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  1. MAKE YOUR OWN CUSTOM LED NAMEPLATE! I was looking to further customize my PC and was tired of advertising my EVGA graphics card. Tools required: Vinyl cutter like Silhouette Portrait/Cameo or Cricut Explorer STEP 1: Remove nameplate from EVGA GPU STEP 2: Trace nameplate shape on 0.05" acrylic STEP 3: Cut out acrylic STEP 4: Cut out design in Silhouette Studio with black vinyl (I prefer Oracle 651 vinyl) STEP 5: Peel off vinyl cutout with x-acto knife STEP 6: Apply vinyl cutout to acrylic. Smooth out bubbles OPTIONAL: Add colored electrical tape to backside for color effects STEP 7: Apply new namplate back to GPU MORE PICTURES COMING SOON
  2. Make the EVGA PowerLink GLOW! Inspired by JayzTwoCents, I added RGB Led lighting to the EVGA PowerLink. Powered off of the 8 pin power cable.
  3. It's a work in progress. The PC is completed, just organizing the photos
  4. I wanted to create a PC that utilized water in a way I had not seen before. I've seen Bubble Walls in stores (Fry's Electronics), aquariums, and shopping malls, but never a desktop PC. The idea was to combine the two elements to make the Bubble Wall PC. The focus would not be on the PC inside (older system I had lying around) but rather a proof of concept to be revised in the future. If the system should fail, i'm not concerned about it in the least. The biggest challenge will be not allowing the system to leak. WATER = BAD FOR ELECTRONICS and that is what makes this project risky and exciting (It's distilled water, but potentially dangerous nonetheless). The power supply in the NZXT S340 is elevated so should a leak occur there will be no shorting of power (great unintentional design, NZXT). PARTS LIST: NZXT S340 case w/ system Sunbeamtech Rheosmart 6 channel fan controller 20 x 1/8" to 1/4" polycarbonate barbed reducing couplings 1/16" acrylic sheet 1/8" acrylic sheet 12ft 1" square extruded acrylic tubing 50ft 1/8" ID PVC tubing WELD ON 3 acrylic adhesive Super Glue
  5. Final results. Also inadvertently gave my GTX 770 a white racing stripe!
  6. 5 coats of plastidip later. After the tape is removed I can see the parts I missed up close.
  7. Removed VRM and Southbridge heatsinks and painted separately. Also taped up RAM sticks and the video card, since they would also be visible. Some chips with logos I covered. SMD LEDs were also kept to allow illumination and allow for troubleshooting, especially the boot sequence LEDs near the 12 pin connector, and the QCode display. Taping took hours, but the final result was worth it.
  8. So I painted the motherboard white with Plastidip in order to "enhance" the contrast inside of the case. Hopefully it was enough and I won't have to paint the inside of the case white as well. We shall see when I come out with Whiteout V2.0 (That's what i'm calling this now. Not Snowblind, but Whiteout). Here's the painting video guide if you want to watch. Pictures in the next post.
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