on a X99 motherboard. It's what I would call a 10 foot side panel on mod though. I measured way wrong and made the relief I needed for the 420 rad and fans too big. It was needed to make the parts fit though. That build went through a loop change, and now its back to stock heatsinks on different cards and one of those AIO coolers. EK parts in sight....that will change soon. I am on the dilemma of fittings and planning of a loop. That said, I modded the motherboard armor.....but the rest falls under the "custom build" category.
  5. Grimm

    The Reactor

    I will have to figure it out after work but I would rather have the pics in the log rather than a link.
  6. This is a short build log as I am using this computer now. I have posted in other threads about some of the progress of the build etc. I thought I would piece it all together here. The Parts Case: Fractal Define S Mobo: Asus X99 Sabertooth CPU: Intel 5820K RAM: Kingston Hyper X (I don't remember the model or any of that good stuff) Graphics: 2 Asus Reference R9 290X The Loop The blocks are all XSPC, I also have XSPC tubing and fittings. I used an Alphacool 420 in the top, and a 280 in the front. The pump is a Swiftech D5 and the res is a Photon 270. This build was going to be simple until I ran into some problems. I don't think I have put a computer together that didn't need a little modding. https://www.flickr.com/photoMod Picturess/139704884@N03/shares/49N801 I had to mod the armor to so that the top rear fan would fit. I didn't do a spectacular job of it but it works. I also got all of the tubing bent as you can see in the pictures. If I knew how to do a link to where it just showed the pictures I would just put descriptions under them. I think that this build is completed sans that I need to drain the loop (it has floaties in it) and I am very displeased with the Clear/UV blue dye that I used. I thought that I would give Primochill a try and honestly, the pictures that you see of it actually do the dye justice. It looks way worse in person and for me to see the UV effect to a likeable degree, I had to take the Darkside UV strip and hold it right next to the tubing. Also, I used the ENTIRE tube of dye to get that effect. In the res it doesn't show at all. On a side note, XSPC UV lights suck. I put the 5mm LED right on the tubing and it did absolutely nothing. Sadly, it looks like I am going to have to spend some more money to have the build meet my expectations. I will have an update as soon as I get some better lighting, better dye, and clean the gunk out of the loop.
  7. Yes, the inlet is on the bottom. It is a Photon res so it has 3 ports on the bottom and a larger port on the top for filling. I am not sure if I am going to use that bend because it makes the top port on the other side of that rad hard to access. I am thinking of moving the location of the res and pump so that I can use a 90 degree angle into a straight fitting instead of that crazy mess into a 90 degree hard fitting. Edit. I finished and will post pics later. If I hadn't thought of using that crazy first bend for another run I wouldn't have been able to finish. The hardest bend was the rad to the CPU. I did that one 3 times at least.
  8. I will have to show you guys the bend I did get to work. I appreciate all the advice. The short description of the way the tubing is going is from the pump to the far side of the front radiator. I don't think I am going to use that bend because it has become the cause of another issue. The way it is bent I would have a hard time getting a tube in the outlet of the radiator (facing the window side of the case). Thanks for the mention on the hangout, I am watching it on Youtube right now. Without further adieu, here is the "masterpiece". Build Photos Using the first picture, I was going to go from the outlet closest to the window to the bottom GPU. The problem is that the way the tube is bent, it blocks that port on the radiator. The other part of that is the port from the radiator closest to the window perfectly lines up with the port on the bottom GPU that faces to the front of the case. I have a solution to that but it may require a little extra bending. I should have more tubing in the mail tomorrow to do some more bending, and if need be I can use paint to doodle on my pictures to give a better idea of what is going on. @Bill Owen@Mosquito
  9. I will have to watch it again. And cm is right not mm. I think it's just going to be a little more practice and I may have to make a jig too. Any tips on doing multiple bends on the same piece of tube?
  10. Hey mod monkeys, this stuff is 14/10 mm stuff and out of 4 sticks I got one bend done. The sticks are 50 mm in length. My biggest issue is figuring out where heat the tube to get my bend in the right spot. I have been "winging" it so far and I feel I have wasted a ton of tubing to get one semi decent bend.
  11. I read it @Cheapskate and you should save yourself time if you haven't read it yet and leave it be.
  12. It looks like it is coming together. I took the big rad idea and did that in the top of my case. 3x140 in a Define S.
  13. Anyone know of fittings that are a close match to XSPC's black chrome? They have a 14/10 mm triple seal fitting and I was thinking about using those but I don't know what they are talking about. Pictures don't help either. I was going to do a rotary fitting but decided not to play the tolerance lottery. I know Bitspower has a black sparkle fitting, but I don't like how they put their logo on everything. I was also thinking about doing chrome but then I would have to buy more 90 and 45 degree fittings. I guess that would be the easiest way to get everything to match!
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