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  1. My Alphatier Casecon ist still in Progress. I chaged the Puptop from EK XTOP REVO D5 to ULTITOP D5 from Aquacomputer. I like the slim AC look much better. But i had to make a new holding braket for it so it will fit in the space where the old Pumptop was located do match the original tubing position. [/url I also made a cover for the back to hide the PSU and most of the cables.
  2. Finally an update again. I have a new woman in my live that takes up a lot of time. I made two Side panels. The material is Polystyrol which scratches sooo easy. But working with it for the first time was a good experience. I play wit the idea to let me made the side panels in Temperd Glas. Not sure depends how much that will cost.
  3. I had to make some changes to the Hardwarframe. It was not stiff enough if loaded wit hardware. I also decided to put some Acrylic on the sides so i had to make make some more rails on the sides. The pump mount also got a overhaul so that i can change it out more easy
  4. Cables a love and hate relationship for many Modders. A good cable job can make and break a Build. With the Alphatier being a very open Build i had too be a bit creative about my cables. Again i had too buy some stuff ...
  5. Having a new job is not always great. It gives you mony for toys that you cant play with because u have to work LOL. Still i got some smaller things done. A little colour here and there . A new CPU mount. I als played with some cable management Ideas for the hard drives.
  6. I also made a quick testfit to see how to manage the cabels and you get a glimps on the final loop route.
  7. I had to make a break because i got a new Job. But i made some mony and invested it in new hardware. It is used Hardware but i got an offer i could not refuse XD
  8. Making a Pumpmount was trickier than i thought, but now it works fine. But i had to order some special Screws to make it work kind of good looking. The idea with glue was not my a best one XD
  9. Got something done Today . Over the weekend i thought hard how to tackle the Alphatier Storage issue. After spending another 40 € in the Hardware store i can say I am happy with te result. I also got closer to fix me a pump mount. Not sure if i use the old 80mm Fan from an old Apple G5 or use the mount that came with the pumptop. What do you guys think.? I also blatantly want to show of my sleeving skills XD
  10. So many new toys for Alphatier. I played around to find a nice loop route unfortunately not everything that looks good is practical. That is because the quick disconnects need some tube slack to work well. I am really glad i can detach the radiator frame from the Mainboard part it helped a lot today. And that is also the reason i need the 4 quick disconnects. And i also found a good use for the Alphacool packing material. The Foam is really nice to work with
  11. A pic of the small 150mm Res and a Selektion of the Fittings. This will be also the position the i planed to put the res.
  12. What is in the BOX, many,many, many small Boxes XD Unfortunately i ran into trouble with my Cam and had to order new Bateries But i still manged to take a Pic for the promised Update
  13. The great feeling when you get the Parcel you waited for forever and when it arrives you have to go to work . There will be some Updates soon. A BIG thank you to Alphacool, Aquatuninig and Hardwaremax for helping me out with the Parts
  14. I build myself a little flushing setup wit an amazing filter, thank you Grany btw. I flushed over night with distilled water . There should be no dangeroues stuff be left that can damage a pump inside this radiator anymore.
  15. Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 180mm Triple Radiator VS 240 AIO size Rad XD
  16. First run of flushing the Monsta with Tab waterONE Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 180mm Triple Radiator eats up 1.2 Liters of fluid !!!!Next run will be distilled water. I do not use extra chemicals . Just a good long run of water.Wasting water is no issue in Germany I changed in and outlet a few times, used warm water and gave it a good shake a few times.
  17. Thank you Bill. I probably have to wait another two weeks for a Key Part that is still out of stock. Maybe i will paint the Brass Pumptop i am waiting for. I normaly do not like painting my stuff, if i add colour i will use Vinyl Tape. I try to keep colours to a minumum silver white and Black. Some red from the Fans will give it a little glow when the fans spin. If the Alphatier calls for it i will do some decoration, it is always a proces and since it is my private Build i can take my time and do what i want.
  18. Thank you guys, Just some small update today Alphatier will not scratch my flor or desk anymoreI also put some tape on the frame so that the Radiator Paint will not get scratchedUnfortunately i still have to wait for the watercooling parts because some key parts are out of stock . It is always impressive to look at the 180mm fans compared to a normal 120mm
  19. The grill holder Bracket was a bit too clunky in my eyes so i invested a few hours of work to make it look a bit nicer in my eyes.
  20. For protection of the two radiators Fins a build myself two simple but effective grills.
  21. I have to wait for the Alphacool parts now, not much modding without that. The Alphacool guys are now in Taipei for Computex 2017 so it might take a while longer than usual until they have time to take care of my little order. Bad timing on my side XD . Eddy and Matthias if u read this i hope u have a good time there although i know that such tradeshows are stressful. But a made some Pics of the Stainless screws that hold the Alphatier together. Already over 100 Washers were used. No rivets will pierce this Beast XD
  22. I am not a big fan of hard tubing. For Show builds or when you do not plan to change the hardware for a long time it is a good choice.But this is a more " easy" homemade situation Build, so i of course choose flex tubing. I use 13-10 tubing because i like the look.BUT If u start a new water cooling build i would recommend a 16-10 tube. The thicker Wals will bend better.I have used black Norprene tubing for a few years now and it is a very good tube, but i kinks quite fast (13-10 )A few months ago Mayhams announced Mayhems UV White Tubing (3/8 - 1/2) 10/13mm Tubing . And i used it in one of my other Builds.I really love the sleek white look ( i do not care about UV ) and so Alphatier will have white vains. I made a few pics
  23. Although i want to build an open Case, i need to make a few Cable routing holes because it has to look somewhat tidy. After test fitting the Seasonic PSU i made first cut. On the Back of the MB Tray will be a space to hide the Cables and the aquaero. Also the D5 Pump and a tube-res will be located on this side. but lets see when the watercooling hardware arrives.
  24. Thank you for the help Cheapstake. Glad you like my build. I plan to add some more videos in the future so it would be nice if the Forumsoftware would get a feature for inserting YT Videos.
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