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  1. im very sorry guys but it was just to much manufacturing for a novice like me. i ended up shelfing the idea and continuing with a modified version of it. ill link the topic here if you want to check it out as soon as i have it up.
  2. sooo...i ended up going with aluminium
  3. sooo...i think start by making a a paper version? tape it all together so it fits then lay it out flat and transfer that to a sheet of aluminium? any tips on thickness?
  4. soo im trying to make some covers for 2 of my radiators like this: but i am very new to manufacturing stuff myself and im not even sure how start doing this. i thought i just ask the experts for help and guidance
  5. what render software are you using if you dont mind me asking
  6. quick update sadly no pics yet but soon...promise had to peel the plastidip of the case it was just too fragile as paint. gonna repaint the case next weekend (outside black inside like it is). sidepanel is sealed with rubber and all done but the magnet mount although definitly strong enough is a little uneven and causing the bottom part to not seal well. gonna have to tinker around and figure something out. display is also not in yet but im leaving that till the last moment since opening the display up too early was a mistake last time. mainboard wise i switched to the asus z270i gpu is not happening soon cause well...the obvious...and therefore watercooling will have to wait too. speaking of watercooling the res/pump is here and assembled but the paintjob i tried looks a bit poor so im gonna think about redoing that. hdd bay is here and i need to figure a way to mount it :P software wise for the display im in a bit of a pickle i really want to obviously use that full hd resolution but im developing in c# and windows iot on the raspberry pi doesnt support hardware acceleration so video performance sucks. basic graphs and number shouldnt be a problem but anything more fancy like animation is gonna be hard. there one alternative though. the dragonboard 410c does support hardware acceleration under windows iot but then again theres tallk it only support 720p res and other people saying it got patched but its all unclear and if im spending another 100 bucks on a board i wanna make sure it will work for sure first
  7. got friday and saturday off so big worklog update coming up ... promise
  8. ok so quick update: cpu is here and installed now only the ram left and im gonna be up and running at least. as far as parvum goes im still in talks but im gonna build my case up a little more and then when i have the measurements like i want it im gonna send them a markup sketch and hopefully its gonna be awesome. and for the display well....the new controller arrived and its finally working awesomely...soo yeah again case build up and then sidepanel finish and then integrate the display...slightly bad news i killed my raspberry but whatever
  9. sooo. i didnt actually get much done till now but i am however in talks with parvum about maybe making me a flat reservoir to use as a the back sidepanel an another controller board for the display is on its way from hong kong and i finally went and bought a 7700k to go with my already lying around msi z270i so i can finally at least have a reliable pc again
  10. hey guys so im back at it again after some long break now, nothing much has changed for now but i did get myself a msi z270i board. next thing up ill finally redo the sidepanel and build out the interior i planned. also for anyone interested im gonna post a link to tinknercad here: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/1s47jWe7kJu-in-win-901-build (online 3d moddeling tool from autodesk originally made for 3d printing but i use it to plan out my projects since its very easy to use offers all the basics one would need and is everywhere available with no setup time because online)
  11. well yeah im gonna have it somehow in the back. as for giving up on push pull im really gonna try not to. and i mean i knew from the start that it would get very tight in there but im gonna make it fit somehow thicker plexi would also be something i should have thought of earlier i mean i could but i think im gonna finish it like this and then make do a revision if i really feel like it.
  12. yeah well not that bad i guess except the square for the screeen im gonna black out the sidepanels anyway and in the back it really doesnt even stick out more than the screws do anyway so i can live with that. honestly im quite happy to see people watercooling this case since not many people seems to bother. also ill try to keep the origianl front io somewhere but right now im wondering how to mount the psu the best way. i like it like this but the width of the psu is gonna interfear with the watercooling and im really nervou about water this close too the power cables as you can see below also even if i turn it around i still dont like the proximity to the power cord so im probably gonna put it in the back somehow and cut the frame a bit more for the power cord to fit.
  13. sooo i just quickly skimmed over your post and i really love the metal work ( wish i could do that, but you probably got a mill or even cnc right?) anyway since your also altering the insides id love to see what you do with the side panels.
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