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  1. You should look it up. There are some really cool nail polish colors and formulas now -- everything from matte, holographic and gel to "liquid sand," crackle and others. Not that I'm suggesting you personally use any! Sorry about the lack of updates, all. I just located the data cable to my camera which took somewhat longer due to the move and many things still in boxes. The SD card reader decided to give up the ghost. More photos should be cropped and ready for posting tomorrow.
  2. @natron614 and STUdog Thanks, guys! @Bill Owen Not sure what caused the corner of the window to go. Not really a problem though. And yes! Thank goodness on Brad's art. I had originally wanted the ECS Intel chipset Golden series motherboard, but the price of entry for the AMD version was much easier on the pocketbook. The reviews for the A895F2-A have been great for overclocking potential, so that makes the decision even better.
  3. Thanks so much, 23RO_UK! I'll definitely have more this week. Working on it right now in fact.
  4. I am definitely a fan of both types of builds. It really depends on purpose as to which one I personally think is best suited. Also, a modder's personality would play into this a lot -- what is it they want out of the finished project? Overall, it is the diversity of styles that I really relish.
  5. Didn't realize that a Mac had a circular motherboard. Learn something new every day! Good choice on the PSU too.
  6. This is just plain hot! With Danger Den out of the picture, a great acrylic case company is really needed. I love the looks and the ease of customizing the Parvum cases.
  7. That color scheme is great! I especially like the Monsoon fittings and the clean look. Kudos to you!
  8. If you think an ITX is small, check out the measurements on a pico motherboard. ;P
  9. Is it Adhere-to or something similar that Brad Galvin uses?
  10. Well, it has been a few days. Time for an update with some photos. I began by unpacking the ECS A85F2-A Deluxe Golden motherboard. It has been since socket 939 that I've used an AMD CPU! The ECS A85F2-A Deluxe is based on the A85X express chipset supporting AMD's FM2 (Trinity) processors. The AMD A10-5800K is the unlocked version of the processor running at 3800MHz with a Radeon HD7660D on chip. I may have to try my hand at overclocking once this is built! Thought I'd test fit the motherboard in the Phantom case to get a feel for how it looks and where to begin: The motherboard is an ATX form factor and nearly looks lost in the NZXT Phantom chassis. Lots of room to play with and look at the grommets for routing the wiring! Now that we had that fun, out come the case hardware including motherboard standoffs. Thank you NZXT for including black motherboard standoffs and other mounting hardware. Nice attention to detail. Even though the standoffs will be hidden beneath the motherboard, this modder's OCD is satisfied with matching black. All the bits were in their own labeled baggies. The folks at NZXT also saw fit to include a bit to tighten the standoffs. Lian Li has supplied specialty screwdrivers with a socket to fit their standoffs. NZXT's bit fits over the top of the standoffs and can be torqued with a phillips or slotted screwdriver. That should work just as well. Time for a lunch break! Leftover duckling roast in a Michigan cherry and cabernet glaze with mashed potatos and tomatos. Yum. Modders need to top up their energy so the creative juices keep flowing. Okay, back to work. Mounting the XSPC Raystorm CPU hardware requires removing the stock AMD mount clips from the motherboard. This isn't a difficult task at all -- just four screws to remove and plastic clips pop off. Be sure to keep track of the metal backplate. This reused for the waterblock installation. The AMD Raystorm mount looks great. It has a clear acrylic base with a thin black metal top to match. Four 3mm holes allow for led lighting of the block. Only two blue wired leds are included with the block, so I'll be replacing those with green for this twinkling little fairy. In the next photo, you will note the Intel mount to the right. It is manufacturered similar to the AMD mount. Obviously we won't be using that in this build. Central in this view are two of the four screw posts which will hold the CPU block to the motherboard by mating to the backplate. What I find interesting with the XSPC posts is that they have two screw functions: one to attach the block and the other allow precise tightening of the block to the chip for the best heat transfer. Since I am not really experienced with liquid cooling, this could be standard for all I know. Here we have the 5800K comfy in the FM2 socket. Remember installing processors before the ZIF socket was standard? Ooooh, shiny copper! Nicely milled surface on the XSPC Raystorm block! Lighting isn't the best, but that's me behind the camera in the reflection. I think Wicket the Ewok approves of this test mounting of the CPU block. Those are two of the Alphacool copper-finish barbs fitted into the Raystorm. If school and life lets me, there will be another update in a couple days. Thanks for following this project!
  11. My gosh that acrylic front panel looks fantastic put together. Lily is a lucky girl!
  12. Between the red-painted aluminum case shoes and the monkey-designed waterblocks, this one is nearly making my head explode. I love it!
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