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  1. You could add paint to parts of a encapsulated casting, but then the outer layer would bond to the paint and not the plastic bones. With that sculpture in particular it would cause some structural problems.
  2. A bit ago I was a featured guest in the Mod Zoo hangout video cast, and on the air I mentioned that I'd love to show my support and begin involvement with the site. This thread will be a re-cap and continuing log of a project I've been working on since Nov '16 called the 'Switch Doctor'. Premise: Creating a humanoid sculpted keycap that will wear masks to change the appearance and profile of the sculpture. There will be a mask template which other artists can use to customize the design. Tools and Materials: Sculpting: The sculpture has been created with Adam Beane Industries sculpting material CX5. Sculpture is made directly on a product that I developed with a team called the :~$ynth Hot tools for working with CX5: Kerr Ultra Waxer 2, Revlon Hair Dryer from the 90's, Mr. Coffee cup warmer, generic ceramic coffee cup. Sculpting Tools: Dental Cleaning Tools, Silicone Tip Shaping Tools Casting: Air Compressor and Vacuum Pumps. ASME rated pressure vessel, Stainless steel and lexan 5 gallon vacuum chamber. Flexible heating elements for providing heat to the curing area in sub 60F temperatures. Syringes with blunt filling tips. Industrial Platinum Cure Silicone Industrial Polyurethanes Organic Vapor Respirator Nitrile Gloves: 4mil rated Metal Stirring Spatulas Updates coming as I gather the photos and have time to write! ::EDIT:: BLOCK OF PROGRESS PICTURES FROM SCULPTING WITH CX5 - STILL FINDING THEM ALL ::EDIT::
  3. Hello! My name is Robert, online I go by Binge or Bingecaps, and I run a small arts/casting outfit called Hunger Work Studio tailored toward keyboard enthusiasts. Long time PC enthusiast, modder, and DIYer. Yesterday was my first introduction to your community by invite to the Mod Zoo webcast. Hope to make some memories here.
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