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  1. Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    Final assemblyThis will be the last update before final pictures so enjoy First time bending plexi, turned out better then i would have thought. After a lot of debating i decided to go with stock cables because sleeving them would have made them to thick and the all black cables fit the aesthetic really well anyways. Sleeved tubes <3 Modded eisbaer ready to be installed.
  2. Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    Its getting there! So time for an update, currently just have some sleeving and finale Assembly left so should be coming together soonish. I wanted some lighting effects but still didn't want any thing to flashy so i decided to integrating the leds there into the plexi tubes under neat the motherboard which i think turned out really nicely. I also made made the supports for rear 80mm fan, psu and some case feet. Some test fitting before painting. Ready for some paint. Some days later i masked of the painted parts and made the rest glossy white And ofc some pictures after it was all painted
  3. Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    More 3D printing and plastic parts I made a small bracket for the start button which in this case will be a real key. Next upp is the part that connects the plexi tubes to the frame. You might ask why i didn't just go with metal tubes and the reason for that is LED's but more on that later. I still had to make some kind of motherboard mount so thats what i did. There is also some other stuff i am working on like gpu braket, a good way to mount the rear fans and a psu mount. But yeah its mostly small stuff left on the fram.
  4. Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    More work on the front. I applied a light coat of primer to make it easier to see imperfections. Still need to glue the bottom piece together.
  5. Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    More metal work. Making the support for the front radiator. I made a bracket from wood to make the welding a bit easier. Ready to start welding. This is what it looked like with no clean up and still 2 pieces left to go. Now lets clean it up a bit.
  6. Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    Starting on the metalwork. I will be using some 16/14mm metal pipes for the frame. Test fitting.
  7. Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    First update to start things off. One of the first obstacles i encountered was the corner pieces. I had a few options but after some thinking i decided to make some custom 3D-printed parts for the job. These are the 2 versions I made but I ended up going for the simpler design. First print turned out great! Removing the support material.
  8. Project JDM So its finally time to start on a new build log this time of a project i call "JDM". The core inspiration of the project was Japanese styled drift cars hens the radiator with outwards mounted ports to illustrate a oil cooler. And the other big small thing that is that i wanted it to be in mini-ITX format. So after a few weeks of thinking i decided to go with a tube frame to keep it true to the theme. Here are some of the renders i made after some designing in Fusion 360. Also big thanks to Alphacool, Bequiet and Teamgroupe for helping out with the hardware.
  9. Update 15Here are the pictures of the finished build.Big thanks to every one that have followed the build and aquatuning for sponsoring the build with watercooling gear. I have also planned to start a new scratch build next month so keep your eyes open! All i have left to say is enjoy the pictures and see you again in next build log!
  10. Update 14Some more pictures.Final pictures are coming later this week!Ones again HUGE thanks to Aquatuning for making this build possible.
  11. Update 13 Finally! Time to start putting together some stuff. 45mm thick radiators with 40mm thick fans looks really good. Test fitting. Now to the power/reset button.