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  1. C4B12

    Laine's Luna

    Hello and welcome Laine, what a start! So simple but still really interesting. :)
  2. I had that thought too, but as I have it on my desk the back doesnt show, and I put a sound-proofing mat there instead. If I would show the case of on Dreamhack or so I maybe will do an window on the other side aswell. Thank you! :) Thank you! :) Yeah the case is awesome! :)
  3. Hello everyone! This project is finally finished, for the second time, as always with my projects. But now I feel really satisfied with the result. I will not talk anymore, except give a big thank you to my sponsors! Want to see the final pictures? Here you go. Thank you for all your comments and everything! I will be back as soon as I can with another project! :) With kind regards, Johan Nyman Minimalistic PC's
  4. Ive been very busy with a new job I landed so havent been modding much lately. Although, Im going on a vacation for one month in USA and I want to finish this project before that so I have some pictures of a almost ready casemod, want to see? :D I added some copper pipes to the build! On these pictures its not finished, just testing it out. But what do you think? I also added a windowframe to the sidepanel, made by E22, also thanks to HCP for the sketch. I think the windowframe fits perfectly together with the fangrill, what do you think? Im working on finalizing the loop and installing everything else. As soon as thats done and the loop is filled I will start working on the final photos and post them for you here. With kind regards Johan Nyman Minimalistic PC's
  5. What I have started doing is to cut out a bigger hole in the bottom of this case to fit 2x 120mm fans. I started by taping of the entire bottom to measure out where to cut. This hole should get some air in and out! Got dust? The left fan will blow hot air out and the right one will blow colder air through the radiator, had to cut the fan frame to get it in there. Right now my focus is on my other project, F4DE, cause I have a deadline on that one so I have to finish that first, so next update on this project will probably take a while. But Im really excited about this project and as soon as F4DE is completed I will put all my focus on this one. With kind regards Johan Nyman Minimalistic PC's
  6. You might have been here before, why? Because this project log was started in 2012. But then, why are you here again? Well this project is kind of a never ending story for me, I upgraded the hardware along the way and changed it, I still have it and I still change it. But I never was totally satisfied with it. AMD also released their A-10 7850K a while ago and I really wanted to have this in this small build to make it a really awesome HTPC, but how should I be able to cool 100W in this small case? I will watercool it, first with a Corsair H75 and further on I will make an entire custom loop in this small case. That is what Im going to show you now, but first, if you have time, go through the worklog to see how I built this case from the beginning. I want to start by announcing new sponsors for this project. The new hardware in this case will be: MB: MSI A88XI AC CPU: AMD A10 7850K RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x4GB 2400MHz PSU: Streacom ST-NANO150 SSD: Corsair Force LS 120GB FANS: 2x Prolimatech Ultra Sleek Vortex 12 New things to do: New front and backplate out of aluminium. Sleeve the new PSU and all the other cables. Cut a bigger hole in the bottom for 2x 120mm fans. Installing the Corsair H75. Sand down all edges and polish them. New case feet. Custom loop? I hope you will be entertained by this project and follow this log. With kind regards Johan Nyman Minimalistic PC
  7. Thank you! Im planning to compare them in a kind of review in the future. :) Im almost finished with the repaint of the case, just the last layer of matt clearcoat left. This time I will be putting the case together with M3 screws instead of rivets, cause I like to have my cases modular if I have to take it apart again. Im also going to change the casefeet on this case. The original ones is the regular plastic ones that many cases use, I will change them to some that are made out of aluminium by Fannblade. I love small details like this, just the thing that I know that the feet are handmade by a person on the other side of the world just for me makes the build more special for me. And they sure look nice too! Thats all for me today. Im waiting for two fans and a can of clearcoat, when the painting is done I will be assembling the case and start installing the hardware and keep experimenting with the copper pipes. If you want more updates from me you can check out my facebook-page where I post things every day! With kind regards Johan Nyman Minimalistic PC's
  8. Hello everyone! I finished Cold Winter a few weeks ago so now I can focus on this build again. I have received everything from EKWB and I started working on the mod today. I will use a 240mm XT radiator from EK now and those are 47mm thick instead of 30mm as the old one from Alphacool I had. It was already hard to fit everything with that radiator so how could I fit a thicker one? Well I started to look around for slim fans. I knew Scythe made 10mm thick fans but I havent had good memory of those so I kept looking, finally found Prolimatech's Ultra Sleek Vortex 12 which are 15mm thick, perfect! I ordered some of those and they really are nice, performs like regular 25mm thick fans. But it wasnt enough there either, what I did today was to cut down the frame of the fan to be able to "integrate" the fans with the radiator. I let the images explain. As you see there is a clear difference between these fans integrated in the radiator and regular 25mm thick fans. This actually takes less space than the 30mm radiator and regular fans. Many might think that this will totally ruin the performance of the fans. Well I removed the fan frame, but it was replaced by the frame of the radiator. I also tried it out and it still blows a lot of air through the rad, so dont worry! Another thing I will do is to run the custom loop with chromed solid copper pipes, I had that idea from the beginning but not the knowledge, I still dont have the knowledge. :D But maybe some bigger "cojones". I started experiment some with the pipes today. What do you think? I will keep working on this project as much as I can, I want to finish it because this will be my new main PC to use. Right now Im repainting the inside of the case and Im also waiting for a aluminium frame that will go around the window. With kind regards Johan Nyman Minimalistic PC's
  9. C4B12


    Hello there Zoo-animals! BitFenix was nice to send me a Colossus mITX to mod it and do something fun with it. So when I received it I started to think about what I wanted to do with it, one thing I wanted to change after reviewing the case was to change the LEDs to another color then blue/red/green. If anyone are interested in doing the same I will post a simple step to step guide here how to do it yourself. Thank you BitFenix and Inet for giving me this case and some fans to play around with. I made a window on the sidepanel that followed the lines of the LEDs. Installed a smaller U-channel around the edge of the sidepanel too, I dont like U-channels but when I found this one I changed my mind, this one is smaller and cleaner. If you remove the frontpanel of this case you will find this small thing installed behind it. This is the LED-chip. And this is what it looks like if we remove it, the entire LED-bars on this case is powered by two single leds. I made my own little plate and lined it up with the lightbars. Then I soldered together my own LEDs that connects to a regular fan-port. And tada, this is the result. I will keep tweaking it so it will be even better. But if you want to do this it is pretty simple. Remove the old LED-chip.Make your own little plate and drill some holes to fit two of your own LEDs.Solder together two LEDs to your connector of choice.Install your new plate together with the LEDs.Done! What do you think? I dont have any hardware right now for this case but I will keep working on it. With kind regards Johan Nyman Minimalistic PC's
  10. Im with confusis on this one, aaaaawesome paintjob.
  11. That case was awesome! Moar updates. :D
  12. A TJ07 and your modding style cant go wrong, looking forward to more updates. :)
  13. Waynio, you are just... pure.... awesome....
  14. Enermax Cluster, my favorite fans of all time! Keep up the modding, I like it. :)
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