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  1. My Alphatier Casecon ist still in Progress. I chaged the Puptop from EK XTOP REVO D5 to ULTITOP D5 from Aquacomputer. I like the slim AC look much better. But i had to make a new holding braket for it so it will fit in the space where the old Pumptop was located do match the original tubing position. [/url I also made a cover for the back to hide the PSU and most of the cables.
  2. Finally an update again. I have a new woman in my live that takes up a lot of time. I made two Side panels. The material is Polystyrol which scratches sooo easy. But working with it for the first time was a good experience. I play wit the idea to let me made the side panels in Temperd Glas. Not sure depends how much that will cost.
  3. I had to make some changes to the Hardwarframe. It was not stiff enough if loaded wit hardware. I also decided to put some Acrylic on the sides so i had to make make some more rails on the sides. The pump mount also got a overhaul so that i can change it out more easy
  4. Cables a love and hate relationship for many Modders. A good cable job can make and break a Build. With the Alphatier being a very open Build i had too be a bit creative about my cables. Again i had too buy some stuff ...
  5. Having a new job is not always great. It gives you mony for toys that you cant play with because u have to work LOL. Still i got some smaller things done. A little colour here and there . A new CPU mount. I als played with some cable management Ideas for the hard drives.
  6. I also made a quick testfit to see how to manage the cabels and you get a glimps on the final loop route.
  7. I had to make a break because i got a new Job. But i made some mony and invested it in new hardware. It is used Hardware but i got an offer i could not refuse XD
  8. Making a Pumpmount was trickier than i thought, but now it works fine. But i had to order some special Screws to make it work kind of good looking. The idea with glue was not my a best one XD
  9. Got something done Today . Over the weekend i thought hard how to tackle the Alphatier Storage issue. After spending another 40 € in the Hardware store i can say I am happy with te result. I also got closer to fix me a pump mount. Not sure if i use the old 80mm Fan from an old Apple G5 or use the mount that came with the pumptop. What do you guys think.? I also blatantly want to show of my sleeving skills XD
  10. So many new toys for Alphatier. I played around to find a nice loop route unfortunately not everything that looks good is practical. That is because the quick disconnects need some tube slack to work well. I am really glad i can detach the radiator frame from the Mainboard part it helped a lot today. And that is also the reason i need the 4 quick disconnects. And i also found a good use for the Alphacool packing material. The Foam is really nice to work with
  11. A pic of the small 150mm Res and a Selektion of the Fittings. This will be also the position the i planed to put the res.
  12. What is in the BOX, many,many, many small Boxes XD Unfortunately i ran into trouble with my Cam and had to order new Bateries But i still manged to take a Pic for the promised Update
  13. The great feeling when you get the Parcel you waited for forever and when it arrives you have to go to work . There will be some Updates soon. A BIG thank you to Alphacool, Aquatuninig and Hardwaremax for helping me out with the Parts
  14. I build myself a little flushing setup wit an amazing filter, thank you Grany btw. I flushed over night with distilled water . There should be no dangeroues stuff be left that can damage a pump inside this radiator anymore.
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