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  1. So few weeks back I swapped broadband providers (uk) and Instead of going smoothly its taken weeks to get on-line, and using mobile data and living in Scotland dont mix well. Than few day later my beloved mobile phone dies on me ..strange something so meaningless can cause so may issues specially when your life is connected to the web . So there me sitting there no internet , no phone nothing to do as such ..even worse when haggis hunting season doesn't start till later on in the year and Nessie has b!"$% off down south .. So what can I do that costs nothing? ..lets try and build a desk inside a cupboard and fit my current pc on a vesa mount....now I should point out my d.i.y and woodworking skills are eh how can I put it ....sh"te, I once made a table where all the legs where a different length. Any way here is some pics of what Iv been upto and a my motorbike where Iv stripped the tank back to fix some dents than resprayedand under belly exhasut. Oh and my dog who I miss
  2. Still alive haha, still having Internet issues was meant to be live in the 4th, As for the mods, I'm actually waiting for my braided sleeves to arrive feels like for ever, iv all ready cut and attached new fittings to 24pin and Sata connections Sorry for the late updates
  3. Still ongoing, Internet provider is being changed so no access for a few days =(
  4. Used no more nails to keep the bracket in place now to build up the helmet rear end to give it more strength for holding the sfx psu. Got some rst decals might add to the helmet but we shall see
  5. I apolgise If this is in the wrong section but I need some help or input. I'm after a small mechanical keyboard would love one that doesn't have the numb pad and a bonuse if I could replace the usb cable. As for the mouse something that is weighted and a decent size as I have large hands. This is not for gaming so don't need any fancy features, I have even been looking on eBay at some of these Chinese ones... I don't have a budget as such as I don't mind saving up for something that will last.
  6. Cheers took your advice with glue it's all gone now using lighter fluid just a little at a time. Im itching to braid my cables hate waiting for parts
  7. More pics to come on Monday and Tuesday, sorry for not posting much had a low point with depression and other things but vback on track, most of the stuff I have orderd has arrived, just waiting on the 24 pin connectors and the blue sleeving to arrive now
  8. Hahaha yea, forks to be rebuilt and engine back in...waiting for my carbs to arrive feels like for ever
  9. Smal update but orderd my sleeving and heat shrink as well as molex pins and 24 pins and phobya tools, Even though this project is small it will take a longer than I expected mostly due to funds but I will get there, Im hoping friday to get more of the helmet done and the brackets made up for the motherboard than I can get a coat of primer on the helmet
  10. Hey every one hows you? Names Rob 29 year old living Fife, Scotland, I'm a ex tattooist that swapped the tattoo gun for helping disabled children and adults, sick my self now =( Massive Linux fan and I ride a motorbike a 2006 hyosung comet 125 (suzuki gs 500 frame) that I'm converting to a street fighter , Here is sneak peak , Rear end shorten and to be jacked up by 35mm re sprayed frame, fork and yokes, engine renthol bars Dominator lights all in one rear light Since air box was missing cone filters fitted and upjetted black widow exhaust and custom stubby exhaust
  11. Thanks for the input, I still have the other half of the 24 pin with cables still attached as well as taking sooo many photos.. First time doing this and won't lie so daunting
  12. OK some more work done to the helmet not a lot, kinda hard when you dont have the correct tools but ill get there, got some fibre glass and hardner so I will do that tomorow I have started working on the cables I decided to jump rite in and shorten them, got a wiring diagram as well as taken pics for when I rewire everything, 1 connection will have a single sata for the hdd and a molex for blue leds strips The motherboard I'm buying only has a 24 pin to power the board bonus as it keeps cables to a minimum. Still do do Build and fix psu plate into helmet Make Motherboard bracket respray the inside of helmet (white to help the blue leds bounce) re sleeve and wire up psu connections respray helmet and rebuild helmet pick a Linux distro and them with a motorbike theme
  13. Thanks guys yea its a silverstone sfx 450 gold rated v2
  14. I need some help I have tried to Google the answer as well as YouTube but do not seem to be finding much help I would like to shorten my moduler cables the one I'm really stuck on will be the 24 pin and How I should sleeve it? would like to do individual sleeving but seems to have some type cap on the wire (shown in pic) pic of cables I will shorten 24 pin, molex to sata, 2x molex
  15. Ok as I said earlier reversed the psu bracket and cut the sides of, will cut and reshape the ends that you see poking out to go in-line with the helmets curves. P.S really apologise about my spelling and grammer
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