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  1. Wait, is that one Riser extension from one slot on the board, splitting to two Slots? or, is that simply a feature of that motherboard? Ok, watched the WHOLE video, and I get it now. You'll have to give us a "month later" report and let us know how that works out after some real world usage.
  2. I love total theme builds. the Keyboard and mouse came out very well. weathering is fantastic
  3. So, where's the update pic's oh, that's right, you're cleaning and organizing the shop. ok, I guess that's cool.
  4. hahahahahaha using the nail gun to blow the dust off, ROFL
  5. What caused the datacenter to drop offline this time?  It was about 4 weeks wasn't it?


    1. Cheapskate


      :lol: I'm the last person that would know. Kyle still operates the site, but he's moved on.

  6. That's really coming along well. Love the paint, and with graphics and weathering that will really look amazing. Did you get the Cyberpunk game! And, if you did, did you think about tweaking any of the build now that you have played the game?
  7. LOL that last line, LOL This will be very interesting to see when you get it all done. I may be retired from my second job by then but it will be worth it.
  8. Joe Satriani's new album Shapeshifting is fantastic. one of the tracks
  9. Ah life, how it interrupts our hobbies and gaming.
  10. NOW Get back to that dam mod. go on get back to work
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