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  1. Awesome stuff! Thank you everyone for the details. Going to see what I can work up...
  2. Hello everyone, Was wondering what conventions, within the U.S., would you recommend for up and coming modders to attend. Thanks! Icromnius
  3. Thank you for your thoughts RcRon7. Will definitely have to work the social media aspect, but the expectation is to start out slowly, part-time. Thankfully this concept and creation has been several months (almost a year) in the making due to research and practice. From modding to building my own pc desk, to what I hope to provide, it has not been a flash thought. Which I hope will be to my benefit. Thanks again for your insight, Icromnius
  4. Hello again everyone, Been a while since I posted on here, but interesting things are abounding, and I like the forums. I was wanting to get everyone's thoughts on selling scratch built cases as a part-time, or full-time, business. Basically I have an idea for a case that I want to make regularly, and sell. Currently working up a prototype for temp and fit testing. Any prior experience or thoughts? Thank you everyone, Icromnius
  5. Hi there! My thoughts on this would be to basically to: Sand down (where possible) with fine grit sandpaper. Clean Apply a light coat of primer. (self-etching if you can) Dry Apply desired paint Dry for about 30 seconds or so Apply a second coat Dry Spray on light coat of clear protective finish. Please remember, due to the compression fit, you will scrape off some of the paint on the lip of the I/O plate. Might have to do touch-up after inserted. Just my thoughts and opinion on this. Have an awesome time! Icromnius
  6. Wow... this looks like a great start... and even gave me some ideas on potential scratch builds... hmmm... Eager to see what happens. Icromnius
  7. Thank you for the information Envious. My biggest issue is having the money to match my creativity, so I generally will use what I can acquire through limited funds, trading of services, my good looks (yeah right), and free things, haha! I used to do banners using vinyl a while back, so had some dealings with plotters, cutters, engravers, laser cutters, and graphic design. Which is one of the things (vinyl cutters) I would love to purchase in the future, like tax season future... haha! I did a lot of vector work with all sorts of different programs. Thank you to everyone that provided information and to The Mod Zoo for providing the venue. At this point I have completed the exterior of the case, making it usable... which is good because my daughter was a bit anxious. Let me know what you think. And have an awesome time! Icromnius
  8. Yeah, mostly old woodworking tools here as well, but I doubt any of them are older than me, haha! Learned a lot about MDF, stenciling, and spray painting on my second case mod. I have 5 more old cases to do all sorts of fun and creative ideas too... so looking forward to that. During this whole process, one of the biggest things I have learned is that if you are not patient, and you get moving too fast, you will inevitably mess something up. Whether it is painting, measuring, cutting, or lining things up... patience is a virtue, LOL! Man, I hate it when the words my parents used on me come out of my mouth...........
  9. Completed some more parts and pieces. had to mount the side piece differently than I had originally intended due to the bendable side panels of the case. Replaced all the grommets and PCI covers, but had to use leftover fans. the clear one up front lights up, the top white bladed one will help it to blend in, as will the one in the back. The side panel will have a black fan as well to ensure I have equal pressure coming in and out, plus it will blow directly on the GPU. Just waiting on my push button power switch to arrive and I will finish up the front panel USB/Audio set up. Hard to do quality work when learning, using older used tools, and low funds, LOL! But, my daughter is anxious to get this on her desk, so that makes me happy.
  10. Thanks noobas4urus! Sadly, it isn't the straight lines I have an issue with. It is the side image of the head that I am having issues with. And then I have to do the Nerf This logo yet as well. I know if I use the cardstock it will not look good. Which sucks because I am trying to use things I already have since money is limited, haha.
  11. A lot of work was done, but not worthy of keeping. Did the stenciling but discovered doing it with cardstock and spray mount to spray paint the colors was blotchy and bled. Anyone know of a better medium for making stencils to spray paint with? Otherwise, a couple of updated pics...
  12. Gimp is an easy to use free program that can help with resizing your pictures. Then you can post on an image site, like imgur.com, and use links instead of the actual pictures for showing your work. Interesting start, look forward to seeing what you accomplish. I have a concept for a very different pc desk as well, but I have to hold off till I finish my other projects or my wife will kill me, haha. Keep it going! Icormnius
  13. I was planning to keep the hex heads, but am looking at blackening them.
  14. Additional pics and progression... and situating the case within my sculpting mind... (LOL) Thoughts?
  15. Did some color specc'ing. What do you guys think? A bit different than the original design thoughts. But I think going White with black and pink highlights will turn out with some nice contrast.
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