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  1. Hey everyone,Sorry for the lack of updates, Project:Snow is now completed, if you were at EGX 2018 @ NEC in September you would have seen Project:Snow on the Cyberpower booth. I have also been doing design work for the Thermaltake UK Modding Trophy 2018 sponsor by thermaltake, Asus, AMD, Adata, Bit-tech and Scan. This build log is live. I just want to say a massive thank you to Thermaltake for sponsoring the project, I think the build turn out great.Final Photos,
  2. The build is all most completed, I have had a little delay due to me moving house and all my gear is in storage, should have been in the new house on 27/07/20108 but now it will be 10/08/2018. so the last time I posted we can everything white and in place to where I wanted everything, I was not to please with the color of the cables so I redid them. I wanted the green to match the rest of the build so painted the cables green with the airbrush. I think they turned out great. I cut some 3mm perplex to make a cable cover for behind the motherboard, this is not going to be on show but thought it will be a nice touch. The build is almost completed, need to run the hard tube and do a small PSU cover then the build we be completed. Here is a little sneak peak. Thanks for taking the time to check out the build log.
  3. Hey, I have been really busy the last few weeks working of the build, Let start with the biggest issue, I broke my CNC which I have only had for about 6 months, I got this from china, have been able to do a few mod with it but not the main reason I got it. This meant I needed to ask Praetex Design for some help in cutting the design I made for the custom reservoir, Here is the design I made in fusion 360, Alex was able to produce the product and it turned out great. Here is me leak testing it, I then need to add the reservoir to the case. I must taped and marked the holes about 5 times I didn’t want to mess this up. Before, During, After, Think it turn out great. Now the Thermaltake Riing Plus fans as you can see from the photo above I needed to paint the fans so I strip them down. I have taken these fans apart before with out breaking any of the clips, this time I must of broke 5 in total, the fans still hold together well. I didn’t take many photos of the painting but I just made sure I gave a lot of light coats I think the end result looks great, What do you think? Next up was the MSI 1070 Gaming X graphic card, I followed the same process with the fans and striped the card right down. If you are going to do this and paint the fan you are going to have to bend two metal clips over (cable management) which holds the cable for the fan. I need to take the sticker off the fans before I paint these I wanted to reused the stickers. I made sure I did lots of light coats of the paint. Here are the after photos, Fans Housing, End result, Just want to make it clear I am going to add a bit of green on to the card. I have also add a white ring on the MSI stickers to hide the red. I need to add a little bit of white vinyl where the MSI logo glows, again this was just to hide the red. I was not going to show this next photo until the build was completed, what the heck here it is anyway. We still have work to do I need to support the GPU better so going to add an enclosure to the PSU this will then support the GPU. I am also changing the green out of my cable I made early to a better match green. I want to added as much detail as I can to the build. I am wanting at add a enclosure behind the case to hide the internal wires. Like always I hope you like the build log so far, if you have any question or feedback please leave below or come find me on Facebook / Instagram
  4. Hi Everyone, This is just a small update, I have had a few issues with my CNC and it no longer works I have blown the spindle, so I have not done as much as I can hoped. I have been painting the thermaltake Pacific P1 pump, this has cause me loads of issues, as I only get to mod on a weekend. I have painted this 3 time and I can see I am 98% happy with it. The photo below is showing you the process the 1st time I did it. Before, I needed to sand the parts done so the primer would stick to the parts, can I use spray can you apply the paint. You can see the paint looks a bit bumpy, I then did some vinyl logos and added them to the pump and airbrushed the green paint on. Here is the end result, As you can see it looks ok but I want it looking better. So I striped the pump and started again. This time I used the airbrush for every layer I also wanted to add green to the D5 cover and to the bracket. I did this over a few nights adding one layer at a time, Here is the end result, I am much happier now with the end result. I still have a lot to do, I still have a lot of wires to sleeve, fans to paint and a graphics card to paint. I did hope to show more but I thought it would be best to post something than none at all. Until next time, Richard.
