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  1. RcRon7

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    Received them today. Took some picks. Now to figure out a time to take the computer down and install. Folks, let me tell ya, these things are serious. I took pictures, but they just don't do them justice. They feel solid, and they should being aluminum. I can't wait to get these installed.
  2. RcRon7

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    Wow, those do look sexy. can you wire them in Series or is it best to run them parallel? I got to see if I have enough clearance on the back deck with the PSU there. May have to push them out to the edges.
  3. RcRon7

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    Woohoo I want to thank the academy and the . . . . whoops, wrong forum Seriously, ROCKIN' RIGHT ON Thank you guys, I'm going to put these to use as soon as I get them. I'm actually getting ready to splice an RGB string of lights from a stock Ryzen cooler fan to a pinout on my MSI board so they're addressable. That will really light up the inside of the case. Board is an MSI G370 Gaming Pro Carbon. Going to have some fun
  4. RcRon7

    Starwars X-Wing by RandomDesign

    I love it, but wow this thing is going to be huge. Are you going to hang it from the ceiling?
  5. RcRon7

    Achromodic - by Boddaker

    Wow Jaw Dropping wow
  6. RcRon7

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    I prefer to think of it as worlds most selective posters. Thank GOD this is not like facebook or some other social media.
  7. RcRon7

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    So, why would this put my build over the top? Hello, because, light up case feet ya'll! So, what slot do I like, well, after careful consideration, I have to say Slot 2. I like the 3 2 1 blastoff look. Black Satin finish because that would grow with new builds / Mods if and when I upgrade the case. These would be nice with the new MSI x370 Pro Gaming board that has RGB, so I can set them to match the feet. not only that but my Zalman case, that I got from Bill Owen, hmm, 2011 I think, just got a great upgrade and the front fan looks like it melting out of the front. Like an engine. Yes, pictures of that coming as well.
  8. RcRon7

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    This is what that Monster Mod started out as. A SoYo Case. side note, I have not looked at Photobucket in so long. WOW, it's horrible these days. I need to see about getting rid of that account. sigh
  9. RcRon7

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    Well, here we go. Revising old mods, and they are now happy with new guts and in use. Front of Monster Mod, a little faded after 6 years, some chips, but otherwise looking good. New Side, just etched and added side firing green LED strip. Ready for new guts My middle daughter now wanted to have my old Fire & Ice mod. It’s still looking great. The side panel paint is holding up well. This one is probably, hmm, 2007 ish.
  10. RcRon7

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    I have three, 27 21 15, and it only works about 50% of the time. LOL
  11. RcRon7

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    I'm working on some upgrades so I'll post some pictures soon. Bringing some life back into the MONSTER build. And by Fire Ice case is getting new guts for my daughter (well, my old amd 8120 cpu, MB and 16gig ram) With my new guts, some new case feet would be awesome. But, My daughters may talk me out of them if I win. LOL
  12. RcRon7

    WOPR - Casecon by RandomDesign

    I'm glad to see you're back on this Mod. I will certainly be following the build. I look forward to the finished product.
  13. RcRon7

    Creating and selling Scratch Build Cases?

    Custom Cases or scratch built cases are a very niche market. Unless you have ready availability to a market around you I think you may find it's hard to get into. While there are still plenty of PC gamers out there, not many of them really build their own systems from the ground up, or, they already get their cases from other sources. So you're dilemma would be how to advertise or get the word out about YOUR case. Not to mention those of us that are DIY and want to make our own case's. While working in retail for tech I found that many people buying desktop computers are just not gaming. From the perspective of a retail brick and morter type of store, you don't see as much. However, if you can get the word out, and it's a quality product, they may come to you and word will spread. I'm no expert, those are simply my observations. Bill can certainly provide much more input I'm sure.