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  1. Painting and some other goodies!So I decided to go ahead and paint the desk. There will still be some areas I need to sand and repaint, but wanted to have an idea before I drilled holes and mounted everything. I also got a few goodies in that I was very excited about. Here is the update!First, I used bare metal primer to coat the entire desk. I did a light coat and then a second coat. After it tried to the touch, i knocked down any bits and pieces of dust or other items.To get the texture I wanted, I used rustoleum textured paint. It's not too gritty and has a nice feel to it. I thought about using bed liner, but didnt want the rough/rubberized feel to it. This paint has a texture but not unpleasant to the touch.I then used chalkboard paint to give the black, final color. I may end up doing a clear coat chalk paint over the top of it to prevent scratching. I will wait to do this until I have everything completely drilled, for all my mounts. I like the color and am happy with the texture.I used some square stock to make brackets for the IKEA legs that I have. I cut it in half and welded to the underneath of the table. I then used 1/4" allen head bolts to mount the legs to the bracket. They are pretty sturdy but I am not happy with how they look. I will probably design some legs and build out of metal for each side before I am finished with the build. Also, you will notice some discoloration where I welded the legs. This will be fixed when I do the final coat of paint.So I wanted a custom GPU mount for doing the side mount. I found a file on thingiverse and had someone 3D print it for me. We took the original and modified it the way I wanted it. This is one of my favorite things about the build and believe it will really make the build pop!I have now changed my forum name to Octo Modz and will continue to do all my future builds under this name. I decided I wanted something more unique then Octonaut and that could be used with builds. I loved how the font turned out. I have some cool plans for the lettering on the mount to make it very visible. I still have to smooth the front of the mount and do a final coat of paint! If anyone would like a referral to the individual that printed the mount for me, I will gladly get you his information. He did an awesome job designing and printing for me.I am waiting on some more parts to come in, mainly fittings for the runs I am going to do. I did get rid of the Ryzen 1600 and Aorus and have replaced with intel. I will get some better lightbox pics of all the equipment soon! If there are any sponsers out there that want to sponsor the build, I am going to have an area on the desk where this will be immortalized in the build.
  2. Desk Building, PT 2 and Other Stuff! I was able to get the holes punched out at work. This made it alot cleaner and easier to do the holes for the fans. I then did some more sanding, a little more welding, and a little painting to test some colors out. The two inside holes will have the radiator centered with motherboard and motherboard tray. Holes came out clean with minimal need for sanding. Flap wheels come in handy when working with the edges of the desk, it allows to kind of curve the edge and not have to worry about digging in too much. They're not perfect yet, but the edges will be smoothed once primer is laid and wet sanding is done. As I dont want the opposite side to be bare and ugly, I measured out a panel for it. The 3 lines are because I wasnt sure what angle I wanted the side at. I believe I like the longest and will keep it like that. Anyone else think otherwise? I've used a metal cutoff wheel for my angle grinder for cutting out all the panels. As long as you take your time, the lines come out pretty straight (not all mine are). Metal is pretty easy to go back and straighten up. I will be posting on next update how I make sure its completely straight. I did some more sanding and then used some bare metal primer so no rust forms. Textured Paint Chalkboard Paint Hammered Black texture I picked up three different kinds of paint to see what look/texture I wanted. At the moment, I believe the textured is my favorite and will probably what I end up doing. Colored Wires! Being honest, I've had these cables for a few years. Ensourced does an awesome job and anyone wanting some done, should definitely check him out. His prices and timing were awesome. The plan is to have everything cut out, sanded, primered, and painted by wednesday night! Expect an update then
  3. Desk Building! This will be a pretty decent sized post of the building of the desk. I ended up deciding to weld the entire top, back, and tub. Portions of the inserts on the tub will be bolted on for routing of cables, etc. Im gonna post a string of photos with a small explanation on each one. I started off by measuring the sections for the back and the top. The table is roughly 4' 5" wide and about 2' 4" deep. This gives me enough room for the tub and the ultrawide I plan on getting for the top of the desk. This is after I cut the section out for the tub. It is roughly 20.5" wide. All my cuts were done with a grinder and cut off wheel. I will straighten any lines once I get all together. I used a stick of steel square stock as a brade to mount the back and top together. I used 4 bolts to mount the top and back to the square stock. I then made sure the darn thing was level when front and back were at same heigh (which is about 8") I then put my awesome (not really) welding sklls to work. It's been about 3 years since Ii've even tried to weld. Once I cleaned the weld up, while not perfect, the weld is good enough to hold with no worries. First side of the tub cut and welded to the top and back. Second side cut and welded to the inside of the tub. Bottom of tub and incline welded on. I didn't get many photos of the act of measuring and cutting these, as I was super into getting it together. I have some videos of me welding and grinding that I am going to use for my completed build video. Can upload these now if anyone is interested! As you notice in the last picture, I didnt get the holes cut for the fans. My hole saw would not cut these (its old), so I am going to bring it to work and use the hydraulic hole punch. Should have another update before the end of the weekend! Does any one have any special suggestions for paint to use. I am thinking about either using textured paint or chalk paint. Im open to ideas though!
