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  1. kaisounovsky

    Corsair 750D Metal Carbon

    What’s up Guys , almost a month passed since my last post, I should continue with this project updates : The Modherboard : My first plan was modding the VREG heatsinks & the covers ; removing all the anodizing from the aluminium for a bare metal look then changing the red leds to RGB, after full disassembly I realised that it is not soo easy with these tiny circuits MSI used, a 3 RGB led strip which is the minimum length i can use, will not fit there : I abandoned the Mobo modding idea & did some routine maintenance : Found some stain on some chokes & the steel parts of the cpu socket, I don’t know if it is due to overheating or just stain from cigaret’s smoke, anyway, a q-tip a little wetted with white vinegar instantly removed the stain marks : Also replaced the VREG MSI stock thermal pads with higher quality from Arctic « thickness = 1mm » : Southbridge thermal paste also renewed with Arctic MX-2 Then Icleaned & reassembled the board. CPU Delid – Savage vice Method : This process is one of the most risky things I did in my life. for more protection I covered the connector’s side with some tape & put a rag between the vice clamps, some people who did this on youtube make it look like it doesn’t need excessive force at all, it wasn’t the case for me, may be my vice was a bit too tiny for this job !!...my cpu refused to delid until 7 or 8 attempts, it was sliding off the vice each time. Finally I figured out that i have to keep pushing the cpu down with a hand while continuing tightening the vice with the other. this kind of tasks make me wish to be born with four hands 😝 I will use liquid metal which needs application on the IHS too, I marked the thermal paste location with a file .. yeah… this is a bit savage : I tried to remove the silicone gasket with a flat plastic applicator then I used my nails , they were far more efficient : for electric isolation I covered the tiny components inside with nail polish , I can’t describe how my mom looked at me when I asked her for the makeup stuff... she thought I'll use this on my own body then comes the thermal Grizzly Conductonaut & the gasket maker : all attached in a spare dead modherboard until the silicone gasket cures : Then , boot test in my Mobo … Surpriiiise, It doesn’t boot, all I have are loop cycle reboots I was in total panic for about 3 minutes, then, a Clear Cmos saved the game : bad Idle temps because I was using the dumbest cooler in the planet : Intel’s stock , Anyway, not important, as long as the delid succeeded & the CPU is still alive :
  2. kaisounovsky

    Corsair 750D Metal Carbon

    Continuing to check watercooling components installation , I started with the pumps, one of my pumps has a Bitspower Mod kit : D5/MCP655, good thing is, the kit’s bracket is made of stainless steel, I didn’t have to paint it, just stripped the black paint & cleaned it, it doesn’t rust, contrarily, the second pump has a factory Laing bracket, looked like galvanised steel after stripping the paint & some cutouts , to prevent rust I had to paint this one here they are : Reservoir’s brackets & radiators installed : Back Radiator : I have a demciflex filter for the back radiator, the filter has a magnetic sticker to put on the case before installation, I don’t know how they didn’t think of cutting screw holes in it, I wish I could throw it away but I can’t install the filter without it, my panel surface is aluminum , not magnetic at all. Had to cut the circles for the screws by myself : with the reservoirs :
  3. kaisounovsky

    Corsair 750D Metal Carbon

    Assembly : The last two nights were exhausting, I started with the watercooling pedestal main accessories : Tube holders to GPU : Then moved to the 750D to check if everything fits ok : Little issue with HDD cage, the brackets were too long & didn’t allow me to put the cover on them, I had to cut the exceeding plastic parts : Now it’s ok : Farbwerk & DIY RGB Splitter : fast RGB Test : then the two cases attached together :
  4. kaisounovsky

    Corsair 750D Metal Carbon

    Today the assembly Stage Started, I feel more motivated to complete this project,☺️ I started assembling the top of the corsair case with 3mm rivets : My hand riveter was jumping off my hands from excessive force & did scratch the panels, thank God, two days ago I followed my sixth sense & did spare some thinned basecoat paint , I knew it will be useful to repair my stupid mistakes I don’t want to loose more time filling my paintgun, easy trick : very softly apply paint layers with a Q-tip , better than brushes known to leave ugly hair marks : just to know how the structure will look, I didn’t attach the two cases together yet : Adding some accessories : Assembling the right panel grill : the rivets were cut down & grinded as soft as possible to avoid cutting an electric cable : Farbwerk led controller custom window attached :
  5. kaisounovsky

    Corsair 750D Metal Carbon

    @Mosquito, thanks we should call Corsair & convince them to make Silver versions of their Carbide Line products
  6. kaisounovsky

    Corsair 750D Metal Carbon

    First Basecoat Today , Glossy glossy : As I am not yet familiar with this brand of paint, I thought it is better to start with the small 0.5mm gun & the small pieces, consequently, if anything goes wrong I don’t waste too much paint. few pieces are painted black ; most of the others are metallic grey : Some of my brass fittings were painted too: even my DIY RGB splitter was sprayed, going to need some effort cleaning those tiny connectors with a needle after I finish the paintjob :
  7. kaisounovsky

    Corsair 750D Metal Carbon

    @Cheapskate Yes indeed, I hate sanding, but i have no other choice, I want the whole thing to be painted metallic grey, a good preparation before & after the primer coat is a must to avoid acrylic basecoat issues, like peeling off & crackling ... GRR I hate that ...I hate that...I hate that
  8. kaisounovsky

    Corsair 750D Metal Carbon

    Painting : I never liked paint spray cans, cannot find a good quality here, I prefer the paintguns, they need some skills, extra work in cleaning after use , but the outcome is far better , here is my team, cheapy stuff, I managed to get the best out of them : Suction feed paintGun - 1.8mm nozzle for primer Gravity feed Hvlp 1.4mm nozzle for base coat & clear precision gun : 0.5mm for small pieces & tight areas the paint I’m using is not a high quality but it is good enough for this project , I’m not looking for a professional car paint finish afterall : - Nitrocellulose Primer - Acrylic 1K Basecoats ( metallic grey + satin Black ) - Acrylic 2K Clear Coat - Thinners & hardeners Primer Coat : Note : to avoid radiator’s fins clogging with primer I covered them , however, I am planning to paint them nextly with a light base & clear Coats, I did this before on an AIO cooler without getting any cooling performance decrease. After the primer , all the pieces are wetsanded to 800 grits , ( for perfect finish professionnals go further to 2000 grits or even more , I still too lazy for all that extra work ) :
  9. kaisounovsky

    Corsair 750D Metal Carbon

    Preparation to Paint : Finally all the parts are ready for paint preparation : 220 grits dry sanding for a good primer anchor ( up to 280 grits is ok according to the primer paint manufacturer instructions : I removed the top of the case for a better paint penetration to the tight corners : My Radiators are already stripped to bare metal, I continued with a soft sanding to the copper channels & the outer surfaces of the fins : All the other pieces are ready :
  10. I dont like small cases, but for this one I vote "Yess"
  11. kaisounovsky

    Corsair 750D Metal Carbon

    More parts updated : My fitting’s rings were de-Anodized to bare aluminum for more details check my topic here : http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3117-de-anodize-aluminum-test-on-ek-acf-fittings-rings/ I have a spare XSPC Raystorm Cover , turned it to Brushed Aluminum : I’ve changed the plan with the front fan for watercooling case & did put it outside of the case, some plexi covers at the sides make the front look much better : The Whole thing is too tall (102cm)
  12. kaisounovsky

    De-Anodize Aluminum : test on EK-ACF fittings Rings

    thanks It was my first time doing this, those nasty chemicals are scary ..... the result is pretty satisfying though.