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  1. Sorry for delay but now we are back in business! :) And here we go. Lets start with quick picture of cleaning used gpu block with acid. That shiny copper looks good, although the copper won't be visible when I paint the sides of it. Next up some new stuff. I got new cpu block too since I lost mounting screws for my old one This shipment contained: - Four Gentle Typhoon 1450rpm fans - Swiftech MCRES Micro Rev2 Reservoir - XSPC Raystorm CPU block - And Alphacool HF SLI connection 1 Slot I'm going to sand the plexi of the block to get more constant light distribution of the LED's and those I'm going to switch into red ones of course As for the reservoir, I have already got rid of the mounting clips so it can fit on it's place. Aaaand rest of the clips went out the window today. Next, drilling and tapping. First a small hole. Then bigger and bigger and finally the last size 11,5mm And of course I forgot to take the last pic of tapped hole but here is a snail for replacement. Lastly, the adapter for mPCI-e card is READY!! And for those who hasn't read the previous posts. I took the wlan card out of the Gigabyte Z77N-Wifi board to accommodate adapter that makes that slot into PCI-e x1 slot and in there I place my Asus D2X soundcard. So maybe it is now a Z77N-HiFi? And finally. Top screws are going to be black or red Thats it for now but don't worry, next update won't take this long since this needs to be ready before august for Assembly Summer 2013! Hope you enjoyed this update and remember to give feedback
  2. UPDAAAATE! Now the GPU is confirmed as I visited my friend yesterday and he happened to have an extra Gigabyte HD 7950 Windforce rev.1 and as it is rev.1 it has reference PCB But now to the todays update. I have now mounted the Bitfenix Recon into front of the case. First I needed some guiding lines so I know where to cut it. and after cutting the hole. It looks rough but no worries as it is going to be covered. As for test fitting it I used my second Recon that I received from Bitfenix so I could replace the touch panel that I broke previously. It is going to be black in There it is. New update is coming shortly and it will be concentrating to motherboard, sound card and adapter for half sized mPCIe card to accommodate full sized card. Some teasers of the next update.
  3. Some pump action. 15th March 2013, 03:53 AM Woohoo! Got stuff today and got some done too! From left to right. Alphacool VPP655T, Alphacool HF D5 Top and Gigabyte Z77N-Wifi This time I'm going to work on the pump. For my surprise this was with tacho wire already on it. I just didn't like the wires on this so some sleeving is in order . Also backside was not pleasing my eye and it needed to be changed. For sleeving these wires I used sleeving that I got last year from modDIY. I also use this for most wires that I didn't get from BitFenix. I started this by taking the lid off and taking fan & molex connectors off from wires too. I didn't bother to take pictures of sleeving progress because it is boring But sleeved wires are here and I decided to change connectors to black ones too. At this point I decided that I had to do something to the back lid. I found some 3D carbon vinyl from my drawer and I just had to put it in there. And to be honest, I am actually pretty proud how this pump and pictures turned out *Pads my own back* Please tell me if you want something explained or photographed in more detail. MOAR METAL! and test fitting real parts! 30th March 2013, 09:39 PM Finally an update on metal works! This time it is focused on mounting of the radiators. First I had to mark places for radiator screw holes. For this i used an old rad grill. For screws I used the ones that came with rads. I haven't decided yet that should I use these for final build and paint them or get new ones. Top rad had to have countersunk screws since lid needs to fit on top of it. Front rad mounted, I have to screw the front plate into the frame even it stays like that now. Note the copper showing thru the top radiator, I need to spray some paint on it. Top mounting turned out nicely. Next up some final pictures for this update. Little fiddling with small objects. 15th April 2013, 10:38 AM Picked up an adapter to convert mPCIe ---> PCI-e x1 so i can use better soundcard Soundcard is going to be Asus Xonar D2X and it is 1cm longer than motherboard Adapter in its original condition. Can't even think a reason why I should leave it like that. I found some leftover carbon vinyl from my previous project so I decided to cover that ugly green pcb and tinfoil cable There it is. log is now up to date. Next update is going to be latest that I have done :)
  4. Oh, that sheet cutter was what he meant. Good to learn new things every day :) We call it levyleikkuri in here :D
  5. @avolla Thanks! Although I'm not sure what you meant by "brake" :D I will continue updating tomorrow as it is getting late in here. Stay tuned for some awesome crazy pump action tomorrow!
