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  1. Time for the final pictures! I hope this project has been interesting to follow because its been a blast to build. This was my first but not last project involving my 3d-printer so stay tuned for cool stuff in the future. This build be exhibited at Birdie LAN in Uppsala Sweden so if you are going to attend come by and say hi.
  2. This will be the last update before the final pictures ! These are some pictures taking during the last part of the cable management!
  3. Update! Time for the next to last update for this project. Im currently doing the cables for the build which is basically the last thing to do. Since the last update a couple of things has happend. All of the parts have been painted and in the end i went with a copper base with a white crackle paint on top and it looks really good :). The LEDs and power button has now been mounted aswell. Next update will be the finished build!
  4. Update!After i sleeved the cables for the fans i decided to make some covers for the back of the fans instead of the stickers.Next the GPU shroud and fan needed a makeover to fit the theme of the build. I think it turned out quite nice, what do you guys think ?I also decided to delid my i5 8400 to improve thermals and noise. Im well aware that the CPU is locked and this was done only to improve temps and noise since the GPU is mounted so close to the CPU cooler. The temps dropped from 84-85C to 64-65C in Aida64 after 20min.Cya!
  5. Mini update!Todays project was to get the cables for the fans sleeved since the ketchup and mustard cables wasnt doing it for me.These fans has two additional wires coming from the hub which are use to connect the included fan controller. Since im not going to use those or the included jumper for the connector i cut them off and jumped the connections on the hub instead to minimize wires.I have more stuff to show in the coming weeks so stay tuned
  6. Update! So it has been a couple of weeks since the last update and i have made some progress during this time and i have gotten all the components for the build aswell. As you can see i have started to put together the first version of the case to see if all the measurements lined up etc and there was some minor misses that i corrected in the cad later on but it was mostly fine. I have started to print the final version of the parts so in the next update you will see that and perhaps some cable making. As always, if you have any question feel free to ask me either in a DM or in the comments. Thanks to my sponsors for making this possible ASUS TeamGroup - Global Silver Stone
  7. Thanks Cheaps! Hehe i know you like your weird and unusual shapes
  8. Time to start things up again after a little brake since my last build Spegel. This time im doing another scratch build but this time it will be as close as i can make it a 100% 3D-printed. The build is going to be a small case featuring an ITX motherboard and a smaller type of RTX 2060 from Asus called Pheonix. I will continue to post updates on this project in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more and feel free to comment and send PMs. Specifications: PSU: Silverstone SX650-G ( Sponsored by Silverstone ) Motherboard: Asus Z370-I CPU: Intel i5 8400 Memory: Team Group Nighthawk 2x8gb ( Sponsored by Team Group ) Storage: Kingston A1000 480gb M.2 SSD GPU: Asus RTX 2060 PHOENIX ( Sponsored by Asus ) Fans: 2st Silverstone FM182 180mm ( Sponsored by Silverstone ) Cooling CPU: Cryorig C7 ( maybe the Cu variant )
  9. The past weekend Dreamhack Summer 2018 was held and i´m happy to announce that Spegel placed third in Master Class category of the Casemod Chamionship, check out the article here ( Swedish )https://www.sweclockers.com/artikel...casemod-championship-pa-dreamhack-summer-2018
  10. Just uploaded a video to youtube showing how i made the infinity mirrors in project Spegel, check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvahkSIPm6Q And if you like it perhaps subscribe or leave a like. If you didnt like it leave a dislike and a comment explaining why. Cya!
  11. Update!It´s now time for the last update for this project. This was my first project in a long time involving water cooling and my first involving hardline. I have had a lot of fun trying it out but i have had some frustrating moments aswell ( guess thats part of the learning process ). I think the most important thing i´ve learned from this is that you can not have enough fittings .In this last update its time for the water cooling and the cables and ofc some pictures of the final results. I'm going to post a separate video to youtube regarding the infinity mirrors in just a while so feel free to stop by there and perhaps subscribe ? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaiqGBkuqo8EJhjTxXloP5Q?Thank you so much for the comments and support and a big thanks to my sponsors, Inet , Phanteks , Asus ROG , Seasonic , Team Group :) PS. If any of you are attending Dreamhack summer 2018 in Jönköping i will be there so come and say hi All done ;)!
