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  1. Wow, that really came out well. Great job!
  2. Wow, this things is a beast. I can't wait to see how this turns out. Hey, is your 3D printer the one that transforms to a cnc?
  3. Nice job on that sleeving. This is really coming together well. Would have loved to see some pic's of the nacells (engines) as you assembled them but that's how things go sometimes. Ya' get rolling along and when you done, feces, forgot pictures. Just curious, do you have any light bleed on your hatch seems? If so you may need to add a small lip on the inside to hide them.
  4. Oh, I need to search, do we have a "help" thread? I need some assistance in the painting department for something my Kid wants.
  5. As a MtG Player, I have to say that thing is dead on. You did a great job making it look metal, and I also like the eyes. Nice touch with those buttons. I know you just finished this but I hope to see more mods from you. Did you build this for yourself or for someone else?
  6. That's looking promising. Anything Star Trek will grab my attention, and this looks like it will be a winner.
  7. Stickers only, wow, how lame. At a minimum you had better put some paint on there. For me personally, if I don't cut something on that case and add some paint, then it's not a mod. It's just a build. Also, don't get me started on Lights. That's not really a mod either, it's just part of a build. Truly, if you are not cutting and painting something then just how can you call it a mod. Mod is after all, short for modify. Well, how did you modify the case, fan, motherboard, vid card, or power supply? However, lets look at some stickers, after all the 3m DiNoc carbon fiber stuff is still just a sticker. But wow, can it add to the over all MOD if done right. Should it stand alone, sure, maybe that's all you want. But then it's not truly a modified case / build. As was previously stated, if you buy all the parts, lights and cables, you are just "building" a computer. If I use purple screws, is that a mod? No, it's parts. I have taken a case and simply cut the fan grills out for better air flow, but I did not call that a mod. I modified the case but it for me that's just part of the build. Ya' gota' have good air flow. Mod = Modify So, how are we going to void that warranty today?
  8. Wow, talk about digging things up and "look what the kat dragged in" LOL Well now that this has been rebooted I'm eager to see the outcome.
  9. I can't wait to see how this turns out.
  10. I can't believe you DeLid your CPU! Blown away with that one. Love the way this is coming alone, giving me some great Ideas. If I may, when working with the DiNoc film. Cut it wider than what you need on your Ram, then use the knife to trim it along the RAM edge. You'll get a much better line. Just heat the DiNoc first with a Hair Dryer, then once you have it in place let it cool. It will actually harden a little bit. Then, line up your knife, and run it along the edge quickly. You'll get a GREAT line and a more finished look. I have had great success working with it that way. Can't wait to see the finished Product.
  11. that's fracking gorgeous, what a fantastic build.
  12. Good Lord that's going to be a big case. Cant wait to see more!
  13. I would try to make a new SSD Bracket that is set to recess the drive so it's visible from the side. I would also as Cheeps said, put in a plexi side. But I would bevel the edges of the plexi to give it a different look. And, because I love the stuff, break out the DiNoc and put a nice big Chevy Bow Tie logo in there. (Why not) I would also cut a Bow Tie in the front and back it with with some Modders Mesh to open up some air flow for that PSU.
  14. Glad to see this is back on track.