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  1. So, i've been busy busy, keeping my mind occupied. Managed to make a huge start on the polymorphing. So... here's some Weird ass photo's lol. Here's where the Cablemod Thumb screws were used. # And finally, i'm going back over all the uneven areas, heating them up and re-moulding them all properly. Looks really weird when it's hot and sticky lol More to follow - Craig
  2. Some progress updates. I've been working on the loop, followed by the polymorph. Have successfully managed to get the polymorph on the tubing, reservoir and monoblock. Will smooth down tomorrow, as it's running late here. First an image of the monoblock, and EK's Cryofuel Acid green coolant! And... how it looks now Will update some more tomorrow
  3. EK Water Block watercooling has landed, and is looking FIIIIINEEE! Check out some photo's here! (Will try get these re-sized tonight, not sure why they're so big) Special thanks to the wonderful team over at EKWB Beautiful watercooling parts, beautiful way of working with people like me.
  4. Honestly, Polymorph is well worth at least trying. it cost me £65 for 5KG of polymorph, the whole shroud and teeth, used about half a KG. costing me a total of £6.50
  5. Thanks man, Here's some shots of the new Fractal Design - Define R6 And now, some progress on the case mod. This is a video, of how i accomplished the shroud effect, using polymorph.
  6. yeah... I was rushed as i had only 24 hours to do ''something'' for the R6 launch. Last couple of days i've gone back over the rough areas, and re-done them. Shroud etc all looking much smoother. Should have a tutorial on polymorph going up tonight
  7. NDA has been lifted and i can now say.. I lied to you all.. I'm not using the Meshify C Say hello, to the new Define R6 from fractal design
  8. Work is well and truly under way. So, i got my polymorph in yesterday and begun working on the shroud + Roots + added a new alien monster thing (in progress) Polymorph is ugly to look at in it's raw state, however when painted, it completely changes everything. PolyMorph Raw after moulding into shape. After painting with a gun metal grey I then filled the little caves/holes with UV green paint (dries clear) to give it that extra coolness. Next up, i begun working on the jaw bones and teeth of the alien monster I first shaped the teeth, then stuck them onto a curved piece of polymorph as the jaw structure. i then tipped each tooth with clear UV green paint After this, i painted the jaw, and re-attached the teeth And then under UV light for testing i do want to show you more, but i can't without breaking some kind of rule i'm under :P Check back tomorrow for more details
  9. Hello and welcome to the project logs for: VENOM First i'd like to thank all the wornderful people who helped with this project Cablemod (Link) ASUS Republic of gamers UK (Link) TeamGroup Global (Link) Fractal Design (Link) EK Water Blocks (Link) Cablemod being the main sponsor for this project also paid for nearly everything on this project. the awesome saucy team that they are Specs: Cablemod Pro Edition Cable extensions Cablemod RGB/UV LED Kit Cablemod RGB/UV LED strip 30cm Cablemod green thumb screws Ryzen 7 1700X ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero ASUS ROG Strix 1070 Fractal Design Define R6 Fractal Design 850w PSU Teamgroup Global RAM (Cannot discuss at this time) EKWB Full watercooling EK-Vardar EVO 140ER Black (2000rpm) EK-CoolStream SE 280 EK-FB ASUS C6H RGB Monoblock - Nickel EK-HD Tube 10/12mm 500mm EK-HDC Fitting 12mm G1/4 - Black EK-RES X3 150 EK-XTOP Revo D5 PWM - (incl. pump) EK-CryoFuel Acid Green Premix 900 mL EK-AF Angled 90° G1/4 Black EK-AF Angled 45° G1/4 Black EK-FC1080 GTX Strix - Acetal+Nickel EK-FC1080 GTX Strix Backplate - Black What is VENOM ? Venom is an all green and black build, with a serious twist. using PolyMorph plastic, i'll be re-doing the shroud and panels of the case. Veins will be wrapping themselves around the whole case and internals, these veins will ignite bright green under UV lights. Think of the upside-down in Stranger Things. Imagine those roots/veins as green.. Got it? lol I've got a lot of work ahead of me on this one, i'll also be doing strange things to the tubing, reservoir and fittings. It's actually very hard to describe, but i got all the design images i need up in my brain lol. Photo's Delivery from Cablemod! I had these cables custom made just for this project. These are the Cablemod Pro cables, with Aluminium combs I also asked for some sexy Anodised thumb screws from cablemod And finally, i needed some UV lights for the project. Cablemod sent out RGB/UV kit + extra 30cm strip Delivery from ASUS Republic Of Games UK - Has just arrived! Check out these two beauties! First up is the Crosshair VI Hero! Next up, the Strix 1070 OC 8GB That's all for today folks. Thanks for looking PS. My projects move pretty fast, so although there's ''no work'' so far, it'll come in. There's no ''pixxy dust dreams'' up in here.
  10. it seems to be certain things. for example Gigabyte didn't allow me to re-spray their Xtreme cards, wanted to change the silver to green. I was also told by another company to not waterblock the GPU due to ''De-badging'' ASUS has been grand through everything, occasionally Gigabyte and MSI allow me to do what i want to do. But we've gone way off topic. lol
  11. Try that with gigabyte, they down right refuse to allow modders to get gritty with their components. I'm not the only one who was told ''Do not modify our components'' either.
  12. Hi guys. i personally feel modding is a dying art. So many companies now refuse to give permission to modify their components and it is a nightmare for ''modders'' who want to break free of their shackles and go crazy. But ultimately, more and more people are just putting custom loops in a case and calling it a mod or ''project'' when in fact it's just another build with some stickers on it, and it grinds my gears when people like this get all sorts of sponsorships. I for one, refuse to give up on the old school ways, in modding more than just the case. I'll attach my recent project (not finished, waiting for the RAM to arrive) 24 ct gold plated Alphacool fittings. Pearl gold/white Maximus IX Code custom gold/white alphacool blocks / res / rads Pearl white/gold mastercase maker 5 and airflow 140 fans 24ct gold logo's. 24ct gold filigree
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