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  1. Loving the paint job on the cooling components! And I feel your "pain" - I too have to deal with "cat in the box" issues as well.......
  2. Just a quick update. Not an abandoned project by any means. I've been unable to work on the next stages of this build the last couple of months due to work (new job) and life happening. But, things are settling now. Next up will be the cutting new acrylic windows for the GPU chamber, and changing the method of attachment to something a little more workable (super thin strong magnets FTW).
  3. Small update - about 5 minutes after having the Asus GTX970 in there, I ripped it out and took it back. The blower fan on it was obscenely loud even at idle. In its place is an EVGA GTX970 (P/N: 04G-P4-3978-KR). AlphaCool also makes a block for this EVGA card, so it's win-win when I do the custom loop later. Here's a few pictures of the (for now) finished build. Since I'm only putting 2 SSDs into the upper chamber (which I will pick up in a week or so), I fired up the laser, cut and engraved an SSD "blank" from 1/4" black acrylic to occupy the center slot. The Captain 120 looks pretty cool (IMHO) in there. I've been in contact with Bill and an purchasing a set of the aluminum billet covers from him. My challenge once they arrive will be to decide whether I want to paint them white, or anodize them then take the laser to them. Decisions decisions........ One other item that will be happening as soon as I can spare the time will be to replace the acrylic panels in the GPU chamber, for 2 reasons. 1) I don't like the particular tint the stock ones from DEEPCOOL are - I have a preferred smoke tint I like much better, and 2) the "velcro" mounting, well, blows. That will be replaced with N45 or N52 neodymium magnets (1/32" of an inch thick, 1/4" wide"), which should make insertion/removal a bit nicer. And of course I get to also turn my attention to designing the custom cooling loop and starting to build the custom cabling.
  4. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this progresses - looking pretty cool so far!
  5. It's definitely a close fit - I checked the dimensions on it several times before ordering it and was still quite relieved when I slid the cover on and it cleared without issue.....
  6. I did and he's going to do a set, which is awesome. All I need to do now is decide what color(s) I want to make them once they are in hand.
  7. Update Time - photo-heavy. Components arrived, so time to get to work. I did make one minor change to the parts list - I grabbed the Asus GTX970 thinking that stock, it would look better in the case. No matter how many times I see this, I can't help but think "good gods that a lot of pins in there". Oddly enough, the side that says "Intel" faces the board for Intel boards. Go figure. One thing that was helpful was to disconnect the antennas from the WiFi card before mounting the cooler, and then reconnect them later. DeepCool's Captain 120 AIO - it looks pretty cool IMHO, especially when it's running. I'm hoping that later on when I do the custom loop that I can maybe keep this on the CPU, and plumb it into the additional radiator-reservoir-pump loop. These are definitely among the heaviest memory modules I've ever had my hands on. RAM installed and cooler mounted. The space between the tube and the body of the cooler makes a nice space to route its power cable. So, if you get a motherboard with an m.2 slot, it comes with a tiny screw for securing inserted modules. You do *not* want to lose it. On this board, the m.2 slot is on the bottom (no surprise given the space restrictions of the mini-ITX form factor). Initial mounting - the tubes from the cooler assembly to the radiator have plenty of clearance over the fan in this configuration. It's a little hard to see, but power cabling (ATX + CPU), USB3 cables, HD Audio cable and SATA cables for the upper chamber bays. To say it's a tight fit is understating things just a touch. It was definitely a little challenging, but it was helpful to connect most things before mounting, then slide everything in, particularly the PCIe riser. When I'me ready to do the custom cooling loop, I'm going to re-do all of the cabling (except the PCIe riser, of course) and custom build all of the cabling to length, which will reduce some of the bulk. Initial testing at this point showed all was well. With the BIOS/UEFI defaults, the radiator fan spins pretty fast, but that's easily tunable. That's it for now, more in a day or so.
  8. Minor update: I'm on hold waiting on some parts to come in. Until I have an infinite supply of cash, I have to order stuff in chunks ;-) Regarding the billet vents for the side chamber, between the cost of the aluminum itself (what I can get it for anyway) and then the mill time, I'll need to save those for last. If Bill decides to make more of those, it's possible I may just pick up a set from him instead. We'll see.
  9. Thanks! I'm stoked I was finally able to start it!
  10. Ah, so he does, though they are out of stock. But, I don't mind trying to do my own first :-)
  11. Next work tasks as I wait for components to arrive: -mounting of LED controller board and IR receiver -re-work mechanism of attachment for acrylic panels -re-work the side chamber vent panels. DEEPCOOL made these out of plastic, so I am going to make a set out of aluminum.
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