  4. Got a little more done today. I bolted the back and the top together in prep for welding the top and back together. i have welded but it's been awhile and I'm not the best, so I figured if I bolt them close, I can't go too wrong. Ive grinded them even, so should be a bead across and then I will remove the top bolts, using filler to close the top bolt holes up. I will keep the back bolts through the bracket for extra strength. Most my items have come in, so I figured Id take some shots with my canon. Wanted to pay homage to the red harbinger. I'd love to have one if I was as rich as Vanilla ice! Since most of my watercooling parts are EK, I wanted to stick with the same thing on the pump. The plexti top will look nice with what I have planned for coolant. I have a mixture of Barrow, Bitspower, and Alphacool fittings. As I said, I am on a budget and I've gotten these through /r/Hardwareswap. I still need to get some 45s and some rotaries. Nice full nickel Evo for the build! Love the color of this thing. Aorus X370 Gaming K5. Love the black and silver look of it. Has RGB all over the board;as well as headers for my RGB UV strip I will be using. MSI 1070 Seahawk with EK Block. The plan is to remove the dragon and add some special stuff to it! Still waiting on some additional fittings and gathering some tools to finish building the desk. I am including on teaser of the desk as it sits now! Will be posting in the new few days with steps of building, more details, some videos of my awesome (not really) welding! add
  5. Got some of the pieces cut today. Got the front edge and top of the table cut. Also the back piece with a lip to hide any wires. Got the table top cut and marked out the lines for the tub for hardware. The lip on the front will go all the way across for a clean look. It will also be where the power button will be installed and probably a couple USB ports. I then cut out the section for the tub. I am using a grinder to do the cuts as I do not have a plasma torch. Once I get everything cut, I will go back and file/sand/grind everything down even. Most the cuts are pretty straight. I am trying to decide whether to weld the back piece to the top or use brackets. I plan on using brackets for the tub to cut down the weight when moving the desk. Anyone have any good recommendations for corner brackets or cube brackets to bolt the pieces together?
  6. So the build gods smiled upon me today. The original plan was to use MDF as it was the most cost effective way. However! An industrial table got damaged at work this week and is now currently at my house. It's 1/4 steel thats coated with gray enamel. The plan is to use the front edge for the 1" lip across the front. I will then use the rest of the metal for the sides and back, as well as the tub for the hardware. Will be 6 1/2" tall in the tub and will be the max peak of the desk. Rest of the edge will be 1" around. Excuse the other junk in the back of my truck! Started cutting the top of the table. I will cutout the area for the tub on the left side of photo (right side of desk), leaving the 1" lip on the front.Plexi that will be used for window, gpu mount, LED strip inserts, and other accents
  7. . So I have been going back and forth on what kind of desk to build. I wanted something thin and sleek but also wanted something that would house a watercooled build. I also wanted to do something with RGB lighting (seeing as this is the new craze). I have done some stuff with individually programmable LEDs in the past and wanted to incorporate this into my build using an arduino. I started a desk build a couple weeks ago, got about a quarter the way through it and decided I didn't like how it was coming. It was made of wood and once together and partially painted, did not look like I wanted it to. I then decided to do a render, plan everything exactly, and then build it. I wanted something that hadn't quite been done before. I wanted a shape, design, and setup that was different than everyone else. I believe with what I have planned, this will be so! I have done some custom builds in the past, including another desk, but nothing quite like this one. It is completely from scratch and all made by me. CPU - i7 7800X Motherboard - Aorus X299 Gaming 7 Ram - 3000Mhz RGB Trident Z MSI 1070 Seahawk EK - Will remove the dragon and replace with different design Custom mounted in the desk, not sure it's been done before 32gb RGB Ram - Trident Z RGB Zotac 480gb PCIe SSD - RGB lit, will be custom mounted 2x500gb SSD for games - Brand TBD (Maybe M2) 5tb WD media drive Alphacool 240mm UT60 Hardware Labs 360mm DDC with EK Plexitop EK Evo Supremacy - Nickel EK X3 250ml Res Barrow 12mm Multi Link Fittings Alphacool 90s RGB party lighting - Some cable mod RGB/UV and some adafruit fully programmable LEDsAll watercooling and hardware black and nickel or plexi and nickel - No copperUV CoolantNickel or clear rigid tubing - Maybe!? Spartans FTW! Tossing around ideas for custom mounted temp displays inside the desk. Please note that the plan is to sidemount the GPU and build a plexi shelf to mount it to. I tried making it in sketchup but it wouldnt come out right. This is only thing that will be different. The spartan head and the 3 lines will be all RGB lighting. The max thickness I plan on it being is about 6 1/2" tall.
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