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  1. LED Case Feet Giveaway

    I'm working on some upgrades so I'll post some pictures soon. Bringing some life back into the MONSTER build. And by Fire Ice case is getting new guts for my daughter (well, my old amd 8120 cpu, MB and 16gig ram) With my new guts, some new case feet would be awesome. But, My daughters may talk me out of them if I win. LOL
  2. WOPR - Casecon by RandomDesign

    I'm glad to see you're back on this Mod. I will certainly be following the build. I look forward to the finished product.
  3. Creating and selling Scratch Build Cases?

    Custom Cases or scratch built cases are a very niche market. Unless you have ready availability to a market around you I think you may find it's hard to get into. While there are still plenty of PC gamers out there, not many of them really build their own systems from the ground up, or, they already get their cases from other sources. So you're dilemma would be how to advertise or get the word out about YOUR case. Not to mention those of us that are DIY and want to make our own case's. While working in retail for tech I found that many people buying desktop computers are just not gaming. From the perspective of a retail brick and morter type of store, you don't see as much. However, if you can get the word out, and it's a quality product, they may come to you and word will spread. I'm no expert, those are simply my observations. Bill can certainly provide much more input I'm sure.
  4. Project Spectrum! ( ITX scratch build ) [SPONSORED]

    Well, nice job on that lighting. I'm with bill, I have to give it to ya. Hand cutting and filing that stuff is a tedious process. But it looks great.
  5. Overwatch Case Mod - Lucio

    You're ideas never cease to amaze. Where did you come up with this one? I mean, I know it's a theme contest, but still. This should be interesting to follow along with.
  6. I love watching scratch builds Can't wait to see more.
  7. Fresh Meat: A Dota 2 Scratch Build [7/5/17]

    Holy cow hides dude. That looks amazing. Leather wrapping on the cooling lines, really over the top there. And, great work on that stitching. That is one gorgeous build, wood, leather, and tech. Some great NSFW tech porn there. ;-)
  8. Scratch Build: Rey's Speeder

    Nice touch with the Jedi Logo in there. I must say this came out well. My Daughters are freaking out right now as we look through the Pic's. You need to get some nice pics outside with some dynamic lighting (sunset)
  9. That thing looks amazing. Your brass work is spot on and looks so nice on there. The detail on the cord is such a nice touch to really finish off the whole thing. Question, on the wrist rest, are those two middle bold caps going to be a problem with typeing? It looks like they are right where your hand would sit.
  10. Scratch Build: Rey's Speeder

    This is really coming along GREAT. Waiting on Bated Breath.
  11. That's a need idea, and it came out well. I love the "bins" on the end and front also. Two thumbs up!
  12. FORGE

    Are we going to see a dwarf crawling out of this thing. This is looking great, love the paint by the way. Great choice for that hammered look.
  13. Glorious PCMR - Crystal 570X Build Log

    That's a good looking case to start with, and who can go wrong with Black and Yellow!
  14. Scratch Build: Rey's Speeder

    So, Bod. You have done so many mods before you had this 3D printer. Now that you have one, what are your thoughts on it? Do you find that the time to print to find out you measured something wrong or didn't account for something is more, less, or just as frustrating as before? For someone that does not complete as many mods as you do, would it be a justifiable expense? Some people only do 1 mod every few years. Others 1 a year, and some three or four ongoing projects at any given time. I'm just curious as to your thoughts now that you are really using this for much of your fabrication. Would this have been helpfull when you did your Battlestar Galactica Build, or do you think the way you did that was more efficient and cost effective? I can't wait to see how this turns out. I have always tried to follow your build logs, you and Bill both. And well, heck everyone that runs Mod Zoo. Ya'll give me so many ideas for other projects that are not even related to PC modding.