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  1. Funnily enough it works out just fine and the centre dome nuts don't effect typing at all and I don't feel them when my wrists are on the rest. Perhaps it's due to the size of my hands (large) and my wrist spacing on the rest. The original design I had was for the raised pad area to be a split wrist rest with two equal halves (one for each hand). Once I had it made and attached it just didn't look right so what you see now is version 2.
  2. Finally got to finish the Gigabyte Force K83 Steampunk Keyboard Mod. Here are the final pictures of the build. I must admit the process of undertaking a keyboard mod was a welcome change from my bigger case mod builds. For anyone wishing to do a keyboard mod I can highly recommend the Gigabyte Force K83 as a base unit to build around. Great build quality, Cherry MX Red switches and good key response specifications.
  3. Tidying up some build log loose ends here are a final set of pictures I took of Evie - hopefully, higher quality images.
  4. I have wanted to do a mechanical keyboard mod project for a while now and after completing my steampunk case mod (Evie) last year it seemed the perfect time to have a crack at it. My problem started with trying to find a high quality mechanical keyboard using Cherry MX Red switches that was not covered with rgb (almost impossible in this rgb fanatical period we are going through. In fact, I didn't want any key lighting on the keyboard at all. Finally, the keyboard had to be just a plank - no fancy curves or any other such additions. The reason for needing just a basic oblong plank style keyboard is that my design idea was to have a walnut casing (containing the keyboard) sitting/supported inside a brass cradle. Enter the Gigabyte Force K83 - basic plank, no lighting and Cheery MX Red switches. Key caps removed The switches on the K83 are plate mounted so all 104 switches would have to be unsoldered so that access to the metal plate could be achieved. The metal plate would be covered in black leather before having the switches replaced. Trying to cut around each switch would just look feces - it was going to have to be the hard, long and tiresome way for this part! Next step was the replacement keys. I was planning on using a set of keys by Datamancer but when I saw them I was very dissapointed. For a set of key caps costing nearly £100 the finish quality was very bad indeed. The labeling was not straight and obviously had been printed on a laser printer using really cheap paper - plus I think the ink was running out half way through as some of them were faded. Not impressed. However, there are not that many options available. There was nothing for it. 104 key strip down was needed and new labels created and printed. First design test pass resulting in several adjustments. All 104 keys now redone and placed in section bags. Now on to the switches. Problem here was the red of the Cherry MX switch showed when the new keycap was in place plus the switch bodies were obviously black plastic. Out with the airbrush and soon sorted. The switches now being antique bronze. Badge design for the keyboard linking the Evie keyboard Mod and Evie Case Mod together. Black leather now coating the steel switch plate and the Cheery MX's replaced. On the bottom of the K83 is a rather large and modern sticker - this would not do at all so a new one was designed and printed to be more in keeping with the steampunk theme. The test fit of the keyboard plank into the walnut frame is also shown in the second image. Now the basic work was done and the walnut cradle complete (other than treating with oil to bring out the colour and grain which would be done later), it was time to move on to the brass supporting cradle. Hand cutting and finishing all the brass components begins. Test fit of side supports onto the walnut cradle. Basic cradle work complete and testing for square/trueness. A lot of brass polishing to come. That's it for now. In the next update will be the finsihing of the walnut cradle, assembly of the keyboard and the modding of the cable and plugs.
  5. Now that the cable colour change has been made to the copper brown and anthracite from MDPC Sleeving (the grey just wasn't working for me), I can move Evie's status to complete. Here are a few 'complete/finished status' photo's from around the build:
  6. Mini update on the cable sleeving...basically I'm just not happy with the grey/black combination as it just doesn't look right in the build. I have just ordered some MDPC sleeving in copper brown and will re-sleeve all the cables prior to the final photo's. The sleeving is on its way so should be able to re-sleeve the cables by end of next week and get the photos done so there may be a week delay in getting the final pictures up on the forum. Sorry for the delay but I need to fix it to ensure my OCD is satisfied :-) Steve.
  7. Well, Evie is finished other than final comissioning and the overclocking to the CPU and two 980ti. That will take a few days to get the best overclocks/stabilities. I will also be doing a final photoshoot of the finished build and will post this as a seperate update later in the week. However, for now here are a few images of the loop once complete - awaiting coolant filling and bleeding (now complete). The loop was pumped full of air before any coolant was added to ensure there were no leaks and she held at 7 psi (0.5 bar). Some images around the loop once finished:
