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  1. I love the detail, that's a labor of love for sure. Looking forward to the final pictures and maybe a vid?
  2. this is looking promising. looking forward to more
  3. I can't wait to see a low light vid of those. They look like they came out great. And, I have to say your soldering and wiring skills are superb.
  4. it's amazing how small details like that can really stand out. This is looking great!
  5. wow, very nice and clean. love what you did with the case feet also.
  6. Fantastic Vid dude, Thank you I'll be sharing that, a lot....
  7. Nice I More mods please I have to live vicariously through ya'll
  8. Ok Curiosity is piqued, looking forward to seeing more.
  9. RcRon7

    Core x71

    That's really clean. I love what you did with the front and the bottom blow hole fan is a classic. Did you think about RED led's for the front fire grills, just curious.
  10. Well you do have that other "frame" ^_^
  11. That's looking great. Is this a build for your, or for a client?
  12. Saw the facebook post of the finished product. Amazing work as always dude. WELL DONE
  13. As soon as they can hold a Dremel tool? I had my daughters help at 16. While it's not really their thing now, they enjoyed getting creative and trying something new.
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