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  1. Hi guys! one post and good to go! 90% in progress.. Little teaser of my project build Stay tuned!
  2. Hey viewers! Long time no post... And let's unveil my new SSD from G.skill the Phoenix FTL 240gb. Thank you! Tomorrow, i'll start updating my mod. Stay tuned!
  3. disassembled the gpu heatsink I use this method to see how it looks with my design. (my first time though)
  4. Hey folks! I am DJ Madrid a.k.a. Kryptek PC Modz from the Philiipines and this time I just want to share quickly this newly born all-in-one liquid cooler. The MasterLiquid Maker 92 from Cooler Master. So my first impression to this all-in-one cooler was like a car turbo and then the design was simple and insane that you can tilt the body from horizontal to vertical. It is a pleasure to have this and i would like to say thank you to Cooler Master especially to those people who helped me behind this, for the support and for sending me of your great stuffs. So, let's start the unboxing! Damn.. So first who faced out is the radiator fan with a protective plastic, it is 95mm fan and look like the Silencio FP Fan or the MasterFan 120 Air Pressure.. Accessories box Now, you have a new option in a compact liquid cooler that can tilt to fit multiple dimensions (from horizontal to vertical). Sleeved FEP tubing, for me this tubing is better than the non-sleeved FEP tubing. Less leaking and great tubing. The smallest pump-radiator combination designed Cooler Master. "Peel of the label before you use it" Clean Copper Based Design, Precision machined Microchannels maximize the water contact surface, to quickly dissipate heat. The base is finished with clean and clear appearance. Tried tilting to 45deg of angle. 90deg of angle. Air Pressure fans, fan blade design inspired by helicopters. They move the air less distance but pack more force into the space in front of the fan. And that is my quick output with this new All-in-One Liquid Cooler for Cooler Master. Thank you!
  5. I guess this is better than before.. I made two gpu holder using aluminum flat bar
  6. Test fit again.. thinking some ideas for the gpu position.. maybe that's a temporary :D
  7. Test fitting using this memory is so perfectly matched with my needs.. shoutout to Cooler Master, GSKILL and MSI Thank you very much for the support! Hey guys, just a little update for today. Removed the motherboard tray Cut it... Need the psu bracket and trash the I/O panel.. lol I found this 2.54cm x 60cm aluminum bar and bent it out to make a customize motherboard tray Found this piece of aluminum and got an idea to make a motherboard tray. That's all for today.. #ModOn
  8. Hey guys, just a little update for today. Removed the motherboard tray Cut it... Need the psu bracket and trash the I/O panel.. lol I found this 2.54cm x 60cm aluminum bar and bent it out to make a customize motherboard tray That's all for today.. #ModOn
  9. Disassembling the rear panel of the chassis.... #ModOn
  10. MSI B150M Mortar Arctic + MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2G G.skill Trident Z 32GB (4x8GB) 3200mhz Gonna update the case mod this week... thanks! :rock::dremel:
  11. Quick Preview of the case that i'll be using for this battlemodz.
  12. Hey everyone! My name is DJ Madrid a.k.a Kryptekmodz from Ph. This time i'll making a project called AURELIO, which means the "FIRST" Filipino Made Super Car. I picked this concept because I like the way they did and I love cars. (but i don't have a car) lol :D. And the modding theme will be Pinoy Pride. That means we are able to mod a Filipino brands or Made in the Philippines. So my co-competitor which these guys are the top case modder here in the Philippines, Tantricmodz (Mhike Samsin), JPModified (Jesse Palacio), Mickee Boy Lacerna (MadMods). so this time, I'll be presenting this concept at Cooler Master Battlemodz Invitational here in the Philippines. I give many thanks to Cooler Master for picking me for this time. I would like to thank all the sponsors, Cooler Master, MSI, G.Skill for supporting my projects now and before. Concept: You may find the full details of the AURELIO Super Car, just click the link. http://www.carmudi.com.ph/journal/aurelio-first-filipino-made-supercar/ And here are my components that i will be using for this project Processor: Intel i5 6600k Motherboard: MSI B150m Mortar Arctic GPU: MSI GTX 960 2G RAM: GSkill Trident Z 4x8GB (32GB) PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 1200w Platinum SSD: G.Skill Phoenix FTL 240GB Fans: Thermaltake Riing White 12mm (4pcs) Case: Cooler Master Mastercase PRO 3 Water Cooling: Bitspower Water Cooling
  13. Thank you sir! Yes i'm going to pick my avatar right now :D Yeah these are cool rams. It can fit the design on whatever you build.
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