  5. Yes it seen never ending.
  6. I have a big update, most of the painting has been done, and I have started to do the cables. I will start with the Pacific RL360 Rad, I have painted this snow white, covered the fins and did light coats, the spray paint I use is Montana. Before, After, I have also painted the heatsinks, I am thinking about adding some green to them. Before, After, I wanted to paint the Thermaltake tough power 600w PSU white, this was a lot harder than I thought it would be, I striped the full PSU down but couldn’t find the last screw so I needed to cover all the enteral components. I also made sure to save the labels as I want to add these back on to the PSU. Before, After, Next up to paint was the thermaltake Pacific W4 plus CPU block and the Pacific RGB fittings. I started with the CPU block, I heated the front of the block to loosen the glue of the black back ground as, I want this to be white, I had already made some little TT logo’s to cover the TT logos on the back ground, then I just lightly sprayed it white. I also added the bracket for Ryzen and painted this white too. The fittings were very time consuming, I wanted to get as much detail of the fitting as I could. Sorry for all the photos, think I have went over the top, I have a few more then that it. I have started to sleeve the cable here is the 24 pin. Hopefully the next update will not be as long, need to do the pump and the GPU, then that’s all the painting done. If you have any questions or feedback please let me know. Richard.
  7. Welcome back, I have a little update for you all, I wanted to move the radiator to the bottom of the case where the PSU would be, I have not seen this on a core P3, I needed to make sure to would support the radiator, as I do want to mount this to the wall. I am using 19mm x 19mm aluminium to start the framing of the holder. Mark where I need to cut, The bits I need, Marked where the hole will go, Drill a 4 mm hold for the rivets, Test fit, The 360 radiator sat very nice in the space now needed to make the support, Now to make a new GPU bracket, but thought I would be easier to mod the one I have, I need this to be shorter. Before After, I am going to add some 19mm x 19mm aluminium to the outside of the bracket. Here is the end result, I just want to stress that this is not the finish product for the brackets, this will give me a feel on what it will look like. Hope you like the update.
  8. Project : SNOW I am back with a new build for 2018, I want to start by saying a big thank you to Thermaltake for supporting this project. I am doing a Ryzen 1600 build paired with a MSI 1070 gaming x8 graphics card. I will be building in the core P3 from thermaltake, this will be fully watercooled. I have set myself a big challenge to think more outside the box for when it comes to where to place the reservoir and radiator. I have also set myself a challenge to make everything white so I will be doing a lot of painting and resleeving and a lot of cables. Here what I will be using, The thermaltake core p3 snow edition, Ryzen 1600, MSI Tomahawk Arctic B350 The thermaltake Pacific W4 Plus CPU water block, Corsair Vengeance RGB 2x8gb 3000Mhz could upgrade this two 32gb, Samsung 960 EVO m.2 250GB this will be used for OS, WD HDD 1TB, Thermaltake Toughpower SFX 600w PSU, MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X8, Thermaltake Pacific RL 360 Thermaltake Pacific P1 Black, Thermaltake Pacific RGB Hard Tube Fittings, Thermaltake C1000 Green and White, Some of the cable and connectors, I am using mdpc sleeving. Thanks for checking out the post if you have any question or suggestion, leave a post and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  9. The build is completed, hope you all enjoy the photos, Just want to say a big thank you to all of my sponsors, Alphacool, Nanoxia, thermaltake and to the wire custom sleeving. You can find more photos on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AMLCustomPc/
  10. Hey Guy's, I am back with a little update, feels like I have been here before. I took the case apart and fully strip it down to bear shell to replace the snapped motherboard tray. It felt like it took me days to de-pin all the cables that ran through the motherboard tray to the motherboard. Once I did this I tape up the perplex and mark all the holes for the motherboard standoff once I did this I tap the holes and added the standoffs. I put the res in the same place as before but I want to change the hole for the pass through for the intake which I think will look a lot cleaner, I don't like to use a lot of fitting if I don't need to. When it came to do all the holes for my pass through hole I could not find my 20mm drill bit, so I pop on amazon and had it next day, it put me back one day, as I don't like to paint until all holes are made. While I was waiting for the drill bit I replace all the logos on the case fans to AML logo. Once I got the drill bit a few minutes later all the holes were done and it was time to paint. The paint came out great, I fitted motherboard tray back in to the case add the res, motherboard and GPU. I still need to pass all the cables back through and add the the pass through fittings. With me taken the full case apart I am going re do the basement and make it look a little bit nicer. The build it self, I would say is nearly done and like I said in my last post that it will never be 100% complete, but I am very happy with the way it looks, just need to make sure the hard tubing is on point.
