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  1. LOL, that hemp wrap. wow, they certainly did not take any chance that stuff would shift in shipping. and I know that smell your talking about, ug.
  2. This is looking interesting. Did you consider brazing that aluminum together to get a cleaner look and help with panels fitting better? I have seen where people braze aluminum like you can do with Brass.
  3. Wow, when I started from the bottom I though, wow, where did you find a case the right size. Then I scroll up and see you MADE THAT. Great job, that looks like it was purchased somewhere. Hats off
  4. Your closing was fine, I enjoy watching the work and the thought process. Thanks
  5. that's funny right there, LOL
  6. Dude, love that Vise I just bought a Harbor Freight 5 pounder and mounted it to a butcher block top on my tool cart. I had to file some of the edges, in a few weeks I had so many cuts and scrapes I couldn't take it. LOL
  7. RcRon7

    Core x71

    I think that Red is a better color with the lights out. Room lights that is, not the case lights
  8. I love the detail, that's a labor of love for sure. Looking forward to the final pictures and maybe a vid?
  9. this is looking promising. looking forward to more
  10. I can't wait to see a low light vid of those. They look like they came out great. And, I have to say your soldering and wiring skills are superb.
  11. it's amazing how small details like that can really stand out. This is looking great!
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