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  1. Hello all! This is Base Camp, My entry for the MSI PRO MOD S:5. For some reason Photobucket took down my photos on the MSI Forum, so I thought Id replace the photos here for you all to see properly. I Hope you all enjoy! Greetings everyone! My name is Sean or most know me as (Seananigans/ArtMods) and I hail from the United States of America. You can find me/follow me at: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArtMods_ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artmodsofficial/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArtModds/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3YgN9KvgPOaYuOOUna0QfA Website: https://artmodsofficial.wixsite.com/artmods In the build/mod I will be using the following hardware (some subject to change) I will update and add more as the mod progresses. Case: InWin 301 Motherboard: MSI B350M Mortar Arctic AM4 CPU: AMD RYZEN 1500X PSU: EVGA 600W BQ GPU: MSI R7 370 4G GAMING OC SSD: XPG SX240GB Below are all the parts I received so far. All this hardware brings me to the conceptual artwork for the case mod. This case mod is special to me. It is more or less a memorial for those whom set out to summit the great Mt. Everest and were lost along the way. As a climber myself I think about these brave and adventurous people every time I go out to climb. It was them, who gave me the courage and aspirations to become a climber back in 2011. They made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of exploration. So this build goes out to them, the ones who were brought back to camp and the ones frozen in time that remain on that mountain range. Lets move left to right on this concept design. (Now remember, this is a concept, that means it WILL change and evolve as the mod goes on.) On the left we start at the top, where an Ice pick is lodged into the front and top of the case as if the case was a sheet of Ice. This serves as a handle to carry the case around. As we move down the case you will notice the "Base Camp sign" This is the shroud to cover the factory PSU enclosure and will be an exact (scaled down) replica. Below that (not pictured yet) the GPU will have a back plate to look like rock and ice to give the feeling of the base camp, the cold, and the terrain. Stringing off of that will be Tibetan prayer flags in which the fans will blow them in the wind releasing prayers into the atmosphere and give it the ominous and chilling feeling that we all see in the photos. I am still debating on painting a mural on the motherboard tray of the mountains. To the right of the photo the outside of the case is going to be simple. I am putting some orange in there (on the back panel door and the lights in the front) to represent the tents and equipment at base camp. The front of the case will have a sheet of ice where the Ice pick will be inserted (not pictured). At the bottom of the case, I will be using crampons as case feet, I thought it would give it a bit of an edge. PSU SHROUD (FIRST MOD) Now, we start the modding process! The PSU shroud is something I always start with because it will set the tone for the whole case. I start with some .25 aluminum sheet. I measured out the length and height in the case and made sure it covered what I needed it to. Then I technically drew the design onto the aluminum using the measurements. From there I double, triple and quadruple checked it to make sure my size was perfect. After all that I used tin snips to cut the design out. I sanded the edges down with sandpaper. Starting with 50G to get the large burs off then up to 120 to smooth it out, then to 400 to give it a very fine finish. After that is all hammered out, flat, smooth. I then set the shroud up in the paint booth. Here, I use self etching primer as my first coat. When dry, I use industrial black finish (for loading docks) and give it a once over. Then, the Curio comes into play with me measuring out how much space I need for the text at first. Then I pull an image from Photoshop cut out the letters, throw it into silhouette studio and cut it out on vinyl. This "positive stencil" is then applied onto the black coat. BACK TO THE BOOTH!!! I set up the shroud with the stencil applied and give it one coat of yellow paint. When this is almost dry (not too tacky) I peel off the stencil. The reason behind that is because I do not want the stencil (with dry paint on it) to pull off the surrounding paint. I then take red acrylic paint and outline the edges of the shroud. We are close to the end! I am starting to add some detail now, the letters underneath with the arrow through it and the white (whatever the heck it is) splashed on it. And there we have it! The final Product! WELCOME TO BASE CAMP! I have been working on the design for the front panel of the InWin 301. A lot of thought was put into it and a lot of preparations had to be made in order to cut through this steel. I want to give a HUGE thank you to LMT-Onsrud for providing and helping me get the perfect milling bits for the job (that fit in a Dremel rotary tool). To begin the process I started off doing a lot of research for images of Mt. Everest, the Basecamp and I tried to find the names of the fallen adventurers as well. I decided to not go with the names because, well frankly there are too many. I liked the Idea of cutting the mountain into it so that's