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  1. Wow, made your own tires!! impresive
  2. I like your work around for the Headphones. That looks really nice and you didn't have to take them apart. Over all this is a GREAT build, the paint job and consistency throughout the build is awesome. Well done
  3. The cooler for that M.2 came out great, really looks nice nestled in there on the MB. those headphones have a nice finish to them. Almost a shame to mod them to match the build, if that's what you're going to to.
  4. This is really coming along well. always enjoy going over your build logs.
  5. as long as it's the same type, and you get the wires connected correctly, yeah, maybe. let us know what you end up going with. Put some pictures up.
  6. The RGB LED strip in your first link are the three pin variety, so they will not work with your motherboard. If you buy some controller, then that could work but you might not be able to use software to control them.
  7. What exactly is your skill level? Did you build your own computer? Do you understand basic electronics? I ask because in the video he's explaining the different types of RGB lighting well. Have you looked up the specifications of your board to find out what it may have for RGB headers, if any? It looks like your board has a 4 pin RGB header, so you can NOT use Addressable RGB lighting (the three pin type that the Video talks about)
  8. It depends on what your motherboard can support. You can't just buy any RGB hub. If your motherboard has an RGB header, then you'll want to use that. However, there are two types. Addressable RGB headers, three pins, sometimes called ARGB NON Addressable RGB headers, four pins. They are NOT compatible, if you have 4 pins on your motherboard, you can NOT plug in an Addressable RGB strip. and, that is the same if your motherboard has 3 pins, you can't plug in a 4 pin LED strip. Watch this (291) RGB vs. Addressable RGB - FIGHT! - YouTube ( not my vid, but he explains it well )
  9. A new trend to reduce the time sanding is to do some light sanding, then pour 3d printer resin over it and cure it with a UV light. I have seen this done, even after applying filler primer, and the results were great, and less sanding.
  10. Looking forward to another Random build
  11. Wait, is that one Riser extension from one slot on the board, splitting to two Slots? or, is that simply a feature of that motherboard? Ok, watched the WHOLE video, and I get it now. You'll have to give us a "month later" report and let us know how that works out after some real world usage.
  12. I love total theme builds. the Keyboard and mouse came out very well. weathering is fantastic
  13. So, where's the update pic's oh, that's right, you're cleaning and organizing the shop. ok, I guess that's cool.
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