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  1. Look what I spotted at PAX Australia this year.... VERY nice looking case. :D Glad I got to see it in person.
  2. " lest we forget " Is the traditional saying in British and Australian war memorials, again I'm not familiar with american memorials. I reckon you are on the right track with "we will not forget" which basically means the same meaning. Can't wait for this thing to be built :D
  3. Love the design so far. And don't worry about working on a shoe string budget. I'm also working with hardware store cheap rubbish to make my case. A tight budget helps with the creativity reckon. :D That said the only issue I have with it is the "one shot one kill" plate. As this case is to be connected with veterans, focusing on their service and sacrifice instead of gamer fantasies would be preferable. I'm not sure how it is in the states, but veteran orginisations in Australia generally don't like the emphasis or boasting about the killing aspect of war, especially for actual veterans who have done actual killing. Military vehicles and guns I think are alright, I'm a bit half half about the scope fan covers. Other than that it looks great. Can't wait to see more.
  4. Love the graphics and direction. Will be interesting to see how this turns out.
  5. Thanks for the tips mosquito. I figured out a jig to cut straight lines with a jigsaw, so the tip you gave me should be able cover most of my vertical wood too ^_^ . I've still got some carbon fibre to drill/cut but that's another project. To answer your question Bill, I live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia. A land of trams, hook turns, good food/coffee, hipsters and our own football code/state religion known as aussie rules football. I'm currently unemployed, trying to complete a masters degree in multimedia at Swinburne University. That said, I might be getting some work filming local aussie rules games and maybe some temp IT work and I run my own graphic design studio out of my bedroom so I'm lucky I'm not that tight for money at the moment. In future posts I'll definitely try keep up with the edited photos and try have a bit more fun with them. I do need to get into the habit of blogging more of my projects. I'm currently building a Quadcopter with GPS, a battery powered internet server complete with gigabit ethernet switch, a cooling rack to keep my current networking gear cool for the upcoming Australian summer and then my never ending quest for stable work to pay for all these things... I'll try update this project as often as I can. I can't wait to actually build a new "workstation system" into this case soon.
  6. This project is a slow one. I'll admit that. Between not having money or time... or being distracted by other projects, this case project still, like a glacier, slowly makes it's way forward. The problem. My current window won't fit... Time to cut the case up some more. Putting some rubber in to keep the glass safe A new wood top... I need to get my hands on a drill press. I might have to sneak into one of the workshops at uni... At least it's clean at the moment...
  7. Concept that's been stuck in my head for a while. I don't think I'll ever get around to make it. Hopefully this'll inspire something.
  8. From memory all the Phantecs cases can be pulled apart very easily as it's mostly screws. If you learn how to rivet stuff (and how to drill rivets out), you can pull almost any PC case apart and put it back together. After that, all you need to learn is bending and cutting sheet metal and you're just practice away from being a scratch builder. It's not that hard. Just don't be afraid of screwing up. Because you will screw up. I've blown a lot of my money on mistakes, but it's all part of the fun and learning process. I know Bill Owen has gone over said case a while back. You should check out his video here.
  9. So I made this an excuse for me and my old man to get together and cut some wood up. Mitres box makes this easy enough... although practice does make perfect. Much to my own disappointment, the old jigsaw and rotary tool tool isn't the answer to everything folks. looking good with bolts in. I didn't agree with the method of putting the timber together. Thought it might look good after a bit of elbow grease with some sand paper. After sanding it for well over a few hours I've come to the conclusion that this needs to be redone. ... and this time I'll join it the proper way. That said. I want to go over the glass window again. Mistakes where made there too and I want to record it here...
  10. As soon as I saw you've ripped up and bolted on some old floor vent covers I had to follow this build. The last photo you've posted has got me thinking if I can fit a gas lift kit into the top of my case... so it can open like a car boot (trunk) or posh tool box.... for reasons... maybe cleaning or something...
  11. Skipping a few steps here. Cutting it out was an adventure. Note to self. Jigsaw bits won't cut metal around corners without exploding... On the other side of things adding the rubber channelling around the edge of the window was easy enough. In goes the glass. I cut up some aluminium and silicone the glass in. Then drilled and bolted the aluminium frame to the case window. One last shot with a foretelling background. There will be wood.
  12. Al-right. So this mod has technically being going three years now. Haven't had the cash for hardware or mods lately but hopefully that'll change soon. I've been busy reorganising old progress photos/video and the next post should have some of that. For now it's concept stuff and inspiration stuff. Below is some concept / inspiration stuff. I'll get the rest up as soon as I can get a good image host running.
  13. G'day all... I'm from Melbourne Australia. I'm currently working on case mod. Well I have been on and off for the past three years. Finances are a little tight ya see so expect things to be cheap and hacky. I'm still unsure on how to document the process, but I think I'll just make thing up as I go.. ... at least things should be entertaining. Expect wood, metal work, and glass.
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