what I went with. I brought the design into Silhouette Studio where I then created the template to send to the Curio to cut on vinyl. I then applied the vinyl to the front of the case. Using the LMT mills and my Dremel, I started cutting out my basic shapes making sure not to hit the edges of the vinyl stencil to leave room for the finished edges. From there I used a variety of Files, Grinding discs and more mills to expand the design across the front panel. This means I started cleaning up the edges as well. After that was done my Dremel 3000 finally died on me. The gears got stripped and the whole tool was piping hot to the touch. So I went out and picked up a Dremel 200 hoping it would do the job in a pinch, and it surprisingly came through for me. So I used some cutting discs and more filing to pull my design out a bit more. I added quite a bit after with a pencil so I could pronounce the shapes of the mountain. When I used the cutting wheels I added some straight thin lines to try to create some depth within the piece. Then came the sanding using a variety of sandpaper and then more filing and more sanding to get all of the burs off creating a smooth surface. Final product after milling/sanding I am currently cleaning it up a bit more as I noticed (in the photos) some spots that need to be hit with a file. After I go through it a few more times with the file and sandpaper, I am going to be sanding the whole case, then applying my paint to the exterior. After I cut out the the Mountain on the front panel, I went back in and cleaned it up. I sanded it more going up to 1200g and then Started the painting process. First thing to do was to gut the case. Then the left overs that were riveted in were masked with blue tape. I then took it over to the spray booth and let loose with the rattle can. I did 1 coat every hour until I achieved the finish I wanted then let dry for 48 hrs. In that time I was able to start on the window. I used the Silhouette Cameo to cut out a Vinyl stencil to etch the map of Mt. Everest camp sites on the window. From there I put the vinyl down and started the etching process. (yes there are bubbles, but it doesn't make a difference in this application) I used a thin chemical/etching paint mix to start the etching off. This was to ensure that IF the vinyl were to come off, I would still have a nice etched look (gotta cover your rear end). After that was dry, I went back over it with 60G, 120g, 400g, and 1200g sand paper. This turned the chemical etch more opaque (not too much though). I went a little overboard with the opacity of the etch because I wanted it to show up in final photos. So after the 2 day etch it was time to check out the paint job on the case. I finally got the finish I was looking for. So I took it out of the booth and put it back on the shop bench. I was having some issues with my concept design. It was just too... much. A wise man once told me that "If you run across an issue that you can not resolve on the spot, you need to sleep on it" So I listened, and slept on it. The next day I woke up to a wet shop, It had rained the night before and the water had gotten under the door flooding a part of the shop. So while getting the water out, it hit me. The window needed something else... RUST. It needed to resemble a lost piece of equipment stranded in the mountains and torn by the elements. Metal, rust, decay. The representation of those that were lost up on those mountains along with their supplies. So I pulled the paint out and started doing some Liquid leafing and rust effects. This is the part I really can not explain because this type of painting is all about YOU. There is no right or wrong way to age or do faux rust. Just make sure you have a dark and a light color. In this case my choice was a Brown and Orange, a little bit of water and a Chip brush. Popped on some music and away I went. And then popped it back in to see what it will look like. I really like details. Small details that you wouldn't think twice about. Even if you can't always see them, you know there there and without them something would be missing. So I started out by rusting up the InWin logo and a few internal parts. After that, I started my design for the Ram Using Fusion 360 and used some copperfill filament to use for the 3D Print. " /> Up next, I started painting the Motherboard tray using some metal flake paint. Then the installation of the painted parts began. " /> I then inserted some mesh into the front of the case where I cut the Intake "holes" " /> Then, it was time to start putting the hardware together! Using the MSI Arctic Mortar and a AMD RYZEN 1500X CPU. " /> From there I ordered an Alphacool Eisbear from ModMyMods as well as the AM4 plate. " /> Then It was time to install all my 3D Printed parts. The Copper also started Oxidizing which looked really neat. " /> The GPU needed some love so I added a wood back plate as well as some wood accents to create a natural and winter feel to the interior. " /> The Case was coming together nicely so far. Just needed to add the Adata XPG SSD and the Primochill hardline! I also added some Tibetan Prayer Flags to give it that Tibetan/Mt. Everest Base camp feel (They also flap in the wind from the fans). " /> Then added the Mayhems Non stain Yellow " /> And it was finally ready " /> Final Photos Thank you all for viewing my work log! I hope you enjoyed!
