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  1. System hardware. 1- MSI Z270 XPower Gaming Titanium Motherboard 2- MSI GTX1080 SeaHawk EK GPU 3- MSI GTX1080 SeaHawk EK GPU 4- İntel Core i7 7700K Cpu 5- Gskill Trident Z 64gb 3600Mhz Ddr4 cl17 quad Ram 6- Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD 7- Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD 8- Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD 9- Seagata Barracuda 2TB 7200 RPM HDD ( 4 PCS ) 10- Corsair Neutron XTİ 960 gb SSD ( 4 Pcs ) 11- Corsair AX1500i Power Supply 12- Creative Sound Klaster ZXR Sound Card 13- Corsair HD120 RGB Fan 8pcs set (24 pcs total fan ) 14- Corsair lightning Node Pro ( 3 Pcs ) 15- Orico HDD Switch ( 2 Pcs ) 16- Msi 2 way large HB Bridge 17- Lampron CW 611 Water Cooling Controller ( 2 Pcs ) 18- Lamptron CM 430 Fan Controller (2 Pcs ) Peripherals: 1- ASUS Rog Swift PG279Q 27’’ 165Hz 2K Monitor ( 3 Pcs ) 2- Corsair K95 RGB Platinum mx red mechanical Keyboard 3- Corsair M65 Pro Rgb Gaming Mouse 4- Corsair Void Rgb Yerllow Jacket Headset 5- Corsair MM800 Rgb Mouse Pad 6- Fantec 4 Bay Hdd Box Water Cooling: 1- Ek Water Cool Streem XE 360mm 6cm Radiator ( 4 Pcs ) 2- XSPC D5 Vario pump ( 4 Pcs ) 3- Barrow Acrylic Pump Top ( 4 Pcs ) 4- Barrow Red / White Pomp Cover ( 4 Pcs ) 5- Barrow 14mm hard tube fitting ( 68 Pcs ) 6- Barrow Electonic Flow Meter Acrylic ( 4 Pcs ) 7- Barrow Red White cap Water Filter ( 4 Pcs ) 8- Barrow Water Valve ( 2 Pcs ) 9- Barrow Pressure Valve ( 4 Pcs ) 10- Barrow 90 Degree fitting ( 28 Pcs ) 11- Barrow 45 Degrees Fitting ( 4 Pcs ) 12- Bitspower 90 Degree Fitting ( 8 Pcs ) 13- Bitspower 72mm Fill Port (1 Pcs ) 14- Mansoon Thermal Censor ( 4 Pcs ) 15- Barrow Stop Fitting ( 6 Pcs ) 16- Barrow Acrylick 5 Way Rotary Fitting ( 7 Pcs ) Panel Mount Accessory: 1- Power Connector Mount with buton ( 2 Pcs ) 2- Optic Panel Mount ( 2 Pcs ) 3- Aux Rca Sound Cable Panel Mount ( 6 Pcs ) 4- Ethernet Cat5 Panel mount Cable 60cm ( 2 Pcs ) 5- Usb 3.0 Dual Port Panel Mount Cable 90cm ( 6 Pcs ) 6- HDMI Mount Cable 90 Cm ( 4 Pcs ) 7- Display Port Panel Mount Cable 90 cm ( 6 Pcs ) 8- 3.5 mm Stereo jack Panel mount cable 100cm ( 6 Pcs )
  2. Yeah, it's a little big. But it is the same size as other cases. My case 80x80cm In my case there are 5.25 drive nests in the front and rear. And there's a 360mm radiator on case 4 side. And every radiator can be fitted with a pull push fan. In this size there are not many features in other cases ..
  3. Hello to everyone. As you can see, our project is complete. I posted late because of personal problems. sorry. Yeah. I hope you like the project very much. We showed the construction stage in a separate article. Hello to everyone. As you can see, our project is complete. I posted late because of personal problems. sorry. Yeah. I hope you like the project very much. We showed the construction stage in a separate article. Click on the link below for the project's construction phase. The first version of the project. I will specify the system hardware tomorrow.
  4. At beginning we thought , it would be huge or a hulk… But the flaps showed it smaller.It is not a huge… You can compare dimensions with equal cases at Photo. I have cutted up to 4 Corsair 900D cases until now. I think ı know 900D. Please try to use 4X250mm Reservoir + 4XD5 Pomp +4X360/60 Rads İn a 900D….
  5. Hello friends... I have not been active for a long time. Sorry.:) Our baby was born. And a boy. Project completed. And slowly I will add pictures ... the braas parts came from nickel coating. And we decided on case coloring
  6. The trial was interrupted by the plexi being interrupted. Now the ears in the corners are bent. The marked parts on the four corners of the frame will bend. Bending process. The parts to bend. The plexi was fixed by placing an aluminum sheet on the lower part. The bending part was heated with hot air gun. And twisted parts.
  7. These lids will be given a stand image in the space. To achieve this, long thin metal feet between the plexi and the case were considered. These feet were made in 2 pieces. When these feet were connected to each other and to the cage, this was achieved at the front and back. Threaded rods were mounted for easy mounting of the end caps of the bars.
  8. The plexi hatches are now in place. The plexi was made from the cover plate. The plexi cover will be smaller than 1 cm of the foot on the sides of the case. The corners will twist. Plexi cover was drawn in corel program. The laser was cut.
  9. Bars for I / O Panel were made. not this..:) And these were done on the truck. The back of the CPU socket is cut. A trial board was provided with the following appearance.
  10. The cables from the corners of the corridors were passed under the SSD and HDDs and were directed to the mainland. With the installation of PSU + SSD and HDDs, the case back has such an appearance.
  11. SSDs and HDDs have been located. Mounting kit for SSD and HDD was made. 2 for HDDs, 1 for SSDs. A total of 4 HDDs and 4 SSD slots are available. A gap was left under the skids for cable taps.
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