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  1. Gonna slide this little teaser in here for the final update tomorrow.
  2. Thanks Mosquito! ------------Quick Update Below------------ Just a heads up, but either next weekend or the weekend after Im going to livestream the final building of the PC over on either youtube or twitch (havent decided). The footage will be uploaded to the youtube channel for everyone to watch and then a timelapse and benchmark video will also be made afterwards. All of this will be put here in the thread after its been made. If you want more information on what is being done on stream read below, if not then I will see you all with the finished build after that. I am getting a new case and the rest of the components some time next week for the build. Heres the time break down for how the stream is going to go. Everything is based on the start of the stream and not actual times. Hr:Min time format. **STREAM CANCLED DUE TO INTERNET ISSUES**
  3. Small Update: I was test fitting the components a few days ago and I think I came up with a good setup (If everything goes to plan). I will have just barely enough room between the single slot EK blocks for the bottom nano and the bottom radiator. Need to order some case feet as I will need to mount the 2 Scythe Slipstream 120's under the case (Thats only if I cannot manage to get the fans flush mounted to the top of the radiator with enough room for the radiator to breathe). Heres a few images without the GPU's showing where the pump/psu/rads are placed: It looks like I'll need to get a few 90 degree rotaries to do some of the bends because I cannot get the tubes bent compactly in the space. I also came onto an issue when trying to test bend some tubing for everything when my local server died. Faulty psu killed the motherboard and I needed to get the server back up and running. The only PC I have that can handle the load is the one im currently building so I needed to chuck in a temporary loop to get everything back online (My local server hosts a web database, a few dedicated game servers, and my local media). I managed to get a CPU loop ran using 1 of the radiators and went ahead and sneaked the GPU's back into the case so that during the night hours I can use the pc to game on when no one is using the server for media or connecting to the dedicated game servers. The coolant is purple but the flash bleeds it out and makes it look red, also i've filled the res since bleeding the loop and taking this pitcure. This was taken the next morning after letting it run all night connected to another psu for a leak test and also to bleed. That's where we are right now. In terms of what needs to be done next I should have the GPU blocks about mid way into next month and the extra angle and drain-port fittings as well so the loop will be finished around then if no hiccups happen. Im looking at making custom smoked acrylic panels for the front "Look in" window and as a full cover side panel. Paint for the case is being debated. Either going standard matte black to cover up the scratches and marks or going all out with a Black base layer, Prism Crystal Mid coat, Purple top layer, and a clear coat. That hasnt been decided yet.
  4. Lets get this post up-to-date with the other log on OCN since this build is over a year old lol. This is mostly a summary of whats been done so far. If you would like more details you are welcome to visit the original page of my build log. Future updates will be written out in much more detail and a bit more clearly. Original Build Log here: http://www.overclock.net/t/1531698/build-log-the-acorn-evga-hadron-hydro-matx-mod/60 12/21/14 - Build Log started! 12/23/14 - Recieved the case and started the initial tear down. 12/28/14 - Dremeled the front to incorporate the front fans (Ended up dropping the idea and using it for a front panel window to look into the PC from the front) 1/2/14 - Test fit the mATX motherboard with the original PSU and SSD 3/8/15 - Got an initial Idea of the TDP for the new AMD gpu's coming out and started a design for 2 power supplies to power them in crossfire. This was dropped when the R9-Nano was announced and the 600W SFX unit ended up being enough. 3/22/15 - Watercooling parts were ordered on Performance PC's 3/29/15 - Watercooling parts delivered. Ended up shipping the wrong radiator (my fault) and had to get it replaced. 3/30/15 - Started work on the front extension for the second PSU (was dropped a few weeks later) 8/5/15 - After a few months hiatus, work continues. Had to rework the design a bit due to some incompatibilities that were unseen before mounting everything up as a mock job. 9/13/15 - Found out the Nano's were getting waterblocks. GPU decision shifted from the Fury X to the Nano to save power, front extension was dropped at this point. Ordered 1 of the R9 Nanos. 9/28/15 - First Nano recieved. Initial tests were shocking, no coil whine and getting great performance. The fan was noisy but that wont matter when its under water. 1/21/16 - Finally got a design down that would work after months of fiddling with it and asking others on OC3D and reddit for some help. 1/22/16 - Recieved the second R9 Nano 1/25/16 - Cut out the back of the case to hold both GPU's. Tested the system and played some Metro Last Light in max setting bliss. 1/26/16 - Going over final layout details and mounted the SSD and failed to mount the PSU how I wanted to, still working out the details on that one. And with that the build is up to date. I hope you will bear with me up to its final form. Still need to fix the front panel, work out the cosmetics, get the GPU blocks and a few damaged O-Rings replaced.
  5. Introduction Welcome to my first build log here on The ModZoo. This build was started a little over a year ago over on OCN but its really taken off in terms of progress, mistakes, stupid ideas, and everything else PC. The idea of the build was to shove as much as I possibly could into the EVGA Hadron Hydro because case manufacturers really do give too much space in cases aimed at the mITX market. mITX is meant for small and compact builds, but with how case manufacturers make their cases to support 300mm GPU's and tall cpu coolers, I took it as a challenge to shove as much as I can into the build and show them that their versions of an "ITX" case are way off. Some companies are going in the right direction, but still arent hitting the mark. The EVGA Hadron Hydro is one of those types of case. It does really well in the overall dimensions and what should be included in a mITX system but its still a tad bit too big when the mITX market is trying to go as small as possible (Like the N1 case, Dan a4, etc...). So here's the challenge: The System Main Components Case: EVGA Hadron HydroMotherboard: Gigabyte Z97-Gaming5-MXCPU: i5-4690kGPU: 2x R9 Nano'sPSU: Silverstone SFX-600WSSD: 128GB Samsung 850 Pro (*optionally a m.2 ssd later on)Watercooling Components: EK Supremacy Evo Nickel-Plexi CPU block2x EK Nickel-Plexi Full Cover GPU blocksAlphacool DC-LT Pump/Res Combo2x Magicool G2 Slim 240mm radiatorPrimochill Hardline Fittings (Purple anodized)PETG Hardline tubing 1/2'' Goals The main goal of this is show that If i can fit a full watercooled crossfire setup in the case with some modifications than its too large for mITX. Secondary goals are to get a show-piece that I can take with me to LAN's. The system will most likely be sold off after completion, so any questions on the case or measurements will need to be asked before that time as a forewarning.
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