  8. Cheers Mosquito - it means a lot. What do you mean about 'loving the tails'?
  9. For this update to Evie we're going to start with taking a look at the right side panel detail and HDD cooler that I finished this week. When I set out on Evie there was considerable cutting to the front of the Corsair 780T case removing all the standard HDD bays - I needed room for the extra front radiator and also the custiom reservoir. The OS and game library would sit on a motherboard mounted Samsung EVO 500GB M.2 SSD but I still had to get my Western Digital Black 1TB HDD in somewhere for bulk storage. The only place available was behind the MB Tray but it was very tight and would leave the HDD with no airflow. A new mount and a custom cooling option was needed. I ended up placing two be quiet 80mm fans above the HDD as an exterior mounted cooling option. These would blow cool air directly onto the HDD and as they would be spinning at minimum rpm they are nearly silent in operation. This is the build sequence and final result: Final side panel image showing the HDD cooler in place and the extra side panel details matching my concept drawing from my initial post. Next I needed to finish the work on the two EVGA 980TI SC+ cards that would be in the build including the EKWB backplates and waterblocks. Engraved brass plates were added to pull both cards in line with my steampunk aesthetic, and of course, maybe just a little custom airbrush work :D From an earlier build log it was suggested that I might like to add an 'oiler' on Evie which are often seen on Victorian machinery. Well, it was a fantastic suggestion and now in place just awaiting fluid to be added in a few days time. And to close this update here are overall shots showing the front and right side panel now complete and the second showing the GPU's in place and the loop work underway with much copper tube bending, polishing and detail work to go. Finally, a shameless plug in that Evie's doing well in the bit-tec case mod contest but I could still do with your vote if you like what you see :D http://forums.bit-tech.net/showthread.php?t=307786
  10. Finished a couple of small projects on Evie this week and completed one major one. I'd always bought sleeved cables in the past but for this build I thought I'd better get round to learning how to do it. First off the production line is the 24-pin. I wanted a neutral sleeving colour in the build but a colour/design that would at least retain a small amount of visual interest. I'm happy how this arched 24-pin came out. The last small project for this week was the SLI Bridge. The modern design would not suit this build so a mod was called for to replace the illuminated EVGA sign with EVIE. Trouble was for a simple mod it took quite a bit of cutting and shaping to ensure no light bleed around the illuminated EVIE panel. This just ain't gonna cut it... Much more like it... Onto the major project for this week which was the front panel and front fans inset cover. The center piece and main focus for this was always going to be the 'EVIE' signature plate (and front coolant fill port) but my original signature plate design looked feces when finished so a complete redesign was called for including an engraved brass plate. The main front panel - only the 'oiler' is missing at the moment. The original design.....did not get much further than this mock up before I knew a redesign was on the cards The new design... Front panel fan cover plate...
  11. Cheers Cheapskate that comment about Harware Labs made me laugh As for the fittings I always put the bits back that I don't need......that is only fair
  12. Time for an update on Project Evie as its now starting to come together - even though a couple of unforseen problems chucked me a curve ball this week. First off is the case feet (or rails is probably better). On the Corsair 780T the feet/rails and lower middle panel form one unit and this was ripe for taking what would be the copper loop, outside of the case and then back inside. 12/10mm copper pipe will be used for the entire loop and I had to find a way of connecting to the side rail cooper pipe from the pipes in the basement of the case. In fact, once the alignment was sorted out the rest was reletively easy as G1/4 12/10mm fittings could be connected. Then it was just down to spraying the side feet/rails and lower panel in the Oil Rubbed Bronze colour; polishing and airbrushing the side pipes; and then assembly onto the case frame. Only the window side pipe forms part of the loop but it was some out of the box thinking.....or out of the case thinking :D My first problem this week arose when I was fitting the reservoir and reservoir cradle into the case. With all the brass in the cradle it was quite heavy and was flexing/pulling the motherboard tray forwards by a few degree's. Not much, but you could see the reservoir was leaning forwards. I solved this issue by creating a copper supporting column that rises out of the basement to take the weight of the reservoir and cradle. It now sits upright as intended. The second problem arose when starting to fit the fill port pipe which runs from the top front of the case to the top of the reservoir. When in place the back of the fillport could be seen through the window along with areas where I had cut away the 5.25in bays. A quick panel was put together to blank this area off from sight whilst providing a bit of visual interest. With the removal of the IO Panel LEDs etc I had lost the HDD Activity Indicator. I had always planned to have a steam pressure gauge on the build but this now moved inside next to the pump and an LED was fitted into the back which is driven by the HDD motherboard pin header. The gauge flickers nicely. The gauge has come from an old antique I found in a junk shop. I stripped it down and redesigned the gauge face with my own custom 'steam' graphics and couldn't give up the opportunity to ramp the steam into the red.....hey, Evie is running with two overclocked EVGA 980ti GPU's :p To close this update I have now fitted both the top 360 and front 280 radiator/fan assemblies into the case......and finally, my second cat has gotten in on the action now and is seen here making a bed out of some freshly painted/finished case panels....total nightmare! All the best - Steve
  13. As far as case mods go this just looks so 'top drawer'! Absolutely amazing case work!
  14. Now resolved. Anyone know if Bit-Tech moderators have an issue with approving forum account registrations at the moment? Signed up 48hrs ago and still can't post on the forum as apparently I need moderator approval.....seems a bit ridiculous to be waiting so long to join a forum. I've even sent a contact admin message but no response. Any thoughts? Steve.
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