  11. Hey everyone,I would like to say a big thank you to thermaltake for sponsoring this build they have supply all the fans. I am not a big fan of RGB but I like how much flexibility you have to get the right colour for the theme plus the riing plus fans look great. Thanks again for your support.I know I said in the last update we are near the end which we still are, but I decided to paint the 360 rads, I have painted these purple and added the alphacool logo in green to match the cables and the theme.I need to say a big thank you to To the wire - custom sleeving for doing all the cable, he has done a great job.While the case was transported to to the wire - custom sleeving they did say that some fluid had leaked. I was not to worried about this as the build had been drained. When I got the case back I stripped the full case down to trace the leak and to get the build ready for the final loop. I snapped a bit of the custom motherboard tray when I took the custom res out of the case. I was gutted. I have order more perplex which I should get any day now, I will do a new custom motherboard tray this weekend for the build, I could have glue it but I want the build to be near enough to what I have picture it to be it will never be perfect.I am really happy on how the front of the case look with the custom front air vents and the tempered glass it really show off the thermaltake riing 140 fans.I have added a few photos below. I do need your help I have painted one of the thermaltake fans, purple and green I am thinking of having these on the 360 rad above the motherboard, but I am not 100% feeling it, your input would be great.That's it for this week I will make sure the next post is up on Monday.
  12. Hey everyone, Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been moving in to a new work shop and been having a little dabble at 3d printing. I have bought Anet A8 this will be for my next project. I am still awaiting my last product, if I don’t have this in the next two weeks then that sponsor will miss out and I will get the final photos completed. Just want to say a big thank you once again to Alphacool for supplying the watercooling component’s and Nanoxia for the fluid and for supporting both brands have given me.
  13. Hey guy’s Here is this weeks update, The case is back from the paint shop (one week late) it’s turn out great, I have added a few photos below but I don’t want to show too much just yet. I have done a top cover for the custom res I cut the perplex to size add the holes, I want to put alphacool logo on this, so you can see the nanoxia fluid coming through the logo. I my friends at gorilla game to cut the logo out onto vinyl, I place this in the centre of back of the perplex then sprayed the back with a high gloss white. Once this was dry I peeled back the vinyl and you can see in the photos below it turned out great. While I had the white gloss out I did the same process for the motherboard tray, I covered the front of the motherboard try in painters tape and paint the back in high white gloss. The reason why I paint the back of the perplex is because you get a nice finish when you look from the front, you can see this in the photos below. I had to buy a new rivet gun, I have some how misplaced it. I order some white 3.2mm rivets from ebay they look great (photo below) but were 4mm not 3.2mm so I didn’t use them, which mean I need to paint all the rivets white. I have been speaking to a few people in the forums who suggested not to paint the full bracket on the CPU block, I have follow their advice and I think it’s came out great. Thanks again for your input, I have attached the photos below. I have also leak test the custom res left it to run for hours and had no issues. The only thing that I need is the fans which I have been told should be here the end of July. I will be meeting up with to the wire custom sleeved in the next few weeks to get all the cable sleeved and ran. To do list. I need to make some custom spacers as the bulk fittings are a little bit to long, I need to think outside the box. Run hard tubing (thinking about doing this in the basement to) Run soft tubing behind motherboard tray. Install fans. Hope you all enjoy this update, if you have any questions or feedback leave a message below. r
  14. Hi Guy's, Just a quick update the case is off to paint should hopefully get this back in 10 days. I will not be able to do much while this is getting done. I will post some photos at the weekend of me leak testing the custom res. I have been thinking about painting the brackets green for the CPU block, let me know your thoughts. Richard.
  15. I just need to be more careful, I am lucky that it's the fitting that is not on view.
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