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  1. Make Modding Great Again...

    Okay so probably one of the least qualified as I haven't finished any of the mods I started (yet, plan on finishing ROG800D), but my definition of a Mod is taking something from and original manufactured state to something that looks different (not just slapping a sticker on it) and enhancing functionality (Add hardware not designed to fin in the case) or aesthetic (paint or redesign) of the case. For instance the mod I did for my brother in law, all I did is rip the case apart paint all internal panels and make a PSU shroud. I use the term Mod loosely as the only real mod I did was the PSU shroud. just my thoughts I have seen a lot of builds with Hard line tubes in them being called mods lately, I just shake my head.
  2. looking really good loving all the fabrication, keep up the awesome work.
  3. Scratch Build: Rey's Speeder

    Star Wars = Win. cant wait to see whats yet to come
  4. The B-2 Stealt pc desk

    Love a good desk Mod, looks good mate
  5. Ok so unfortunately when applying the clear coat it bub led the white paint. As I don't have time to fix it it will have to do not happy about it but still has the desired affect. Here are final pictures. Well that is that mod done, time to finish my started ones
  6. Dammit that is the name gonna have to change it, I wasn't going to post this one but I thought that I should as this will be the first mod I actually finish :P
  7. Masking and First coat of white Front System part install Cable Management YaY! Side Panel Fits Letting it cure overnight before i clean it up, one or 2 spots not too hapy with but over all should look really good Soo Close to being done, all i need now is his SSD.
  8. ok so time is running out, Brother in law is coming over sat and i want to give it to him then. i bent the PSU cover tonight but i need to trim it before i paint it. stupid work has to make me mod at night when i live in suburbia.
  9. Small Update I assembled the case after painting, not a fan of pop rivets but it is coming together nicely. Assembled With the freshly painted side panel on and test fit a 140mm fan Next part is sticking in the plexi and making the PSU cover
  10. Project: Whatever I Have Laying Around! So my brother in law has helped us complete our backyard (deck, concrete, planter box and turf) and his been complaining about his Q6600 PC getting a little slow. I recently upgraded and have some parts lying around from planned builds that I could use to make him something he can actually game on. so for about $300 AU dollars I got the following parts: Intel - 2500k Asrock Pro 3 Z68 Mobo Be Quiet Pure Rock CPU cooler 8gb Gskills sniper ram 30cm white LED strip 120mm White LED fan Win 10 code and for the rest I had laying around: GTX 780 ref Cooler Master 690 case 550W Antec earth watts PSU (and some adapters to get the 8pin connected) 2TB Green HDD 240GB SSD from Brother in laws PC Of course I couldn't give him a stock CM 690 as it wouldn't look newer than what he has, soo Let the modding begin. He supports a AFL (Aussie Rules Football) team called Stkilda so I themed the build around there colors. First round of pics below Test Fit of parts and make sure I got Post First look at the blank canvas. Not a pretty sight, the Fan had so much dust I'm surprised it spun. New Window time, going to be recycling the window out of an 800d I didnt require anymore, also got some u channel coming to hide any imperfections and for an ultra neat look Primed and all ready for their new colors Garage turn painting booth All side panels and frame all looking sexy in new black shades Mobo tray and PCIe slots all looking stunning in red and the HDD and 5 1/2 inch shinning in white, all ready for the White PSU cover with STKILDA styling Only thing left to paint is the Wrap around mesh that goes around the front and top, contemplating what color to do as it will cover 70% of the top and front of the case and I'm not sure how to do a multi colored mesh without it looking tacky. Also waiting for the U channel and a night off to reassemble the case, wish I didn't have to tear it apart but I thought the look would suffer if I tried to do 3 colors without pulling it all apart. Lucky I am good at Jigsaw puzzles.
  11. Hello from EK!

    Got the block all installed, will take a picture and post it when I have the Mobo installed in my desk PC, now I have to get a backplate because stupid me didn't order one at the same time. Do you know anyone in AUS that is distributing this block and backplate? as I don't really want to spend another $23 postage.
  12. Hello from EK!

    awesome thank you very much for your quick reply I understand the demand you guys must have at the moment, just keep producing awesome products and ill keep coming back
  13. Hello from EK!

    Hello Akira749 I am in the market to buy a new 1080 and am looking at the Gainward GW-GTX1080PH-8G/GS (3644) 8GB GTX 1080 Phoenix GS OC PCI-E VGA Card, in in the cooling configurator it is stated coming soon for a Full cover block. any ideas on how long?
  14. Hello from EK!

    Awesome thanks Akira749
  15. Hello from EK!

    Hello Luc Welcome to the Zoo, I have a question for you, with the release of the GTX 1080 I have noticed that the New EK Full cover blocks are not compatible with the new li bridge. This being a new standout feature I was wondering if this was done to make sure the product hit the selves fast? and I would like to know if there were plans to bring out second revisions with feature in mind. thanks guys.