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  1. ADmodz


    Hi all. Well AIR480 had a great response when it was in the corsair stand at i61. Lots of people asking great questions on how I designed and built her. Since the show,AIR480 has had a complete strip,clean,flush through and new fluids in the loops. I made the clear orange loop a little darker,now I'm happy..... Hope you enjoy,it's been a fantastic project to work on. Massive thank you to all of my sponsors,it's been a pleasure and a honour working with you all.
  2. Hi all Well Sofia is all finished. Sorry in the delay,but a hectic work schedule and a very busy family life. i would like to thank all my sponsors for the help on this project, it's been nice to have some fun with a build. Sofia will be at i61 in August,pop over and have a closer look. Enjoy........
  3. Hi all. The day finally arrived today...... Sofia's chassis was ready to collect from the paint shop. ReBorn To Be Wild and Kustom sammy have done a fantastic job.totally blown away by the level of craftsmanship. I'm letting you see a couple of pictures,but the rest of it will be revealed very soon. ITS BUILD TIME..... Colours:- Chassis/Alphacool rad casings:- custom candy white with a high gloss show lacquer with metal flake mixed in. Case panels :- custom candy purple with a high gloss show lacquer with metal flake mixed in All art work was airbrushed on by Kustom Sammy. Enjoy....
  4. Looking good Mark.
  5. Hi all. I'm just waiting for the Antec Cube case to come back from paint,the airbrushing was completed today. They are applying the high gloss lacquer with a little metal flake in it tomorrow,so hoping to get it back by the end of the weekend. So whilst waiting for that,I got some last little bits finished. The Antec TrueQuiet 120 UFO fans have a semi transparent fan blade,which look good but not the finished look I was looking for. I wanted a plain white halo ring,there's plenty of case lighting going on so wasn't needing the light glowing through the blades. Also painted the Alphacool Eislicht casing,just to blend it into the inside case colour
  6. Hi Mosquito. the purple is a custom candy purple.its having the airbrushing done next then a high gloss show lacquer,with a tiny amount of metal flake in it. the inside of the case is a candy white with flake in the lacquer. i totally agree on the blocks,pure sex. thanks for the reply.very honoured. admodz
  7. Well that's both watercool Heatkiller blocks installed. just waiting for the case to come back from paint,and then we are ready for assembly
  8. Good evening. A little watercool goodness arrived today Big thanks to Jakob and his team for getting these made and delivered to me is supersonic time. HEATKILLER IV PRO (Intel) acrylic HEATKILLER IV RX480 acrylic These will keep Sofia nice and cool.
  9. ADmodz


    Hi all. My apologies for the lack of updates.ive been manic for the last month. My business commitments and family life. But great news yesterday,finally found the time to Collect the case panels of AIR480 I have had them hydro dipped in a brushed aluminium finish. They have done a great job and very professional team. I've attached some diamond mesh behind the corsair logo,This logo is also adding ventilation to the basement where the radiators are. I've also installed the 3mm thick clear acrylic windows,I've done a video and will get it uploaded to my YouTube channel. Enjoy......
  10. Hi all Sorry the updates have been thin on the ground. It's taken a while to get the case to paint,well for them to fit it in their busy schedules. A lot of prep went into getting all the parts to the perfection that John wanted. But today we finally got the base coats down on the chassis and exterior panels.and on the Alphacool radiator casings. The chassis has had a white base coat,next is the candy white and then a clear high gloss show lacquer. The exterior panels have had the custom mixed purple base coat,next it's the custom purple candy.then it's the high gloss show lacquer with a little metal flake. Here's a few pictures
  11. SOFIA UPDATE:- Well Sofia is ready for paint,just waiting on the paint from House Of Kolor. Myself and my lady done some testing with the pump and res yesterday,and both of us were mesmerised by the fluid running through the #alphacool plexi pump block. So we put our heads together and thought why not show the top of the block off. A little measuring and dremmel action,and it was done. I will raise the block by 24mm,this will give me the affect I want. Why hide something away that looks cool and adds more colour to the finished build. All measurements are done for the acrylic work,and all fits perfectly like a glove.
  12. Watercooling components have landed from Alphacool. Still waiting for the paint from House of Kolor.
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