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  1. Well, its been a few weeks and life happened. In an effort to help my daughter in college I gave her my corsair 600T with acrylic side panel. Which meant my PC was now homeless, so in the new desk it went. I have a new power supply for the system but I need to get the custom cables made and sleeved before I can remove the current power supply. The office is a shambles now but its in there. Now to pretty it up.
  2. I really hope it will hop around like the cholo cars when loud bass is played
  3. Thanks! Instead of putting speakers in I ended up installing some of the watercooling lines. I should have done this before I installed the receiver. I installed the drains underneath as well but forgot to snap a photo.
  4. I was thinking it looked better white as well, When I get around to managing the cables I will likely take the wraps back off, though I may use white electrical tape to keep the bundles tidy this time. I know there is still a ton of detail work to do into this build but its starting to be a reality for me now. I'm hoping to get the speakers wired up this weekend.
  5. I stripped the replacement receiver down and took much more care with my wiring harnesses. The sound is now installed and working! Cable management is going to be interesting...
  6. I tried to put the magic smoke back in but alas, no luck. UPS claims that the replacement receiver was delivered about an hour ago so this weekend is looking up.
  7. Heh that's what my wife calls it! This last weekend it was time to install the receiver! Ugly cables, I'll get them sorted away after testing. Decided at this point I was going to test the install... What's that smell? Important lesson learned, Test before installing! Must have crossed a wire. I ordered a replacement receiver and it should be here this week sometime. Now to figure out which set of wires I crossed.
  8. Thanks! The design was months/years of lunch hours to get actualized. Over the long weekend I was able to devote some more time to getting the side legs on. Ran into some issues with the corner transitions due to bends being slightly off. It took much longer than expected but I'm wiser for it now! Bonus item since I had the vinyl cutter out...
  9. Since 2007 the Aperture Science Portal Project has been the cornerstone of our aggressive recruitment program. Thanks to the Portal project we have been able to weed out any test subject with any of the following personality flaws; cowardice, impaired motor skills, poor judgement, fear of heights, drowning or fire. Now our marketing engineers have discovered a way to offer consumers a home version the Portal project. We are pleased to announce the Portal project workstation. A little history of me, I am a Design Engineer in the Sioux Falls SD region by day and avid gamer. My wife and I recently purchased our first home and as a reward I get to build a desk inspired by the Red Harbinger Cross Desk. One of the things that bothered me about the Cross Desk and other Desk Mods was that none of them were designed for a corner area. With this in mind I wanted a desk to fit a theme I could decorate a man cave with and decided on Portal / aperture sciences. I spent the last 2 years designing and drawing plans for the desk and finally was able to get the sheet metal work completed and powder coated. A collection of parts off the box break. Returned from Powder coat.
  10. Well, it's been almost a year, but I have been quietly acquiring materials for the physical desk construction. I hope to all the components fabricated and back from powder coat by the end of January so I should be able to get some pictures up mid February. I'm pleased to report that there is actually some movement on this ambitions behemoth.
  11. If you would like the input of somebody who designs industrial fans, I would try to rotate the fan to the anti-clockwise from your sketch so that the bottom is tangent to your evase (duct). this will significantly lower your pressure drop at the discharge of your fan. On a side note, its looking great!
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