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  1. Thanks. Actualy i already finished college and exams. I'm just doing it as a side project while i'm still there. Just to improve my 3d CAD and mechanical designe skills.
  2. Just a little update about why there hasn't an update in a while. I'm currently designing and building a cheap but powerful 3d printer as a college project. When the project is finished I will be back posting updates on the res project and on some other projects I have been working on. If u have questions or comments on this or even on one of my other projects, just post it and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  3. Just finished a improved version of the res. The tube's are held firmly against the seal sing's by brass pins. I only need to change the wall thickness of the tube's to match the local suply and buy/make the rubber seal rings.
  4. Thanks! As soon as i get all the parts together i'll make a log.
  5. I designed it for small casses in general like the cm elite 110 and the Raijintek Metis. I will be using it in a elite 110 that i'm going to mod and maybe a PIO-style motherboard. I'll try to make a project log, but i'm having some trouble finding a part i need.
  6. Fill and drain wil be placed elsewere in the loops. That way you can place them in a easy to reach place, because sff can be a tight squeeze.
  7. Thank i'll work on it. And yes it is inspired by the photon but its a bit wider and has a second res tube in the center so you can run 2 colors.
  8. In my spare time i started designing this res. If you have feedback or questions, please post.
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