  2. Very clean job! I really like the color scheme and how you symmetrically contrasted the two different tones of blue on the fans. Very well done!
  3. Thanks Mos! I really appreciate it! It took a while to figure out what I wanted to do with the Eisblock Mod Kit.
  4. Thank you so much! Yea this case is a blast to work on. There is so much to do with the theme its been almost painful to shoot down some of my own ideas haha
  5. UPDATE As we approach to the final hours of FORGE, I This update will be one of the last before assembly. We will be going over some fine details and creating the "look" through paint, texture and fabrication.Lets start off with the Radeon RX 460. Watercooled. Now, I know you might be thinking "why are you doing this?". Well to answer your question I'll ask you a question back. Why did I see a mini van with a 4" lift kit on it driving down the road? Because they could, and they did.. Any way.. I started out by removing the ASUS Strix heatsink and shroud from the GPU, Cleaned off the Chip and then applied thermal paste and added an Alphacool NexXxos GPX Solo. It was a little bit of a tight fit, but it fit. Then I started on the back plate with some 1/8th cast acrylic. The design is based off of the Alphacool heat fins on their Full GPU blocks. I wanted to keep the theme so I made the "fins" a bit smaller and added an angle that will run off into a flat leather plane. I liked where it was going, but something was missing. Like every good story there has to be a part that draws emotion, that really catches your attention and makes you feel. To me Stained glass was the answer for this build. I decided I wanted to make a stained glass shroud for the GPU. I think it represents the Viking era very well and adds some "awe" to the theme.The original stained glass I did was too heavy for that small GPU so I had to make it out of acrylic and give it a nice faux finish, then connect it with solder, just like I would with real stained glass. And then you have the final results.NOTE: I had to cut down the back plate because the Motherboard cover went out half way across the GPU due to the long screws on the Eisblock. Speaking of the Eisblock! I received the Alphacool Eisblock Mod kit from Alphacool and did a little faux finish on that as well. Making it look and feel like forged steel. That concludes the most recent update. I had some PSU cables made and they just came in to the shop today! I also received some awesome soft and hard plastic drill bits from LMT Onsrud to try out. So my next update will start with drilling some holes in the custom reservoir and tapping it.
  6. Thank you! I think it was you that said something about chain mail during one of the hangouts and I thought to myself "THAT'S WHATS MISSING!" So thank you for the inspiration! I hope it pulls the story/mod together.
  7. Thank you! I was so happy when I found the paint, it saved me a lot of mixing chemicals to get the look. And who knows, you might see a Dwarf! Never can tell.
  8. UPDATE FORGE is coming together! In this update I am working on most of the details and trying to set the mood/tone of the case keeping in mind the viewers eyes and where its drawn to when looking at the Mod. I started off with the name plate. I used: Cast Acrylic, Vinyl, Balsa wood and lots of paint. The Vinyl was used to mask off the FORGE name lettering and applied underneath to give it an orange base. I left on some of the original paper that comes on the acrylic so that the paint doesn't get on the top of it. From there I used a self-etching primer and then the Black hammered metal faux finish paint. after that dried I cut up some strips of balsa wood, glued it down, then went over with a knife carving out the edges to make it look like wood planks. From there I hit it with 2 layers of red wood stain. After the name plate was put on the drying rack, I then started on the motherboard cover. I thought that the motherboard added too much technology to the design of the case so I had to figure something out to change the look. So I came up with this. After the cover was completed I then remade the top flange for the front of the case. This was done with Acrylic, Vinyl, paint and lots of patients. In these images I do not show the complete fully painted product. I do apologies. The reason for that is because I am adding some fine painting detail to it and wanted to save it for a later update/tutorial. So in the coming days You will see the final images of this. Lastly, this brings us to the window shroud. The Chainmail. This took hours. Actually it took about 2 days including the painting and weathering. I made this almost from scratch (I did not make the rings them selves). This was my first time making chainmail and it was a journey of its own. I purchased the rings and all I had to do was put them together..right? You have to do it a certain way and then they all get tangled and mangled and don't lay flat, then you miss a spot and nothing lines up... BUT! It got done! And I think I did a decent job for a first go at it. I then applied layers of paint and finally, it started to come to life. Would I do it again? Oh yea! It was worth the frustration Now, keep in mind, this case mod tells a dark story. Thank you all for viewing my new update! There is more to come!
