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  1. So here's the case in all it's glory, it's an Eclipse 1500C Point Of Sales (also called POS), gives you the reason why I choose the name too! :D These pictures are after a good bath there was so much dust in there, it needed to go for a dishwasher cycle! pictures are with the monitor disassembled, it was a touch screen TFT 15" monitor, which I won't be using.
  2. Pretty Obtuse Sleeper HARDWARE CPU : Intel i3 8350K Motherboard : Gigabyte Z370N-Wifi RAM : Team Group Nighthawk White 2*8GB 3600/18 SSD : Team Group L5 Lite 240GB GPU : Gigabyte GTX ?? PSU : HDPlex 400W HiFi DC-ATX with brick Monitor : Case : Eclipse 1500C
  3. ❚❚ [Verticality by Duality92] ❚❚

    So here are the final pictures Not 100% happy with how things turned out to be honest, so there will definetly be a Verticality II eventually!
  4. The Ultimate GPU Review Test Bench

    First batch of final pictures, M4 screws for cables holders remain waiting on them to arrive, long lead time though.
  5. The Ultimate GPU Review Test Bench

    So today I got a few things done. I test fitted my 3D printed side combs to keep the cables in check (keep in mind, these screws are only temporary!). I replaced the stock rubber standoffs that the HighSpeedPC.com test bench come with, with regular standoffs for a more permanent solution. I installed the MNPCTech custom aluminium machined feet with alternate position for the radiator side, I have either symetrical for the test bench itself or I have offset to help with the uneven weight of the vertical pedastal type setup I have.
  6. The Ultimate GPU Review Test Bench

    So here's my motherboard, it's a unicorn, so don't try googling it xD MOSFETs - ??? 27B 73AX Capacitors - http://www.cooperindustries.com/content/dam/public/bussmann/Electronics/Resources/product-datasheets/BUS_Elx_DS_4407_FP0906_Series.pdf 0906R1 R15 31PH17F
  7. The Ultimate GPU Review Test Bench

    Sleeved the pump cables in Darkside Carbon, I'll be removing the connectors again to pass it through the passthrough. I will be using these custom machined aluminum feet, https://mnpctech.com/pc-computer-stereo-desktop-case-feet/technics-turntable-replacement-custom-feet/
  8. The Ultimate GPU Review Test Bench

    How do you fill an Eisplateau? Like this.
  9. | ModMyMods | HighSpeedPC | SeaSonic | | Apacer | CableMod | Aorus | Hi fine people I've been the GPU reviewer for OCN for quite a bit now and I decided to create a rig just for testing GPUs. I have partenered up with HighSpeedPc.com, Seasonic, PC Mods Canada, ModMyMods, Aorus, Apacer and Cablemod to bring you the beast of a test bench I will be creating. I will be 3D Printing a lot of things to make this test bench one of a kind. I started out with an XL-ATX bench supplied by HighSpeedPC.com, they make some great test benches, but I wanted more. I told them I would be using two 360mm radiators, they then made a custom solution for me in the form of a standalone base that can hold two radiators with a res/pump between them like a pedestal. I took this idea and started printing brackets to have it attached to the XL-ATX bench as a third bottom tiered section. I will be 3D printing a dual PSU bracket, SSD brackets to hold 4 SSDs and new bench posts to accomodate a third tier. Dual PSU? Am I crazy? Why? The CPU, RAM and GPU are made to be easily swappable for various testing, so soft tubing was a must for certain parts.
  10. ❚❚ [Verticality by Duality92] ❚❚

    PSU and SATA power sleeved
  11. ❚❚ [Verticality by Duality92] ❚❚

    Here is the custom PCB with everything soldered
  12. ❚❚ [Verticality by Duality92] ❚❚

    Yup, that'll be phase two though, the design is hard enough already xD
  13. ❚❚ [Verticality by Duality92] ❚❚

    Here is an update. I have completed the power supply case, the power supply bracket and the pump bracket. The main thing left to do is finalize the motherboard mount and make a few spacers for various locations to keep things even. Possibly 140mm fan grills too if I have long enough M3 screws.
  14. ❚❚ [Verticality by Duality92] ❚❚

    Here are pictures of my custom case for the HDPlex 160W (new revision). Since it's a PicoPSU style power supply and I didn't want to mount it to the motherboard, this is my solution
  15. ❚❚ [Verticality by Duality92] ❚❚

    I redesigned the motherboard tray yesterday as I found that I wouldn't be able to mount the motherboard to the radiator with the layout I had designed previously because of the motherboard mounting. (couldn't access the 140mm fan holes with the motherboard installed). Now I can install the motherboard somewhat easier AFTER fixing it to the radiator. Try and figure out what all the cable combs are for 32 total wires at the end.