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  1. I have got to tell you that is probably the coolest use of Hard Drive platters I have ever seen. I have been keeping old platters for years. I never would have thought of that. Truly inspirational. The tubing, as Andrew said, is very unique and give the inside a great look. I look forward to more. Great build here
  2. I just touch the case frame and the frame of my working machine every 5 to 10 min's or so. Give or take. My place is very dry in the winter, gas heat, so I really have to be careful. However, I don't have carpeting downstairs where I work and I have a leather chair.
  3. Have you thought about creating contact power connectors for those hinged panels? That way when and if you take them off you don't have anything to unplug.
  4. This is a blast from the past. I thought I would never see the finished product. I for one, can't wait to see how this comes out.
  5. I especialy like the Grill over the Ram Cooler. That's a very nice touch. The front panel is first class. I think that color scheme is uniqe and it came out very well. Great Job
  6. That is one CRAZY board. I look forward to seeing this thing come to life.
  7. I know I have also Bill. I think this and one of my other forums will be my main place to dwell. My other forum I have been with them since 2007. Great bunch of guys although it's a small crowd. I think I would rather have a small group of dedicated posters and lots of activity compaired to a forum of thousands that post once and only troll. An active forum is really where it's at. So, all you readers out there, sound off. Post your thoughts, stir the pot once and a while (in a nice way) and keep the conversations going.
  8. Now that's an original Mod. I don't think I have ever seen a WOPR mod. You picked a great movie theme with that one. I look forward to more.
  9. I can tell you that Heat Pipes are thin. I know this because I had to mod one to cut the "Vanes" off. As I was finishing the project to give it a nice look the dremel jumped and hit the tube. It was only slight but it was enough to put a pin hole in the tube.
  10. What ever became of that case Bill? Didn't you sat at one point that it was lost?
  11. I have an H80 now and really like it. For my next upgrade I wanted to get the H100, now that they are including the "LINK" that's just about sealed the deal for me.
  12. I'm surprised at the amount of active posts here already. This forum took off fast.
  13. Small old tooth brush and isopropyl Alcohol for stubborn stuff. Can of air for most things, and I have my Vacuum near by to suck the dust out of the air. Keep it away from the PC however because of static. I shut down my PC once a month for cleaning. I clean out all the fans, Blow out the power supply (can of air) and now that I have an H80 the CPU is easier to clean. I do have to take the RAD out to clean however. I have cats, and that Hair works its way in there. Even though my PC is two feet off the ground. sigh
  14. Greetings Mod Zoo Animals! I'm Ron, aka RcRon7 I have been doing mods and builds for about 10 years now. I may not actually do a MOD every year, but I'll tweek an existing mod here and there and I have 5 complete Case Mods under my belt so far. I have built many more systems than that however. I like Cars, Computers, Gaming, and Family.
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