  6. Yeah, my picture gallery has resizing feature so I just need to copy each link separately, delete existing image in here and paste it . Not so hard but with many images it is frustrating :D
  7. Starting the metal work...Again 6th February 2013 Had to change material because i didn't have a good tig welding machine for aluminium. Got some progress made today! And planning to get some tomorrow too With trusty ol' Kemppi I got the cage made and it wasn't easy to make as it may seem I noticed that if any dimensions are off and you don't triple check them you are going to get troubles. Cage is little skewed but I will be able to fix it tomorrow And some pictures... No reason to polish it up yet because if something goes terribly wrong it would be polished for dumpster (knock on wood) More metal work 6th February 2013 Managed to get something done today as well. Had to weld some weird MacGyver patents to table so I could straighten the case. And that was it for this day. Had to wrestle with non-working electric appliances P.S. A little conundrum for you guys (and gals?). What are these parts for? Test fitting some broken parts 15th February 2013 Hooray, I got some stuff done today and even had few ideas Mostly I just got so much figured out how to do some tricky places. I also welded motherboard tray holders successfully in place and made rear panel and supports for it. Didn’t have time to take photos of rear panel as time just flied by and I realized it was Valentine’s Day and clock was already 18:15. Well let ‘s just say my wife was not that happy about that. Well any way, here is some photos that I managed to take. BUT WAIT! There is more… When I got home I noticed that there is package for me :P It was from Jimm’s PC Store and I remembered that I ordered rad’s, tubing and some ATX/VGA male & female pins. Got few pictures of them too. New sponsor!! 21st February 2013, 12:40 PM Today was the day I was waiting for. UPS brought me a package today but it was smaller than what I was waiting for, later I found out that there was second package coming But what was in it? Well RAM of course, 16GB HyperX Beast memory, KHX16C9T3K2/16X to be exact Pictures will follow later. Thank you Kingston for sponsoring my build!! Kingston's products showcased 4th March 2013, 11:19 PMI have been making progress even I haven't been updating every little move I make Recently I got some old stuff sold, enough to buy motherboard, pump and top for it I have also made front cover and have been designing a place for fan controller on the front. I also received SSD's and ram from Kingston and I have taken photos from them. I will be writing a small unboxing and review of them when I get my build assembled in point where I can start installing OS for testing But now some sneak peek photos of the Kingston's products review Working on the fan controller12th March 2013 Here is an update on the fan controller I didn't like the original light blue backlight so I decided to change that to red. I tried different ways but I found this way best for me. ​ Here is the BitFenix Recon in it's original condition. It is nice but it's backlight isn't good for my case. ​ ​ To disassemble this, only 4 screws needs to be removed from the corners to get it apart. Touch panel was glued to the front so I had to be careful to remove it so it wouldn't broke. ​ This is what it looks like without covers. ​ Next step was to get plastic film what I was going to use to make backlight red. Film wasn't red enough so I decided to use huge sharpie to color it more darker. But where is this going to be? I bet you will guess wrong. ​ Red film goes between backlight module and screen itself. I just slide the film between those and it goes there pretty smoothly. ​ ​ Red film goes between backlight module and screen itself. I just slide the film between those and it goes there pretty smoothly. ​ And in my opinion it works great! I left 5.25" metal piece out because I wont be needing it. Unfortunately as I was putting it together, I applied to much pressure in touch panel and heard the worst sound ever *SNAP* and touch panel was broken I have requested new one from BitFenix so it will be in working condition when i need it (Got totally new Recon from BitFenix and swapped the touchpanel and it works great now :) ) Thanks to BitFenix for sponsoring my build
  8. Hello to you all in Mod Zoo! This will be my first post, first thread and first build that I'm posting here so forgive me if there are some problems with images or with something else :D Computers has been my hobby for 12 years and always wanted a PC case from scratch. Now I had the time and know-how on how to make one. My budget is limited so don't expect any 1000$ CPU's or Titans in this thread. Luckily I was sponsored for this build by BitFenix, Kingston and Finnish Jimm's PC store. This worklog is in few other forums too and it has been going on since December 2012 so I will copy paste a lot of progress on the first post so bare with me :) Starting the build 25th January 2013 First day with SketchUp and managed to make rough plan with the components and this is how the parts will align in the case. After a day or so i learned how to make parts in SketchUp and managed to do these A week went by and i was able to start this project in workshop where i have helped the staff with computers and in return i can use their facilities, machines etc. I decided to use 2.5mm aluminium for this project (This is going to be a bad decision as we notice later on) . I cut 40mm wide strips and press them into right angle and also made motherboard tray and one other plain sheet. And yesterday I supposed to weld everything together but as I looked the machine closer it appeared to be a DC tig! I tried to get it working by just changing ground to - position but no luck there. If you didn't know, for welding aluminium tig needs to be AC so it can break the aluminium oxide layer that has melting point of 2000 °C and aluminium in common has melting point of around 600 °C . So I couldn't break that oxide layer and that means no welding with that thing. Tomorrow I'll see if I can do anything with aluminium mig and if there's no luck I'm changing material to stainless steel. While thinking my enigma I drilled and tapped the motherboard tray. Hole is 3mm and thread 3.5mm. The package that i received from BitFenix right before christmas I got all of my cables, led's and fan controller. And this is what there was Loads of cables, two of each to be exact and reason is in the last picture. LED's should give a nice touch for the case in low light. And the reason for having two of each cable was that I wanted to make cables better looking by making them red&black instead of them being single colored And at the end of my opening post I'll put a list of all the parts that I'm getting Components: Getting myself unless I get a sponsor :) CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K (Got it) Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77N-Wifi (Got it) Ram: Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB (Got it, Sponsored) GPU: Something that barely fits there (Not yet) PSU: Super Flower Golden King Platinum 550w (Got it) SSD: 2x Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB Raid0 (Got it, Sponsored) From BitFenix (Sponsor) Freebies: - BitFenix Recon 5,25 Fan Control panel - Black BitFenix 8-Pin EPS12V 45cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix 8-Pin EPS12V 45cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix 24-Pin ATX 30cm - sleeved red/red BitFenix 24-Pin ATX 30cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix Molex to SATA Adapter 45 cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix Molex to SATA Adapter 45 cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix Molex to 3x Molex Adapter 55cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix Molex to 3x Molex Adapter 55cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix 6-Pin PCIe 45cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix 6-Pin PCIe 45cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix 8-Pin PCIe 45cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix 8-Pin PCIe 45cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix 2-Pin I/O-Panel 30cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix 2-Pin I/O-Panel 30cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix SATA 3 Cable 30cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix Alchemy Connect 6x LED-Strip 12cm - red x3 BitFenix Alchemy Connect 15x LED-Strip 30cm - red x3 Watercooling stuff: Got a deal from Jimm's PC Store for these @ 500€ This build has been made possible by:
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