  9. WOW! That is fantastic! I am loving every bit of it!
  10. UPDATE We are making progress with FORGE! I received lots of goodies from my sponsors: ModMyMods and Alphacool and I want to thank them so much for their support! To the UPDATE! The Old place holders are now all gone and I started making the new PSU cover! The PSU needed venting so Instead of making a "slit" type vent, I made the decision to go with an Open look as if it was a "funnel" for the Bellows to push air through. There was a lot fo thought to go into it deciding if I wanted to make it look industrial or hand made. I decided on Industrial so that I could give a few harsh lines in the interior design. Next was the design of the Image itself. The Old Anvil logo I originally made was too much and didn't tell much of a story. So I re-designed the anvil with a raven flying above. The Raven signifies a death of a soldier in battle. This stems from the Old Norse Mythology. In short, The Valkyries would take form of a raven and choose who would pass on to Valhalla. This tied into the theme and story of this case mod, taking the concept that the FORGE was the creator of deaths tools. I used the Silhouette Cameo 3 to cut the stencil. Once cut, I laid it on the PSU cover and then started applying the primer and finish coat. After that, I wen't back to the back panel to add the ArtMods Logo. The back was too dull and I wanted to add the logo somewhere, so I thought Id blend it in with the back panel of the case. I used 400g sandpaper to smooth out the paint, then Vinyl to make a "raised" logo. then once applied I went back over it with a finished coat. Then it was working on the Front radiator. I ran into issues with the Optical Drive Bay blocking space the radiator needed. I made the decision to cut it out and make a mount. I bought some of this scrap acrylic from the local plastics shop, it is holographic and looked like wavy fire, so I decided to use it for the radiator mount. I cut it, sanded the edges down, and used the MNPCTECH radiator template to guide my marker. From there, there was more cutting and then I riveted the mount to the case. I then did a mock up using the Alphacool NeXxoS ST30 Full Copper Radiator and EK Vardar 120mm fans. Now I am working on the Pump mount/SSD mount.
  11. Thanks Mos! that means a lot! Its still in pieces, but soon I will be assembling it. This build keeps evolving. All of the original pieces I made in the beginning of the project are now obsolete and new ideas are being incorporated now.
  12. UPDATE So here is what the plan was. And then I decided Im going to do this right. I am not going to settle for how this looks in the above photos. So out with the parts! Thanks to ModMyMods for their sponsorship, This project has come so far and is going further! Enjoy Update 21117! Re-Enter The FORGE I pulled all the parts out and put them away. I then decided to cut the front out to make a hole for a radiator mount. From there I decided to make the front panel once more, only this too will not be a door as well. I used 100% cast acrylic and a 20 tpi blade on the scroll saw. I built a acrylic bender but I am going to need to make a heating element for it so I have to do it the old way (which DOES work). Then it was time to make the Flap at the top. I chose to add a hammer in the front hanging down instead of having it attached. Then I started on the back panel. I wanted it to look like an exhaust vent. With this design I have more than enough room to run tubes and cables. I gave it a good paint job, front and back. as well as the front flap. Then we moved into the inside of the Case to the Motherboard, where I made the motherboard I/0 Cover. I gave the Case its self a once over with a final coat of paint. I made it look like dark hammered metal using a faux finish paint. As of right now, I am working on making 2 different custom res's. One will run along the top of the case horizontal and another will go inside. as you can see in the below concept art. If you would also like to see live updates you can also find me on twitter @ArtMods_
  13. Agreed, I'm glad that you chose that pattern. It really does tighten things up, and doesn't look random or out of place.
  14. UPDATE: I installed all the hardware and started fiddling with the details. The first thing I made is the optical drive bay cover. Its still drying right now, I have some more work to do on it when the paint drys. That hole in the middle is for the power button. I had to move it from the front because the cable was 1/8 of an inch short. So now creativity comes into play. After that, I decided to paint the top of the heatsink. Next I made the GPU Back Plate. I cut out a stencil I made on Vinyl and then applied before painting. So far this is where I am at. I have to fix the LED's in the front, cut the back panel, add case feet, clean up all of the text and logos and make a top panel. I'm not sure if ill be doing anything else to it other than the things I mentioned, I keep getting more ideas but I don't want to over do it.
  15. Very pretty! I'm loving the honeycomb on the front. This mod makes me happy.
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