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  1. Big applause for those plexi cutouts πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  2. kaisounovsky

    Diy method to clean rads

    @Cheapskate Thanks for the explanations my friend & sorry for the misunderstood ... I'll follow your advice ...I'll try another approach testing different products from the less harmful to the most harsh ones. πŸ˜‰
  3. kaisounovsky

    Corsair 750D Carbon

    @Karri Koivusalo Hi I think your friend is talking about the additional cost & labour of layout design i mean the software side..did he hire somebody to do that ..or is he doing it himself ? .....I have no idea how plasma works..if the power source required is kind of flammable gas .Then for sure that will be a significant cost for everyday run. Actually I see no need for a personal CNC . I am not a professionnal modder... I do some pc mods every 2- 3 years as a personal setup.. I improved my skills with dremel & power tools through time i agree that hand work is not perfect , tiring & more time consuming comparing to automated process ....however I admit that a small CNC setup can be very useful in general....i'll be looking at the chinese products you just told me about. Thanks 😊
  4. kaisounovsky

    Diy method to clean rads

    Thank you God, My friend Cheapskate is always here to help 😊 So ...as I understand...& please correct me if I'm getting it wrong : - Toilet cleaner is the most effective..it is safe for a very short time use ...the copper discoloration is not a big deal & is just a tiny layer of copper self oxidation from reaction to chemicals . Cannot affect the fluid or the cooling performance in the future ? - satin removing soaps..: any links or product names please ? I wanna dig more about their composition . I don't know if i'm right since all hosehold products here have french names..did you mean Chlorine based chemicals like "Bleach" - alcohol...first time i hear about it for this kind of use, if you did try it ..please tell me more. thanks again πŸ’œ
  5. kaisounovsky

    Diy method to clean rads

    Hi guys Anyone have tested a diy method for rad internal flush/cleaning ? I am looking for an alternative solution because special cleaners for watercooling products like mayhems blitz are not available here. I have two second hand rads..one of them has some dry dye & some calcareous deposits inside of it ..i can see it from the fitting g 1/4 hole..... no major clog & just a little oxidation i want to clean them before to get them in a new loop with other new components. I've heard about toilet stripper efficiency to clean chalky sediments... it contains hydrocloric acid ..seems kind of highly corrosive ..i ve tested it on a piece of copper & it turned dark brown immediately...I am hesitating to put this in my rads.... Tested also car radiator cleaner with hot distilled water : no improvement...the blue dye still there. I am a bit confused ...vinegar...lemon juice....car cleaners...toilet cleaners...soda...i cannot test all of them so I am asking for a feedback from your personal experience... I count on you guys. 😊
  6. kaisounovsky

    Corsair 750D Carbon

    😁😁 CNC is an expensive equipment ..can't afford it for non commercial use. I polished my little babies yesterday & they turned like silver jewelery.πŸ˜‰ These curved forms remember me a historical thing like the native american scriptures πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ί Yes they work fine. & fits well to my bitfenix cable extension kits . it was a funny experiment.
  7. kaisounovsky

    Corsair 750D Carbon

    My tiny millipedes are born 😁 One of the 24 Pins is missing one leg I cutted by accident. πŸ’€
  8. Yes indeed , one more reason from my personal experience : I used to have a Dremel 300 , working always with the flex shaft extension attached , so the fan vents were always free of any obstruction, & away from dust & cutted steel debris ... one day I noticed the tool became week, & its rotation at low to medium speeds is like jerking , got it disassembled & found a burnt cable inside of the Armature coils ( The Rotor ) . can you imagine, just one damaged copper cable & you got a performance decrease about 60 % !! 😲 main cause of this failure, is getting attachement tools stuck into the piece I am working on, ( most frequently : engraving bits , cutting disks, drill bits ) especially the chinese low quality ones ( not dremel genuine) , if your tool is stuck, turn the dremel off instantly, otherwise the coils will overheat without air ventilation. best combination I'm using actually is : a new Dremel 3000 for medium to low speed works, like engraving, polishing or little sanding. & I bought a powerful 500 watts no name die grinder with a small mandrel, , using it for more power demanding tasks like cutting steel or grinding.
  9. kaisounovsky


    @Cheapskate ; I was just looking to some illustrator tutorials at Youtube , you are right, this is interesting & discouraging at the same time.... I'm confused, I think I'm going to postpone this to another time.
  10. kaisounovsky


    Thanks I forgot i have some skills with autocad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I Have to learn illustrator anyway... it must be useful.
  11. Sorry , I didn't know they are going to water it, they will definitely remove that shitty Radeon Stock fan , how I didn't notice that !! 😩
  12. kaisounovsky

    Corsair 750D Carbon

    DIY Aluminum Cable Combs PC Cable combs are not available here ….. one of the best reliable models ever built are the MNPCTECH Aluminum version, .. I like the carbon ones too … Big Up to Bill & all MNPCtech Team my model will be 90% similar. I was looking around & asking people for a software to make stencils, & I forgot I have some skills with Autocad…. Sounds stupid .. no ? Here are my drawings : First model, this wasn’t successful, I had to modify it a bit : final Stencils glued to scrap aluminum, drilling & cutout already started here : My Technique is simple : 1- Always start with drilling the holes were the cables sits : Pilot holes : 1 mm then 2.5mm ( using dremel ) Final holes : 3mm with electric drill ( holes diameter depends on the sleevings & the kit you have , mine : 8 pins cables : 3mm / 24 pins cables are 3.5 2- cutting the entry hole for the cable, this must be a little smaller ( the red marks on my schematics) , I don’t use a drill for that, I use 2 dremel cutting disks attached together , then I cut the aluminum from the side. 3- Peripheral cutout of the piece, then sanding, 4- Smoothing the internal borders for less damage to the cable sleeves, for this purpose I cut tiny bands of 500 grit sanding paper , & use them like in the pic hereinafter : This is an almost finished piece , never compare it to a CNC or machined product , but it does the job pretty well :
  13. @Cheapskate great Idea for airflow tests 😍 but For this case, You forgot the GPU which is breathing from the top rounded vents πŸ™‚
  14. kaisounovsky

    Trimming down a copper waterblock with a CnC Mill

    Welcome , & Good luck with your mods πŸ˜‰