  12. Hi guys! An update will land later this week, sorry for the delay
  13. Update! Some more work with all the panels in the build has been done. I´m going to write a little info on each picture this time instead so enjoy! P.S remember to follow me on instagram and youtube for more conent. www.instagram.com/forsbergcustoms https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaiqGBkuqo8EJhjTxXloP5Q? Cya! Trying to figure out how to mount this panel. Derp! look at all the possibility for mounting already present in the case. Picked out a couple of mounting holes in the case and drilled a couple of holes in the panel to match them. Ready to see if it fits. And it does Then it was time to cut out a couple of holes for the rgb-connectors and some of the front io. All marked out and ready to be cut. All cut! I also cut out some notches where the fittings for the pump would pass through. Went with the same approach of mouting on the rear panel aswell, good old fashioned screws. All done! Some holes cut out for the front io cables. A little test fit to see if the top rad was blocking the holes but we are all good. This is the "side facing" panel for the psu-shroud that i had to make some adjustments to so it would sit flush with the top of the shroud. All cut! Marking out some more panels for the case, one of the front panels and another panel for the infinity mirrors. All cut! One of the front panels needs some adjustments to. There we go! Time to start making the shroud for the top rad. The base of the shroud all marked out. All cut! Fits like a charm! Perfect! Another test fit to see if i need to trim it but it looks good. View from the side. One of the side panels for the shroud. Time to mark out the top panel for the shroud. One done! Two done! Three done! All done! My current workspace consist of an old dinner table, a stool, some random lights placed on said stool and a mess of screws, cables, sleeving . Cutting out some holes in one of the side panels for the shroud so that the fan cables can pass through. Building piles of acrylic dust! All three done! Test fit! One of the other side panels for the shroud with notches cut out of them so that the collar of the fitting can fit. Time to start glueing the pieces together. More glueing. Yet more glueing.. aaand more glueing. OMG so many pieces to glue.. Almost done glueing. It´s starting to take shape. Last piece! And done. I´m using XSPC rgb fans throughout the build, they look pretty sweet when lit, very subtle. And done ! Now it´s time for some sanding and then wrapping them in mirror vinyl. Clearance = just right! Wanted to get the front io out of the way after all that gluing so time for some sleeving. Managed! The cables are managed in this way to clear the top infinity mirror. Time for some wrapping . Turned out pretty nice ( protective plastic is still on ). The holes i drilled earlier to mount this panel. Another view! Mirror mirror! Time for some more wrapping More wrapping done. All of the panels except the top shroud done. Installed the gpu aswell just to get a feel of the builds final look. The right side of the case will also get a panel but this one will have the builds name put on a little plate in the middle with some lighting behind it. All the letters marked out. All cut! Tried wrapping them in vinyl aswell but as you will see i ended up with a different look in the end. The main panel for the right side. Marking out the groove for the led-strip. All cut! and i also cut out the plate that the letters will be glued to. A little test fit. Starting to glue the letters in place ;D All done! I´m using a very high density led-strip ( 144 leds/meter ) to get as much spread of the light as possible. And ofcourse some sleeve 😄. Going to look pretty sweet i think. I decided to paint the whole logo and then scrape the edges of the letters abit so that it would look more subtle when lit. Side view. Top view! Looks pretty good i think 😄. Sprayed a light coat of some metallic silver on the top so that it would blend in more with the mirror on the side panel. All done and ready to be mounted to the side panel. I wrapped the whole panel in some vinyl and mounted the plate to it and placed it in the case with the side glass panel on the top.
  14. Thanks Mos! Yea it´s going to be cool to see everything together :)
  15. Update! So some stuff has happend since the last update. I'm working on the infinity mirrors and the update on them will come in the form of video once they are done. In the meantime i have also been working on the motherboard and the other panels and this update will cover the motherboard and the mods surrounding it. I had first planed to cover the shroud and backplate in mirror vinyl but as you can see it did not end in a good result so i decided to paint it instead. First i thought i might paint it black and put small details in with the vinyl but that also looked bad. I then tried a "mirror finish"-paint which at first glance looked fine but a closer inspection shows its flaws. First of all it was super easy to scratch and it was also "sticky" even after 72 hours of curing. I left this part of the project to rest for a while and started with some other stuff while i decided what to do with it. After a couple of weeks i decided to repaint it in a metallic silver instead with a couple of layers of clear on top and it looks much cleaner. I also painted the backplate and parts of the heatsink for the m.2-drive in the same colour. While waiting for the paint to dry i decided to sleeve the blocks cables because why not ? Then it was time to assemble everything and install the block and ram. The end result looks really nice in my opinion, what do you guys think ? I will be posting another update shortly on the other panels but until then enjoy! Cya!
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