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  1. Long time since last update, will try and make up for it with a longer one then usual ? First of I finished all the wood working and added the corner pieces that will be holding the front and back pieces in place. Not a single screw will be used for the wood frame itself its all held together with wood joints so it was really solid even before applying glue. Here is plexi for the side windows. This is what it looked like when it was all clamped in for the glue to dry. I really like how the bends turned out with the different layers. Front and back are made of some spare material I found, actually have no idea what its called. But Its made up of some kind of plastic in the middle and very thin aluminum on both sides, that made if very easy to machine with wood tools. Made a wooden jig to help with cutting the holes for the front intake fans, and it worked really well. And thanks Mnpctech for the awesome template ?
  2. The "handles" is the biggest similarity, always loved that case so might have been a bit of a inspirtion ?
  3. All the 3d modeling and final renders are done in Fusion 360 ?
  4. Time to put every thing together for a test fit ?
  5. Making the frame.Used the same big router for these parts.
  6. More work on the handles. I made grooves in the handles using the big router in previous picture. Now just cut both of those in half and I will have my four handels. And a few pictures without tape.
  7. Yes, spent something like 7 hours a day for 3 weeks getting the frame done.
  8. So this is how I will be bending and making the top and bottom "handles"I need something to bend the thin sheets around so that was part 1 of the process and that was easily done with some MDF scrap pieces. Here is the template rounded and covered in tape to avoid the glue from sticking. Here is the material I will be using. I also made a outer part for the template by bending 5mm plywood, that will also help equalize the pressure along the curve. And now ever thing is ready to be glued together and clamped down, the grain of each sheet is going against each other to get a stronger final product. You can also see the template was made with "shelves" to make clamping easier. Here is a better picture of the layers. And I also made a second one the next day.
  9. Thanks man ? I have already started, first update coming today ?
  10. Hello, Its time again for a new build and this time I am going to use my favorite material, wood! After lots of planning I decided it was going to be another ITX build that would still fit at least one 240mm radiator and long graphics cards if thats what I choose to go with. The plan is to use closed watercooling loops for both CPU and GPU to make future upgrades easier. Ive seen quite a few wood builds over the years but nothing that really felt like me so this will be my version, should also be quite obvious what case I was inspired by Huge thanks to bequiet! and Asrock for helping out with the hardware for this build! And here are a few 3D renders
  11. Final pictures :D Big thanks to Alphacool, Teamgroup and be quiet! for helping out with hardware! Imgur album of all the pictures can be found HERE Make sure to follow me to get notified about future projects! Instagram- jokot.tech facebook- JokotTech
  12. Final assemblyThis will be the last update before final pictures so enjoy First time bending plexi, turned out better then i would have thought. After a lot of debating i decided to go with stock cables because sleeving them would have made them to thick and the all black cables fit the aesthetic really well anyways. Sleeved tubes <3 Modded eisbaer ready to be installed.
  13. Its getting there! So time for an update, currently just have some sleeving and finale Assembly left so should be coming together soonish. I wanted some lighting effects but still didn't want any thing to flashy so i decided to integrating the leds there into the plexi tubes under neat the motherboard which i think turned out really nicely. I also made made the supports for rear 80mm fan, psu and some case feet. Some test fitting before painting. Ready for some paint. Some days later i masked of the painted parts and made the rest glossy white And ofc some pictures after it was all painted
  14. More 3D printing and plastic parts I made a small bracket for the start button which in this case will be a real key. Next upp is the part that connects the plexi tubes to the frame. You might ask why i didn't just go with metal tubes and the reason for that is LED's but more on that later. I still had to make some kind of motherboard mount so thats what i did. There is also some other stuff i am working on like gpu braket, a good way to mount the rear fans and a psu mount. But yeah its mostly small stuff left on the fram.
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