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  1. :) Project Completed!! :thumb: Thank you for watching!! :clap:
  2. G1/8 to G1/4 I plan on changing fitting. I'll test those depending on their arrival. I will take part in Tokyo Akihabara PC shop event. I am going to do a display at that event. I'm in the middle in this flyer :P
  3. Yes! ;) the acrylic is set to the fan blades. It's Fractal Fan :D Thanks Mosquito :lol: It's energetic, forceful fan.
  4. FAN mods! and... Fractal ;) Spray painting! Installed! Exchange LED :) Ice Blue! http://vid1197.photobucket.com/albums/aa432/Toru3D/Marble%20Dust/fantesting_zpszy9idypx.mp4 :lol:
  5. Thanks Mosquito! :D Yeah, That waterblock is strongly built and very attractive design. I had difficult getting a item.
  6. Thank you Bill :D I'm flattered, especially coming from you!
  7. Waterblock! :D That was put on the market 14 years ago. AMD...mounting... :huh: G1/8 Electroless nickel plating B) O-ring LGA1151 Skylake mounting plate :P polishing! :)
  8. Wow! Very nice water system and cable management!! Great Colors! :D
  9. Ok, So...Concrete method :P The white parts set with clear paint coat. I think that's a very hard thing to do... Thanks!
  10. Thanks! nickbaldwin86 :D and look forward to your further response! Wow! Mosquito :lol: I saw your modding videos. Thanks! Work is hard but it is fun ;) Thanks! noobas4urus :D Yes! I think so too! That looks like a Milky Way :) I want to change the title.
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