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  1. got my fans in the mail today and i guess they weren't what was pictured but rather each had a molex and 3 pin. i was soooooooooo relieved. i know they're still not what i need exactly but they at least attach to my mobo or a fan controller if i go that route...... thank you guys for all your help!
  2. i bought these on the 6th off ebay but they won't work because the 3 pins are male. i didn't look at my motherboard cause i automatically assumed they were 3 pin. see how stupid i am? these are so wrong, ughhh
  3. ok, i prolly have the stupidest question ever but the more i look and think i've found what i'm looking for the more confused i get. i bought these fans here and i noticed AFTER the fact that they are 4 pin molex but the connectors on my motherboard are all 4 pin and i'm so confused as to what cables i need to convert them from 4 pin molex to 4 pin mobo ones. any help is truly appreciated!! Airle
  4. lol, i'm beginning to learn i'm like a wee newborn when it comes to modding. i never even KNEW you could pull them out n mask them! i may only be like not even born yet (into the modding world) still in the 3rd trimester i think.. many youtube video's are in my foreseeable future....
  5. i bought these fans thinking that my rig would be a blood red but it turned out to be a very pretty dark plum colored, alltogether unexpected but one i can live with but i was left with these 6 fans i bought not matching the case at all, i want them to be a bright white, my question is if i paint these fans white will the red leds show thru? thanks bunches! airle
  6. trying to view these but you musta taken them down quite some time ago i bet
  7. thanks so much, i've contacted him. here's my rub, i need 6 120mm sized ones and 4 (i think) 80mm ones. this mtn mod cube case has LOTS of fans one time a friend said when i had them all maxed it sounded like my case was trying to take off
  8. not sure if this goes here so sorry in advance if it doesn't! i've been trying my damnedest to find this fan grill here but it's nowhere to be found anywhere on the net, i know they'res others that look like this but i want this one..... anyone know why i can't find it?
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