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  1. Thanks, yea Facebooks compression is not very good
  2. It sure was dude but i think it was worth it now that im done, update inc! Thanks dude, yea its been a bit fiddly one might say. Final pics inc and perhaps a video soon
  3. Update! So a couple of things have happend since the last update. The biggest thing is that me and my partner have become parents which explains the lack of updates . Besides that ill let the pictures do the talking. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think about it. The graphicscard should coming in early next week so stay tuned .Until we speak again, cya!
  4. Good evening people! For anyone looking to do something fiddly to do this weekend i have a perfect project for the you. All of the files for MK3D is now live on thingiverse for anyone to download and build. ( also included a list of everything you'll need in terms of bolts etc. ) If anyone decides to conquer this project i would love to see it, if you upload an image to social media tag me in it ( im @forsbergcustoms everywhere ). https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3992080 Enjoy folks!
  5. Update!So since last time a couple of things have happend. I hope you like it and feel free to leave a comment
  6. Hi everyone! It´s time once again to start a new project and this time i will do a case mod on the Corsair 280X. The theme for this build will be a Warcraft, specifically the Alliance. The name Wrynn comes from the human king with the same name and the build will heavily be infuenced by their city Stormwind. Most of the parts for this build has been modeled by me and then 3d-printed. The whole build will later be hand painted aswell. The parts i will be using for the project is, Chassi: Corsair 280X Motherboard: Asus Crosshair VII Impact ( Sponsored by Asus ) CPU: AMD 3700X Memory: Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB 2x8gb 3200mhz ( Sponsored by Corsair ) SSD: Corsair MP510 240gb ( Sponsored by Corsair ) GPU: Sapphire RX 5700 XT PSU: Corsair RM650 ( Sponsored by Corsair ) Cooler(s): Corsair H100i Platinum ( Sponsored by Corsair ) The build is sponsored by Asus and Corsair so a big thanks to you guys for helping out with this project! Here are the components that they provided Lets start with the case which is the Corsair 280X Here we see the top of the case which i've started to measure up for the "planks" that will go on top Took a trip to the lumber yard! Organized chaos of planks before assembly First run of the planks glued in place The middle part of the top is at an angle so it's going to be a little tricky "MORE PLANKS!" i yelled to the computer and it listened, sliceat and done! The top done, time to move on to the front The start of whats going to be a room in the castle wall The start of the top ledge of the wall Lower ledge and the backplate in place First part of the wall in place And a corner First part which really indicates the theme, FOR THE ALLIANCE! The front bars bellow the logo is supposed to look like the dungeons inside the walls of Stormwind Time for some more walls and bars for the right side panel 1/4 of the panels for the right side panel done Half way! There we go! the right side done The same type of bars here since the vents for the PSU is right behind it Lets start with the other side The left side panel here with it's panels attached Mounted on the case Another angle, turned out quite well imo Did we forget a side? Ooh yea the backside of the case, more walls! Lower half done Everything printed, time to glue Holder for a sign complete with a magnet The holder you saw in the last picture will hold a "tavern-sign" with my logo on it that will be detachable for transit when i go to events like Dreamhack and here it is in pieces Starting with the base of the sign Logo next Tried to 3d-print a chain for it but it turned out quite bad which a good friend of mine @timpelay kindly pointed out this will be adressed in the future The beam which holds the sign Mounted with the ugly chain Magnet attached, will it work ? It did! The power-button must get some love aswell Starting to make a piece that can reach down to press the original button And then a frame that goes around that to keep it in place And finally a button with WoW's logo on it In the middle of everything i decided my printer needed a home. The blueprints for this enclosure can be found here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2864118 Welcome home! Here we have the "room" for the front panel which i showed you in an earlier picture Complete with chairs, a table, dishes, pints and ofc cheesehttps://imgur.com/pOjp386.png[/IMG] Time for some painting, this needs to be done now since it's going to be impossible to do it when its mounted Starting with a black base which i can recommend if you are going for a stone or metal look Painted Corsairs logo yellow the using a spunge with differend shades of grey, white, brown and black i made the rest look like stone Accessories for the "doll house" painted Glued in place You have to put in some goodies in these types of builds and this time it's the legendary sword Ashbringer It will get a place of honor in the other room where Asus logo is Ashbringer, barrel and holder for the sign painted. Note that i also switched out the chain for some real one instead of the 3d-printed one, happy now @timpelay ? ;D Room painted and everything is in it's place I decided to mod the cooler aswell and give it a fiting look for the theme. I modeled a sleeve for the pump that slides over it and utilize the built in lights for the alliance logo Comes in two parts to ensure the best quality without supports Mounted but not painted, ill fix that! Took the dremel and made some gashes and bumps in it since stone is not uniform Basecoat of black, time for some grey's The best thing about using black as a base is that all of the lowspots will come through nicely with the grey paint on top A good coat of grey has been applied, time to make it dirty and weather it The weathering as begun There we go, time for some lights As i said im using the built in lights on the pump/block for the logo lights and ive used a thin sheet of polystyren as a diffuser and it works quite nice Lets switch to the right color, blue! The light on the side leaks out to give it a sublte effect around it aswell Giving my motherboard a fiting make-up aswell Let's start by installing the cpu Installing the ssd in the dimm.2 adapter that comes with the motherboard This panel can be removed from the motherboard by removing two screws There we go Two panels for the motherboard straight from the printer They will be attached like so After they have been painted and it sort of looks like powdered candy ( dont eat them ) The soundcard have a little plate that will get a nice treatment aswell Poof! Starting to mask of the part thats going to be "metal" The other parts get a "stone-effekt" applied After that i go over some of the other parts to give it a torn look Panel attached with a distressed look aswell Same for the other one After some weathering Done! Time to fix the chain and paint this! ( A big thanks to my girlfriend for helping be with some painting ) Chain bought at Panduro A little piece done BAM! there we go, what do you think ? It's going to get the weathered and distressed look aswell before it's done Time to start making the stones on the walls look less like Legos and more like stones A Dremel with a grind bit works well for this Half the front done There we go, then it's just the whole other case to do Here we have the floor for the main chamber in the case which is inspired by the floor inside Stormwind keep Rombs! Test fit and it seems to fit, time for paint This was all i hade for now but more will come so stay tuned. If you want the latest updates and some otherwise nerdy content you can check out my Instagram @forsbergcustoms Until next time friends!
  7. Time for the final pictures! I hope this project has been interesting to follow because its been a blast to build. This was my first but not last project involving my 3d-printer so stay tuned for cool stuff in the future. This build be exhibited at Birdie LAN in Uppsala Sweden so if you are going to attend come by and say hi.
  8. This will be the last update before the final pictures ! These are some pictures taking during the last part of the cable management!
  9. Update! Time for the next to last update for this project. Im currently doing the cables for the build which is basically the last thing to do. Since the last update a couple of things has happend. All of the parts have been painted and in the end i went with a copper base with a white crackle paint on top and it looks really good :). The LEDs and power button has now been mounted aswell. Next update will be the finished build!
  10. Update!After i sleeved the cables for the fans i decided to make some covers for the back of the fans instead of the stickers.Next the GPU shroud and fan needed a makeover to fit the theme of the build. I think it turned out quite nice, what do you guys think ?I also decided to delid my i5 8400 to improve thermals and noise. Im well aware that the CPU is locked and this was done only to improve temps and noise since the GPU is mounted so close to the CPU cooler. The temps dropped from 84-85C to 64-65C in Aida64 after 20min.Cya!
  11. Mini update!Todays project was to get the cables for the fans sleeved since the ketchup and mustard cables wasnt doing it for me.These fans has two additional wires coming from the hub which are use to connect the included fan controller. Since im not going to use those or the included jumper for the connector i cut them off and jumped the connections on the hub instead to minimize wires.I have more stuff to show in the coming weeks so stay tuned
  12. Update! So it has been a couple of weeks since the last update and i have made some progress during this time and i have gotten all the components for the build aswell. As you can see i have started to put together the first version of the case to see if all the measurements lined up etc and there was some minor misses that i corrected in the cad later on but it was mostly fine. I have started to print the final version of the parts so in the next update you will see that and perhaps some cable making. As always, if you have any question feel free to ask me either in a DM or in the comments. Thanks to my sponsors for making this possible ASUS TeamGroup - Global Silver Stone
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